More Twilight Merchandise from Nordstrom

MTV has some more articles talking about the Twilight merchandise being sold at Nordstrom.

First up we have the Jacob Single Charm Chain Necklace and Edward Single Charm Chain Necklace. You can read more about them at the article at MTV here.


MTV has another article showing the Volturi tee and Cullen Crest tee. Read all about them here.


If you missed the Team Wolfpack article you can check it out here.

Twilight Clothing at Nordstrom


Radar Online has some pictures of the Twilight Clothing at Nordstrom. You can check out the article and pictures here.

New Moon Clothing line from Nordstrom’s


MTV has an article up talking about the New Moon Merchandise line Nordstrom’s will be debuting next month.

According to the article all week they will be premiering merchandise from the line.

First up Team Wolfpack shirt.

Read the entire article over at MTV.

Doesn’t Cam just look adorable!

New Moon Time Passes T-Shirt

The New Moon Time Passes t-shirt is available from Hot Topic. This black tee has the New Moon movie logo with a forest background on the front. The back has the forest background and the quote “Time passes. Even when it seems impossible.” Check it out here.


Twilight Tees, Shoes, and Gifts

Take a peek at all the cool fan-made merchandise available at Zazzle. There are Twilight, Team Edward, Team Jacob, and The Cullens tee shirts, shoes, buttons, and gifts. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to wear, check them out:
Team Edward
Team Jacob
The Cullens

Twilight New Moon Comic Con Merchandise

Amazon has San Diego Comic Con exclusive merchandise available for pre-order. You can get a New Moon t-shirt, bag clip, and tote bag. Check them out here.

Also available on eBay are the two New Moon promo trading card packs, posters, and the New Moon Burger King crown. See them all here.

Twilight Jewelry: Bobby Pins, Charm Necklace, Pin Sets

Time for another round of Twilight gear from Hot Topic. They have Cullen Crest gem bobby pins, a Jacob charm necklace, and Edward and Bella key chains. If you like pin sets there’s one with the Cullens and Jacob and a set with Edward, Bella, and the bad vampires. For t-shirts they have added the Twilight Embrace henley top with a pic of Edward holding Bella on the front and the Twilight logo on the back. Check them all out here.

More Twilight Tees, Jewelry and Merchandise

There is more new Twilight merchandise available at Hot Topic. For Twilight jewelry you can get a Edward & Bella charm bracelet, an Edward charm necklace, and an Edward & Bella charm necklace. For shirts you can get the Edward & Jacob tee, an Edward Swirl hoodie, an Edward face t-shirt, a Twilight v-neck or baseball tee. Also available are the Twilight cast tote bag and the Cullen Crest & Team Jacob backpacks. Check them all out here.

Twilight Lunchbox, Backpack, Bandana, and more!

Hot Topic has added a bunch of new Twilight merchandise and collectibles. Check them all out here.

  • Edward Lunchbox – Edward on the front and back and the “What if I’m not the hero” quote on the thermos.
  • Twilight Cast Lunchbox – Bella & the Cullens on the front and back. The thermos has “The Cullens” and “The cold ones”.
  • Edward Jewelry Box – The metal jewelry box has a pic of Edward and the quote ”What if I’m not the hero? What if I’m the bad guy?”
  • Edward Hinged Chest – Features an image of Edward and the Twilight logo.
  • Team Edward Backpack – Has the Cullen Crest, images of Edward, and “Team Edward”.
  • Edward Tote Bag – The Twilight logo with a pic of Edward.
  • Twilight Messenger Bag – Bella & the Cullens with the Twilight logo and under the flap has “The Cullens”.
  • Twilight Cast & Edward Bandanas – Bandanas with either Bella & the Cullens or Edward Cullen.

Twilight T-Shirts from Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt has a wide variety of fan made Twilight t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel. There are t-shirts for fans of Edward, Bella, Jacob, and the often forgotten Jasper fans. Check them out here.

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