Twilight collection at Bath and Body Works

One of our readers, Shami, sent us these pictures of The new Twilight Woods collection of products from Bath and Body Works.

Would you buy these? I love Bath and Body Works!!!

Thanks Shami!



Twilight related article at MTV

First off we have some more merchandise from the Nordstrom line.

Click on the links below to read the articles.

‘Twilight Fashion Week’ Continues With One of Our Faves: The Bella Charm Bracelet!

‘Twilight Fashion Week’ Concludes With A Quileuete Keychain And An Edward Bracelet

Bella’s Charm Bracelet picture below


Picture of the Quileuete Keychain


Pictures of the Edward Bracelet



Next up they have an article entitled, “Just Like ‘Twilight,’ Stephenie Meyer’s ‘The Host’ Will Hit The Big Screen, But Who Should Star In It?”

In the article they pick who they think should play the characters and some alternatives.

Read the article at MTV to see who all they picked.

Here were some of their first choices:


First choice: Summer Glau

Summer has played some really screwed up characters in the past, like River Tam from “Firefly” and “Serenity” and Cameron Phillips in “The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” so we know she would be able to pull off two entities battling for control of one mind. Plus, she can kick some serious ass.


First Choice: Chris Pine
Jared is supposed to be the epitome of male beauty, and for anyone who saw this years “Star Trek,” you’d know Chris definitely fits that criteria. We also know, thanks to J.J. Abrams, Chris looks just as good aggressive with blood covering his face as he does being sweet and sentimental. We just know he could pull off the two sides: Melanie’s love interest and an intense Wanda hater.


First choice: Brandon Routh
So what if “Superman Returns” tanked? To play a man who is able to fall in love with an alien an awesome, extraordinarily sympathetic alien, but an invading species nonetheless, takes a certain amount of empathy and restraint that were sure Brandon could pull it off. And without all the softening hues of Bryan Singer’s superhero story, Brandon would look good rugged and dirty. And let’s not forget about those gorgeous blue eyes!

Twilight Scene it coming to Wii too

The Twilight Scene it board game is due to hit stores in October.

The Twilight Examiner has an article talking about how the game will also be making its way to the Wii gaming system and Nintendo DS. According to the press release:

Scene It? Twilight for Wii features will include:

Rich-media trivia content: Over 500 multiple choice questions based on movie clips, music and audio from the TWILIGHT movie.

New user interface: The new Scene It? Twilight Wii version presents a new look and feel, giving fans a great reason to play both the Wii and the DVD boardgame versions.

Motion functionality: Use your Wii Remote to buzz in and beat your opponent!

New gameplay modes: Single and multi-player modes and new scoring systems keep the game close, exciting and challenging enough to please all TWILIGHT fans.

Check out the entire article at the Twilight Examiner for all the details.

Here are some details on the Twilight Scene it board game:

This game features clips, questions and puzzlers from Twilight and includes content from New Moon! Game includes game DVD, 4x collectible metal tokens, 150x trivia cards, 30 fate cards, 1x 6-sided die, 1x 8-sided die, and instruction sheet. Check it out here.

Thanks for the heads up bellaaaaaa.

What do you guys think? Will buy this game as the board game or for Wii? Or is this not your kind of thing?

New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion


People Magazine will have exclusive New Moon photos in this week’s issue of PEOPLE on newsstands Today.

To tease us they have this new still of Jacob and Bella.

The New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion
will includes full-color photos of the cast, locations, and sets of the New Moon Movie.

Due out October 6th you can pre-order it from Amazon.

More Twilight Merchandise from Nordstrom

MTV has some more articles talking about the Twilight merchandise being sold at Nordstrom.

First up we have the Jacob Single Charm Chain Necklace and Edward Single Charm Chain Necklace. You can read more about them at the article at MTV here.


MTV has another article showing the Volturi tee and Cullen Crest tee. Read all about them here.


If you missed the Team Wolfpack article you can check it out here.

Twilight New Moon Action Figures

Twilight New Moon action figures are available at Hot Topic and Amazon. The series 1 figures include Edward, Bella, Jacob and Alice. The figures are 6″ to 7″ tall and feature multiple points of articulation. Check them out at Hot Topic or Amazon.

Twilight Clothing at Nordstrom


Radar Online has some pictures of the Twilight Clothing at Nordstrom. You can check out the article and pictures here.

New Moon Clothing line from Nordstrom’s


MTV has an article up talking about the New Moon Merchandise line Nordstrom’s will be debuting next month.

According to the article all week they will be premiering merchandise from the line.

First up Team Wolfpack shirt.

Read the entire article over at MTV.

Doesn’t Cam just look adorable!

Twilight New Moon 16 Month Calendar

The Twilight New Moon 16 month calendar is available from Barnes & Noble. The calendar features pictures and stills from the New Moon movie. Also available is an oversized New Moon calendar, a Robert Pattinson calendar, and other Twilight calendars. Check them all out here.


Meet Me On The Equinox – New Moon Soundtrack

Meet Me On The Equinox, performed by Death Cab For Cutie, is the first single available from the New Moon soundtrack. You can preview the song and download it at Amazon.

Meet Me On The Equinox

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