Edward Pillow Case & Forks High School T-Shirts

Hot Topic has lots of new Twilight merchandise available. There is the Edward pillow case with an image of your favorite vampire. A Forks High School t-shirt with “Forks High School Athletic Dept.” and an image of a trojan. A Twilight tee with the DVD cover art. The Twilight musical jewelry box and Hot Topic brought back the Lion and Lamb Ring set.

Breaking Dawn Special Edition

The Breaking Dawn: Special Edition is now available for pre-order from Amazon. Details are still sketchy, but it is supposed to include a poster and other extras.

Twilight Slap Bracelet, Team Edward & Jacob Bag Clips

Hot Topic has more cool Twilight movie merchandise. They have the black Twilight slap bracelet with teal lions and the Twilight logo. The Team Edward bag clip that has a lion charm, clear bead, and turquoise bead. The Team Jacob bag clip with a wolf charm, black bead, and a clear bead. Hot Topic also has te Twilight Edward and Bella Embrace tote. It’s a grey canvas tote with Edward & Bella on one side and the quote ”I just like watching over you” on the other.

Twilight Sweethearts hit stores

Eyes of Amber has posted pictures of the Twilight Sweethearts Conversation Hearts she picked up at Fye Stores. There are 3 different boxes with “Twilight” trivia on the back. Twilight Sweethearts on eBay.
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MTV article on Twilight and New Moon merchandise

MTV spoke with Randy Falk, the director of Product Development at NECA. He talked about merchandise for “Twilight” and “New Moon”.

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MTV article on Toy Fair

MTV has an article and video on “Twilight” at the 2009 Toy Fair. You can see everything here.
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Walmart to Add ‘Twilight Shops’

Walmart is going to Add ‘Twilight Shops’ in All Stores in March With the Arrival of the Movie DVD.

Here’s are some details from the press release:

Committed to bringing customers more affordable access to Twilight items than ever before, Walmart will dedicate a special area in each of its 3,500 stores to Twilight beginning mid-March – just days before the DVD movie release is available – to offer items including:

* The Twilight DVD movie – standard and special edition
* The Twilight CD soundtrack*
* The Twilight book series* Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn
* Twilight apparel
* Twilight messenger bags and totes
* Twilight posters*
* Assorted Twilight licensed jewelry, key chains and accessories

Go here to read the press release to get all the details.

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Edward & Bella Twilight Action Figures

Get the hottest couple around with the Edward & Bella Twilight action figure two pack available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth. The two pack includes the Edward Cullen action figure and the first Bella Swan action figure. Check out these cool and poseable Twilight figures at Entertainment Earth.

Twilight Pajama Sets

Sleep tight with Twilight pajama sets from Hot Topic. There is the Twilight Cullen Crest PJ set that includes a tee with the Cullen Crest on the front and “Team Cullen” on the back and black pants with the Cullen Crest. Hot Topic also has the Twilight Edward PJs that includes a tank top with a picture of Edward Cullen and the Twilight logo. The black pants also have the Twilight logo down the leg.

Hero Bad Guy Edward & Twilight Cast T-Shirts

The Hero or Bad Guy Edward t-shirt is available from Hot Topic. This dark blue shirt has Edward on the front and the quote ”What if I’m not the hero? What if I’m the bad guy?” on the back. You can also get the black Twilight sparkle tote with a white image of Edward on one side. The other side has ”I (heart) boys who sparkle” with a silver glitter heart.

Looking for tee shirts of all the supporting characters in Twilight. Hot Topic has shirts of Alice, Esme, James, Rose, Carlisle, Emmett, and Jasper.