Breaking Dawn Part 1 Posters

Allposters has a couple Breaking Dawn Part 1 posters. You can get a group poster featuring Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the Cullens. Also available is a poster with Bella and Edward holding each other. It will be nice to have some new Twilight posters to put up on the wall. Check them out here.

The Hillywood Show Eclipse Poster

Learn more about The Hillywood Show here.

Thanks Courtney Cullen/Black and Ashley!

Eclipse Posters

Gem found these on Twifans.

They are available on Allposters.
For UK & EU fans the posters are available at

Nice Posters!!!!

I really like the one of Taylor by himself with the clouds in the background, Very hot!!!

Bella, Edward and Jacob Eclipse Movie Poster

The Bella, Edward and Jacob Eclipse movie poster is available at Allposters. The poster features the trio, the Twilight Saga Eclipse logo, and the quote “It all begins… with a choice.” Check it out here.

New Moon Merchandise Sale – 50% off

There is a New Moon merchandise sale at Hot Topic. You can get 50% off Edward, Jacob, Bella, Volturi, and Twilight t-shirts, New Moon trading cards, Volturi makeup, jewelry, posters, collectibles, and ipod skins. It looks like a good time to pick up any New Moon items you have been wanting before they get replace by Eclipse merchandise.

To add to the deal you can also get 25% off orders of $40 or more at Hot Topic through 4/3 with code HTA25OFF40. Check the deals out here.

Volturi Posters and Stand Ups

MovieGoods has Volturi posters and stand ups. You can get New Moon posters of Jane, Alec, Caius, Aro, and Marcus. Also available are group posters of the Volturi and life-sized stand ups. What better way is there to decorate your room than with the baddest vampires around? Check them all out here.


Twilight Merchandise – Black Friday Deals!

twilight-bfBlack Friday is one crazy day of the year but it is a great time to find terrific deals. We have listed some of the Twilight and New Moon merchandise sales you can find online. Leandra will be going out bright and early fighting the crowds and shopping for deals. Not me. I prefer to do my shopping online.

Plus size Twilight New Moon apparel.
$25 off every $75 you spend. 12 a.m. to Noon PST.
$19.99 New Moon Tees (Select Styles)

Twilight books, t-shirts, DVDs & gifts.
25% off your entire purchase through 11/29.
Use promotion code BDC6959X.

Twilight New Moon t-shirts & gifts.
Use promo code ZAZZLEFRIDAY
$4 OFF T-Shirts, $3 OFF Mugs, $8 OFF Binders, $9 OFF Ties, 30% OFF Mousepads, 40% OFF Calendars, 50% OFF Posters
Plus FREE SHIPPING on $35 or more!

Edward, Jacob & Bella life size wall decals.
$15 off Wallskins.
Use coupon code 15BucksOff.
Ends 11/28/09.

Customized Girl
Lets you create your own Twilight apparel. Pick from a ready-made design or make one from scratch.
Free personalized stocking with any purchase. Coupon code STOCK1
Two free personalized stockings with $40+ order. Coupon code STOCK2
Three free personalized stockings with $60+ order. Coupon code STOCK3
Free shipping on U.S. orders over $50.

Fan-made Twilight apparel & gifts. 1000’s to choose from.
15% off orders of $50 or more with code TwiGuide.
Free shipping on $75 or more with code TGIF75.

Twilight & New Moon movie posters & life size stand ups.
20% off your order with coupon code THANKFUL.

Lightning Deals below:
4 am PST Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition) DVD – $8.99.
5 am PST New Moon Soundtrack $9.99 Sale Price $5.00
8 am PST Twilight Collection Hardcover $45.65 Sale Price $33.20
$50 off Amazon exclusive Edward or Bella Tonner dolls. – $89.99 ea.

Hot Topic
Wide selection of Twilight New Moon merchandise.

Twilight New Moon apparel.
Free shipping on orders of $100 or more with code HOLIDAY09.

Fan made Twilight apparel.
25% off $40 or more with code CYBER9.

New Moon board game $5 in store only.

Wolf Pack, Volturi, Cullens New Moon Posters

Allposters has some cool New Moon posters. You can get posters of Jacob and the Wolf Pack, the Volturi, Bella and the Cullens, and a blended poster of Edward, Jacob, Bella, and the Volturi. Check them all out here.


The Cullens and Bad Vamp New Moon Stand Ups

Allposters has added more New Moon stand ups. Now you can get life-size versions of the Culens and the bad vampires standing up to six feet tall. Check out the stand ups of Emmett, Carlisle, Jasper, Laurent and Victoria. Also available are Alice, Edward, Jacob, Bella, and a group stand up of Bella, Edward & Jacob. See them all

New Moon Posters and Tees at Hot Topic

Hot Topic has added more New Moon posters and tee shirts. They have a Jacob Black tattoo poster, one of the Cullens, an Edward trees, and an Edward dreams of Bella posters. For t-shirts there is an Edward shirt with the quote “The only reason I left was to protect you.” and a Jacob tee with the quote “I’m so sorry that I can’t be the right kind of monster for you, Bella.” Check them all out here.


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