New Moon Life-Size Stand-Ups

AllPosters has New Moon life-size stand ups. You can get Edward, Jacob, Bella, Alice, and a stand-up of Edward, Jacob & Bella like the movie poster. These cardboard cutouts stand up to six feet tall. Check them out here.


Twilight New Moon Skins

Skinit has add a variety of Twilight New Moon skins featuring Edward, Jacob, and Bella. You can get skins for phones, laptops, netbooks, gaming devices, MP3 players and much more. Skinit also has life size wall skins of Edward, Jacob, and Bella that are up to six feet tall. Check all the skins out here and the wall skins here.

Thank you Sapphire for letting us know about the skins.

New Moon Posters

New Moon posters are available from AllPosters. You can get the original poster with Edward, Jacob & Bella. A poster with Edward holding Bella. Edward Cullen with the quote “What choice have I? I cannot be with you, but I will not destroy your soul.” You can also get a poster with Jacob Black or another Edward poster. Check them all out here.


New Moon Book Cover Poster

The New moon book cover poster is available from AllPosters. The 22″ by 34″ poster features the original cover art that we all know so well. Although this poster is quite simple compared to other Twilight posters out there, it’s very nice for fans of the books. Check it out here.

New Moon Promo Trading Cards and Poster from Comic Con

Most of us are not lucky enough to have made it to Comic Con, but it doesn’t mean we can’t get the cool promo merchandise that was given out. eBay has sets of the New Moon promo trading cards available. There is a 4 card set of Edward, Jacob, Bella, and the poster artwork. A second set has 5 cards of the wolf pack. Also available are small and movie theater size New Moon posters that were given away. Check them out here.

Robert Pattinson Posters and Mural

Allposters has some cool posters of Robert Pattinson available. They have a poster of Robert in sunglasses, one with his classic messed up hair, and another with him looking down from above. If you really want Rob on your wall, there is a massive 6 foot by 4 foot mural of him looking right at you. Check them all out here.

New Moon Book Movie Cover

Barnes & Noble has the New Moon book with the movie cover and exclusive poster available for pre-order. The paperback is set to be released September 15th. Check it out here.

Twilight Wall Poster Calendar

Keep track of the days until New Moon with the 2009 – 2010 Twilight wall poster calendar. The wall poster includes 12 removable extra large images from the movie, 2010 calendar pages, and a 2009 calendar so you can use it right away. The Twilight calendar is available from Amazon.

Twilight Merchandise on Sale

Hot Topic has put a lot of Twilight merchandise on clearance. Many items are 50-75% off regular price. They have Twilight t-shirts, posters, bags, bracelets, necklaces, key chains, stickers, patches, and more. Click here to see everything on sale.

New Moon Movie Merchandise is here!

Hot Topic has New Moon movie merchandise available! They have the New Moon movie poster and two t-shirts. Both New Moon tees feature the artwork from the poster and are exclusive to Hot Topic.

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