Twilight Trading Cards are Out!

Twilight Trading Cards are out and available from Amazon. The Twilight Trading Card Box contains 24 Packs, each with 6 randomly inserted trading cards for a total of 144 cards. The set is 72 cards and there are randomly inserted bonus cards in packs.

Shipping soon is the Amazon Exclusive Twilight Limited Edition Trading Card Set with Official Binder. The set is limited to 5000, includes the complete 72 card set, and a Peter Facinelli Autograph.

Twilight Trading Card Set & Calendar

Amazon has an exclusive Twilight trading card set with official binder & Peter Facinelli autograph. Only 5000 sets are being produced and they are to be released July 1st. The set includes 72 trading cards, the binder and pages, and a Peter Facinelli autographed card. You may also pre-order a box of Twilight trading cards. There are 24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack, and randomly inserted bonus cards.

Also available from Amazon is an 18 month Twilight calendar. It’s good from July 2008 through December 2010 and features images from the Twilight movie.

Twilight Scene It Game

The great game Scene It is coming out with a Twilight version. Have fun testing your knowledge of everything Twilight with trivia, clips from the movie, and content about New Moon. The game includes the game DVD, 4 collectible metal tokens, 150 trivia cards, 30 fate cards, a 6-sided die, an 8-sided die, and instruction sheet. You can pre-order the Scene It game from Entertainment Earth. Contents of game is not final and subject to change.

Twilight & Walmart

Some Twilight merchandise is now available online at Walmart. They have Twilight t-shirts, the board game (out of stock online right now), the Twilight DVD, soundtrack & score, and of course Twilight books. Walmart has some items available online only, in stores only, and some items you can get sent to a store nearest you to save on shipping. I’m sure after the Twilight DVD release they will have much more available and we will keep you up to date with all the new Twilight gear.

A “Twilight” Fans Holiday Wish List

O.K. the holiday season is almost upon us. So I’ve decided to put together a Twilight fans ultimate holiday wish list. Hope you enjoy!!

My Ultimate Twilight Fan Holiday Wish List:

1. Cullen Family Jewelry set

The Complete Cullen family jewelry set is a must for any fan. The set includes: Edward Wristcuff, Alice’s Choker, Rosalie’s Necklace, Esme’s Bracelet, and Carlile’s Ring. The set comes in a display case with the Cullen Crest and a limited Autographed Post Card by Peter Facinelli.

2. Twilight Stand Ups

Have your own life size stand ups of the bad vamps of Twilight. What room wouldn’t look great with James, Laurent and Victoria in them.

3. Twilight Board Game

Reenact the hunt for Bella through the woods of Olympic Peaks with the Twilight board game. One team plays as Bella and Edward and the other team hunts as James and Victoria. Who will make it through. This game will provide hours of fun for you and your friends.

4. Edward Action Figure

Who doesn’t want their very own Edward? Well at least now you can have a replica of him. The Twilight Edward Cullen figure would make the perfect addition to any true fans collection.

5. Bella Charm Bracelet

Get a replica of Bella’s Charm bracelet from the book. It features the wolf charm Jacob gave her and the heart charm she received from Edward.

6. Edward and Bella Vintage Carrying Case

This vintage Twilight carrying case features an image of Bella and Edward. It also has the Twilight logo and the line from the book “And so the Lion fell in love with lamb”. Keep all your important things together in this case.

7. Twilight Wall Scrolls

Wall scrolls make great decorations. You can choose from Edward, Jacob, Edward and Bella or the Twilight cast. They are a great collectible item for any fan.

8. Twilight Movie Cards

Premium trading cards from the “Twilight” movie are a great addition to any fans collection. Cards include in-depth character cards, movie story cards, Pieceworks Movie Memorabilia cards and so much more.

9. Edward Stocking

This is the perfect gift for any “Twilight” fan for Christmas. Who wouldn’t want to pull stocking stuffers from their own Twilight Edward stocking.

10. Twilight puzzle

These puzzles will keep you entertained for hours. There is a Twilight cast puzzle and a puzzle featuring just Bella and Edward. Each puzzle consists of 1,000 pieces.

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Twilight Movie Board Game

Now you and your friends can live the experience the excitement of being vampires and werewolves when you play the Twilight movie board game. Play as Bella & Edward or James & Victoria as Bella is hunted by the nomads through the woods of Olympic Peaks. The Twilight game is available for pre-order from TFAW.

Inkworks has added new “Twilight” trading card images

Inkworks has added Piecework cards to the “Twilight” trading cards. They are cards that feature a piece of clothing worn by the actors in the movie.

They include the following:

* Jacket worn by Kristen Stewart as Bela
* T-shirt worn by Robert Pattinson as Edward
* Jacket worn by Ashley Greene as Alice
* Jacket worn by Jackson Rathbone as Jasper
* Jacket worn by Kellan Lutz as Emmett
* Vest worn by Nikki Reed as Rosalie
* Jeans worn by Taylor Lautner as Jacob
* Jacket worn by Elizabeth Reaser as Esme
* Shirt worn by Peter Facinelli as Carlisle
* T-shirt worn by Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria
* Pants worn by Edi Gathegi as Laurent
* Jeans worn by Cam Gigandet as James

Check out the images of the cards at inkworks here.

Pre-Order the “Twilight” trading cards from Things From Another world at

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Twilight Movie Trading Card Pictures

Inkworks has updated their site with pictures of the Twilight movie trading cards. You can see photos of the base set, In Pursuit and Protector chase sets, the Always press sheet, and a card pack wrapper. Twilight trading cards that include autograph and Pieceworks cards are available from TFAW.

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Pre-Order Twilight Movie Premium Trading Cards

Twilight movie premium trading cards from Inkworks are now available for pre-order at TFAW. Get Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), and many other characters from Twilight as trading cards. There is a 72 card base set and you are guaranteed to get at least one set per box.

You can also collect these bonus cards randomly inserted into packs:
ALWAYS – a nine card puzzle set
DIFFERENT – a six card set
IN PURSUIT – a three card set
PROTECTOR – one card (only one per case)
PIECEWORKS CARDS – these are cards with pieces of the costumes worn in the movie.
AUTOGRAPHED CARDS – autographs from the actors in Twilight.

Save your Twilight trading cards in the Twilight collector Album designed with graphics of the movie. You can also get a limited edition, sequentially numbered to 199, sheet of the ALWAYS puzzle set.

Twilight Movie Trading Cards

Due out in November are the Twilight trading cards by Inkworks. The base set will include movie scenes, character cards, and more. There will also be several chase card sets. Chase cards include Always – a nine card puzzle (1:11 packs), Different – a six card set (1:17 packs), In Pursuit – a three card set (1:24 packs), and Protector – one card and only comes in a sealed shipping case. The Twilight movie trading cards come 6 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, and 10 boxes per case. Inkworks guarantees at least one complete base set per box.

Inkworks has also come up with some extra treats. The Always puzzle card set is available as an uncut sheet that is limited to 99 sequentially numbered sheets. They also have the Twilight Collector Album that you can use to store you set of trading cards.

New: Inkworks has added bonus cards that you can collect. There are now Pieceworks cards with pieces of the outfits worn in the movie and autographed cards from the cast.
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