Los Angeles Times has article about Stephenie Meyer and Jack Mannequin music video

The Los Angeles Times has on article about Stephenie Meyers work with Jack Mannequin on his music video. The article talks about Stephenie’s work with Jack’s music video for his song “The Resolution.”. Check it out here.
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Defamer has article about Robert Pattinson

Defamer has an article and interview with Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” movie. Robert talks about the movie and the Entertainment Weekly cover. Check out the article and video here.
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MTV has article on how fans are furious at VMA host for cutting off Pattinson

MTV has an article on how “Twilight” fans are furious at VMA host Russell Brand for cutting off Robert Pattinson while the cast was presenting the band Paramore. The article includes a video of Robert, Kristen, Taylor and Cam presenting and Brand cutting them off. Check out the article here and see all the reactions from fans.
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MTV wants you to send in your reactions

MTV wants to hear what you thought of the presenters at the VMA’s. Go to this page and read the article and post what you thought of the presentation by Robert, Kristen, Taylor and Cam. There is also a video of the “Twilight” actors presenting.
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Stephenie Meyer has updated her website with frequently asked questions about Breaking Dawn

Stephenie Myer has updated her official website with frequently asked questions for Breaking Dawn. She answers some of the most frequently asked questions she got about the book while she was on tour. Check it out here.

She has also posted a partial playlist for Midnight Sun.
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Stephenie Meyer has posted a new blog on her myspace page

Stephenie Meyer has posted a new blog on her official myspace page. It is titled “Positivity and rock brilliance.” She talks about trying to stay positive and the new music video she is doing for Jack Mannequin. Read the blog here.
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Bella, Edward and Jacob to present award at the MTV Video Music Awards

On September 7, 2008 Robert Patterson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be presenting an award at the MTV Video Music Awards. Read the article at mtv.com.
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Stephenie Meyer to direct Jack Mannequin video

Stephenie Meyer has been tapped to direct the first single of Jack Mannequin’s new album “The Glass Passenger“. She will be directing the video for the single “The Resolution”. Check out the article for more information on the collaboration.
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Stephenie Meyer Breaking Dawn Concert

The Stephenie Meyer Breaking Dawn concert series is an interview, question & answer session, and stories by Stephenie Meyer. There are also musical performances by Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October. Six videos are in this series. Watch them all and learn more about the author of the Twilight saga.

Part One

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