Just got back from watching New Moon


So Jamey and I just got back from Watching New Moon. The theater had a teaser poster up for Eclipse which was pretty cool.

Click the READ MORE below to hear what I thought about the movie. Don’t want to give away any spoilers to those who haven’t seen yet.

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Here is some Info from L.A. Times about ticket sales:

According to four people close to the movie, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” sold more than $22.2 million worth of tickets in midnight shows last night, beating a record set this summer by “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”

Two people close to the picture said the exact gross, which is still being calculated by Summit Entertainment, could be as high as $26 million.

(10:45 AM): Summit’s official estimate for midnight ticket sales is $26.27 million.

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New Stills from New Moon





Source: Twifans via twilightersfan.livejournal

New TV Spot

Alice sent me this new TV Spot for New Moon. Jamey and I are going around Noon tomorrow to see the movie, I can’t wait!!!

A lot of our international readers have been emailing me to tell me how great the movie was and I’m so excited!!!
Thanks Alice!!!

MySpace New Moon Cast Interviews

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Cast Interviews

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

Thanks Sandra!!!

Gil’s pictures from New Moon Premiere


Gil Birmingham has posted some great pics of him and the cast from the New Moon Premiere on his Facebook page.

You can check them all out here. I think Gil is awesome!! Maybe I’ll start a Team Billy!!!

Thanks Alice!!

MTV’s New Moon Revealed

MTV has up videos from their special New Moon Revealed. They talk about the Twilight phenomenon and interviews with the cast.

There are 8 videos all together. Check them all out here.

Movie TrailersMovies Blog

Stephenie Interview on Red Carpet

Access Hollywood has an interview with Stephenie Meyer on the red carpet of the New Moon Premiere.

Access Hollywood talks with Dakota Fanning on the Red Carpet

Access Hollywood had this interview with Dakota at the New Moon Premiere.

LOVE her shoes!!! Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning kissed in The Runaways, OMG, awesome!!!!

MySpace video – New Moon Premiere Wrap Up

The Twilight Saga New Moon Red Carpet Premiere

New Moon Premiere | MySpace Video

MTV article on New Moon – Why we are gonna love it!!!


MTV has seen New Moon and assures all of us that we are gonna love it. In the article they list 5 reasons why New Moon delivers.

Read the entire article here.

Here is one of the reasons they list:

The New Characters Rock

Take a good look at any successful movie franchise from “Star Wars” to “Trek” to “Harry Potter,” and you’ll see the emergence of new key supporting characters in the sequels. Well, “New Moon” has plenty of Yoda-like standouts to choose from. The wolf pack start off like real jerks, but they eventually bring a lighthearted, frat-boy-like vibe that helps the film’s tone immensely. The Volturi, meanwhile, completely hijack the final third of the film in the best way possible. As Aro, Michael Sheen gives a Walken-esque performance of over-the-top audacity, while Dakota Fanning is legitimately terrifying in a too-small role. Another inevitable fan fave is Daniel Cudmore’s Felix, who doesn’t get to speak much — but then again, he doesn’t need to.

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