World of Twilight now up on the Official New Moon Website

The Official New Moon Website now has the World of Twilight section up and running. It has galleries, downloads and information on the Twilight Saga and characters. It’s almost as cool as the official site.

Check out the new section here.

Top 5 Fan-Made ‘New Moon’ Posters

Fear Net has an article where they pic the top 5 fan-made New Moon posters. You can view all of them at their article here. They rate and give descriptions of the posters. Thanks for the link Rosalie!

I posted the one above, because we all know I’m Team Jacob. The one below is by Andy Mink. You may recognize it. It won 2nd place in the fan-made New Moon poster contest we had here on the site.

New Moon set tour part 3

Part Three of the Twilight New Moon Vancouver Set Tour video is up at Movie set.

In case you missed them:

Part 1
Part 2

Thanks for the heads up Ashley.

The Top Ten New Moon Facts Revealed at Comic-Con

Rotten Tomatoes has an article talking about the top ten facts about New Moon that was revealed at Comic Con. You can read the entire article here to see the list and get the details.
Here was one thing they listed.

3. Taylor Lautner is the press-friendly celebrity star that New Moon needed.

Compared to his co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, Lautner has just the right youthful vigor and enthusiasm (read: he’s not jaded yet) to turn Twilight press events into, well, downright energetic press events. Deposited between Stewart and Pattinson in Thursday’s early morning press conference, Lautner picked up the slack whenever his co-stars trailed off; the kid’s been well prepared. I mean, have you seen that Sharkboy-era dancing video?

Official New Moon Trailer Widget

I was playing on the Official New Moon website again, I don’t what you all think, but I think that site is amazing, anyways I found the widget for the New Moon trailer and just thought the widget looked cool. So in case you missed it here it is. Plus it has a link on it to the official site!

And besides, are any of us really going to be upset watching the trailer again. I smile every time I see the shirtless Jacob and the wolf so hott!! (He’s only 17)!

They also had this cool widget with the trailer, poster, e-card and info.

Video of New Moon Pictures

AnnGil sent us a link to this YouTube video with a slideshow of official New Moon Pics. It includes some amazing screen shots from the official site.

Most Amazing Comic-Con Movie Moments

E! has an article entitled, “The 12 Most Amazing Comic-Con Movie Moments “. New Moon and their stars were included in the list. Here is what was said:

Kristen Stewart can’t wait to get pregnant, while Rob Pattinson aches to perform a high-risk medical procedure to deliver their magical baby. Ah, young love.

Taylor Lautner is chatty, R.Pattz has one leg shorter than the other and K.Stew needs a hug.

Two new scenes from New Moon in and we still don’t know if we’re Team Edward or Team Jacob.

Read the article here to see the rest of the great moments.

New Moon Still

Twilighters Anonymous had this new still from New Moon that I had posted earlier, but their heads aren’t cut off YEAH!!!!

Comic Con Clips in HD and subtitles

Lee Safar on New Moon Soundtrack?

MTV has an article talking about the possibility of Lee Safer having two songs on the New Moon soundtrack.

Read her interview here to get all the details.

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