New Moon Poster Speaks!

4TNZ was having a contest asking readers to tell them what Edward, Bella and Jacob were saying on the official New Moon poster. The winner was twilightforeva. Below is the poster with the winning quotes.

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First 15 seconds of the New Moon Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ET has posted the first 15 seconds of the New Moon Trailer. Enjoy!!!!!

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NEW VIDEO: Shirtless Robert Pattinson Films Sexy Scene For New Moon!

Radar has a video of filming in Italy. It’s the scene where Bella runs to Edward, yeah he is shirtless!
Watch the video here.
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Robert Pattinson Can’t Believe his Eyes!

Radar has some more pictures from the “New Moon” set including this close-up of Robert Pattinson with Vampire Gold eyes. Check out all the pictures here.
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ET To Air New Scenes From “New Moon?”

Here is what ET Director Dennis had to say on his Twitter page:

“Tonight SHERLOCK HOLMES set secrets from Robert Downey Jr. Tomorrow new scenes from NEW MOON! ET’s got the big scoops!”

So if this is true that means Friday night Entertainment Tonight will be airing scenes for “New Moon”?
Not for sure if this is true, but if it is WooHoo!!!!
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New Moon pictures

Yesterday we got to see a ton of pictures from the New Moon movie. They were filming scenes from where Bella goes to stop Edward from exposing himself to sunlight. Well a fan put the pictures together in a sequence they would be in the film. Enjoy, but if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t look.

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New Moon Trailer To Premiere On MTV Movie Awards

Last week MTV announced that the cast of “New Moon” will be presenting exclusive footage from their upcoming “Twilight” sequel during the MTV Movie Awards. Today MTV confirmed that the exclusive footage is the movie’s first trailer.

The stars will present the premiere of the “New Moon” trailer on the Movie Awards, airing at 9:00 pm ET on Sunday. Then at 10:45 p.m., the high-definition video will debut online.

Well that should make you all happy.

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New Moon Porche Scenes

Below are some videos of the crew filming some scenes with Alice’s yellow Porche in Italy.

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Put Words On New Moon Poster!

4TNZ wants you to add words to the official New Moon Poster. They want to know what you think Edward, Bella and Jacob are saying. The best submission will get to see their words in those bubbles!

Go here for the article and to leave your thoughts.
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5 Things the ‘New Moon’ Teaser Poster Tells Us

FearNet has an article on the 5 Things the ‘New Moon’ Teaser Poster Tells Us.

Here is what they list in the article:

1. Edward Is Tortured…and suspicious?
2. Bella Isn’t Looking at Anyone
3. Bella Is Stuck in Back
4. Jacob’s Hair Is Short
5. They All Look Hot

Go here to read the article for all the details.
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