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4TNZ has a new quiz up. This one asks, Which New Moon Quote Are You?

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Here is what I got: (So me!!!)

“Well, the wolf’s out of the bag now.”

Team Werewolf, all the way! You loved the wolf pack, no shirts and all. So that’s why this Embry one-liner (maybe he should have been a comedian?) totes defines your Quileute-like ways. Hey, you can keep a secret, right?! Who let the dogs out? Who! Who! Who who!

How the Wolf Pack was Created for The Movie – New Wolf Stills

MTV has these new stills from New Moon of the wolves, at least I think they are all new. Who cares if they aren’t new, I love them!!! Especially the first one. Amazing!!! It’s my new screen saver!!!

MTV also has an interview with Phil Tippett. His company is the one who created the visual effects for the movie. Read that interview here to learn how they came to life.






Michael talks to MTV

MTV has an interview with Michael Welch. He talks New Moon Success!!

Read the article here.

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MakingOf Video Interview with Wyck Godfrey Talking New Moon Cliff Diving

New Stills from New Moon

Check out even more stills at Twifans!!!!





New Moon estimates – $140.7 million opening weekend


The L.A. Times had the following to report about how much New Moon has made (third best weekend opening of all time):

Summit Entertainment’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” sold an astounding $140.7 million worth of tickets in the U.S. and Canada this weekend, according to studio estimates, blowing away already huge expectations and giving the teen vampire saga the third-biggest domestic debut of all time.

In the 25 foreign countries where “New Moon” launched, it added an extra $118.1 million, giving it a mind-bending worldwide total of $258.8 million. That’s the seventh-biggest worldwide launch of all time and is particularly notable given that several international markets where the first “Twilight” performed very well, including Germany, South Korea and Russia, haven’t gotten the film yet. [Updated 9:21 a.m.: An earlier version of this post incorrectly said that the worldwide ticket sales total was $248.8 million.]

The domestic debut is the biggest, by a margin of $38 million, for a film opening outside of the summer movie season, between May and July, when the biggest tentpoles traditionally launch. The No. 1 opener of all time is “The Dark Knight,” which opened to $158.4 million in July 2008, followed by “Spider-Man 3,” which started with $151.1 million in May of 2007.

The first “Twilight” collected $385 million worldwide.

20 Differences Between New Moon the Movie and the Book


has up an article talking about the 20 main differences between the New Moon movie and book and why they work.

I listed my favorites below.
Read the rest here.

Major Spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie yet and want to be surprised don’t read this!!!!

Click the READ MORE button below to see my favorites, I don’t want to let any secrets out for people who haven’t seen it!!!

Thanks Alice!!!
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New Moon Breaks another record!!!


New Moon
already broke the record for a midnight showing and according to an article on New Moon has broke the record for opening day too.

Here is what Variety had to say:

Summit Entertainment’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” tore up the box office record for best opening day, grabbing the title away from Warner Bros. “The Dark Knight,” and earning a spectacular $72.7 million yesterday at 4,024 theaters.

An exceptional feat for a film playing outside the summer frame.

There were an array of estimates being reported on the internet about how high the first day of “New Moon” actually was. This morning’s figure is Summit’s official Friday estimate.

“Dark Knight” had minted $67.2 million from 4,366 runs on July 18, 2008 before making a three-day opening weekend of $158.4 million.

Fueling the Friday B.O. for “New Moon” were midnight shows in 3,514 venues which drew a record-breaking $26.3 million for the time slot.

The opening day for “New Moon” posted more than a 100% gain over the first Friday of “Twilight” which made $36 million a year ago and a three-day weekend of $69.6 million.

New Stills from New Moon







See some more stills at Twifans and Loving Rob

Thanks Marit!!

New Moon related articles at MTV

Just click on the links below to read articles about New Moon and the cast:


First off MTV has a number of pictures of the cast from the New York screening. Check them all out here. The cast all looked great.

‘New Moon’ Fans Appreciate Taylor Lautner’s New Physique

‘New Moon’ Ending Surprises Fans Who Read The Book

‘New Moon’ Has Fans Jumping From Team Edward To Team Jacob

‘New Moon’ Is Better Than ‘Twilight,’ Say Fans At Midnight Screening

Have always been, will always be and after New Moon am more now than ever Team Jacob!!! Love that Wolf!!!

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Fans talking about Taylor:

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