Christmas Wishes

Annie sent this in last year and I still think it’s funny!

So I was thinking about Christmas, finished my cards and wrapped all the presents tonight, it’s right around the corner!

If you have made any Twilight Themed Christmas Wallpapers or graphics send them my way and I will make a post a day or two before Christmas.

Also last year People sent in Trees and ornaments they had made inspired by Twilight so if you have any of those either send in pics!!!

Send pics to

Happy Thanksgiving!

by on November 24, 2011
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Eclipse Movie and Eclipse Pictures

Jamey and I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating it today!!!

Check out more Twilight Thanksgiving Graphics here.

Top 9 Clues Your Daughter is Dating Edward Cullen

Nick Mom has an article titled, Top 9 Clues Your Daughter is Dating Edward Cullen.

Check out the list here.

Below is an excerpt:

That distant, detached look; the way she keeps complaining about the Volturi… hate to break it to you, but your daughter might be dating the Undead.

9. The day your daughter’s car got a flat tire, she said she would just catch a flying piggy back ride to school.

8. When you ask what they’re doing for their date, she says, “The usual. Just chillin’ on a limb of that giant evergreen on the top of that mountain that’s like 100 miles away. BYE.”

The ‘Breaking Dawn’ Boyfriend Survival Guide

MTV has a great little article for all those men out there on the arm of a Twihard. It’s The ‘Breaking Dawn’ Boyfriend Survival Guide. All you need to know to make it through watching the movie!

Head on over to MTV to check out the guide!

Here is an excerpt:

Agree With Stuff
At least in my experience, a Twi-hard’s stance on certain Twilight-related issues is an essential part of who they are as people and not open to discussion, like your usual Chipotle order. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? What did you think about the dress? These will ultimately come up during and after any screening of the film, so your best bet is to agree. Loved the dress! Hated that dress! Jacob is a nicer guy! Jacob is too whiny! Any dissent is sure to stir up emotions and won’t be worth your time, even if you have an opinion.

Nikki Reed for Seventeen Magazine

via Seventeen

Nikki is on the cover of December/January 2012 issue of Seventeen, on newsstands now.

Love Film Cast Interviews from Breaking Dawn Press Junket

Click the READ MORE button below for more videos

Read more..

The Muppets Parody Twilight in New Posters

via CinemaBlend

These are amusing, The Muppets movie has been spoofing all kinds of stuff to promote it’s release!

Anyone planning on seeing The Muppet’s Movie?

Fan Pics From the Breaking Dawn Fan Events

A couple people sent me their pics from when they attended the various fan events.
Thanks guys!

Pics sent in by Amanda at the Atlanta Event.

Pics sent in by Nanette at the Salt Lake City Event.

The Twilight Saga’s Five Sexiest Scenes…So Far!

E! has an article titles, The Twilight Saga’s Five Sexiest Scenes…So Far!

Check out what they list here.

Below was my fav.
What do you think is the sexiest scene so far?

2. If the Tent Is a Rockin’…

It just wouldn’t be fair if Edward got all the action, would it? Well, in Eclipse, Taylor Lautner’s Jacob gets some much needed lovin’! A freezing cold Bella gets warmed up by the hunky werewolf since Edward’s icy vamp self cannot help. And let’s not forget about Lautner’s line in the scene, “Let’s face it, I am hotter than you” (OK, some of the Twilight flicks do have good lines).

Twilight Cast Members Nominated for People’s Choice Awards 2012

The cast were nominated in the following Categories:

Favorite Movie Actor – Robert Pattinson
Favorite Action Movie Star – Taylor Lautner
Favorite Drama Movie – Water for Elephants (Robert Pattinson stars in)
Favorite Drama Movie – The Help (Bryce Dallas Howard stars in)
Favorite Movie – The Help (Bryce Dallas Howard stars in)
Favorite Book Adaptation – Water for Elephants (Robert Pattinson stars in)

Go here to vote.

The show premieres January 11, 2012 on CBS.

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