Twilight Guide has a New Look Just in Time for Breaking Dawn!!!

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Breaking Dawn and Twilight Pictures

So as you may have noticed some things have changed around here.
We have revamped the whole site with a new Breaking Dawn theme!

We worked on the new look of the site for a week and I think it looks amazing!
I hope you all like it.

We have updated a number of things on the site:

* New Site Poll – Make sure to vote!
* New Quotes of the Day – Every day a new quote from the first half of Breaking Dawn will post
* Updated Twitter List – We have added a number of people to the Twitter list. Make sure to follow the cast! (If we missed any or a link isn’t working let us know)
* Added Official Cast Sites – Added a new section for the official sites of a number of the cast members! (If we missed any or a link isn’t working let us know)
* New Breaking Dawn Graphic section – We have added banners and icons for Breaking Dawn as well as pages for posters, stills, trailers, TV spots and clips
* Updated Cast Birthday list – There are a ton of new cast members for the Breaking Dawn Movies. I’ve updated the birthday list and included new cast members birthdays!
* Updated cast pictures – I’ve added pictures for all the new cast members as well!

Over the next week Jamey will be making new Breaking Dawn widgets, calenders and puzzles to add to the site.

By the end of the month I hope to have new pics added to all the cast members galleries, update the fan art, as well as have crosswords done.

Redoing the site was a lot of work, but we think everything is up and running properly.
If you notice anything not working please send us an email at!

If you notice that we missed adding any of the new cast members to the pictures section or know any of the birthdays we are missing please send us an email as well! (I added like 25 new cast members, but I think I got them all!)

Well I hope you all like the new look of the site!
Let us know in the comments.
I think Jamey did a fantastic job and I love it!

Top 7 Moments from the Twilight Film Saga

Young Hollywood has an article titled, Top 7 Moments from the ‘Twilight’ Film Saga.

See what they list here.

What’s your top moments?

Below is one they list!

Any Time Jacob Doesn’t Wear A Shirt: (Always my fav moment!!!!)

Whether Jacob is warming Bella up with his werewolf body heat in Eclipse, or if it is the iconic rain scene in New Moon, Jacob always seems to do best without his shirt on! When Bella is desperate to know why Jacob has been avoiding her, she finds him to demand answers. Jacob, shirtless in the pouring rain, has cut off all his hair and has a tattoo. This scene showcases the tension between them as well as their clear emotional bond.

A-Z insider’s guide to Twilight

Breaking Dawn Movie and Breaking Dawn Pictures

Time Out has a great little article titled the A-Z insider’s guide to Twilight.
A little “all you need to know about guide” to the Twilight Franchise.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt: (I picked this one because Zafrina is my fav of the new vamps in Breaking Dawn, I’m so envious of her vampire power I so want to create Illusions!)

Z is for Zafrina

We first meet Zafrina in ‘Breaking Dawn’, when Alice and Jasper send her to Forks to aid the Cullens in the fight against the Volturi. Zafrina is a vampire, part of a South American Coven whose other members include Kachiri and Senna. Zafrina is a vampire with extra abilities. She can create illusions that completely fool the sight and hearing of her target. Bella evades her powers, but she is still a little scared of Zafrina’s uncivilised appearance and attitude, especially as Zafrina is not a vegetarian. She is described in the book as long limbed, dark haired and dressed in animal skins. This counts for a wild beauty in the vampire world.

MTV is counting down your favorite ‘Twilight Saga’ moments – #1 – The First Kiss

MTV is counting down your favorite ‘Twilight Saga’ moments before Rob, Kristen and Taylor join them live Thursday at 7:56 p.m. ET.

Fan Favorite #1 is The First Kiss
Check out the article at MTV

In the Video below more info on the MTV visit from the trio and a clip of Edward and Bella’s First Kiss!

MTV is counting down your favorite ‘Twilight Saga’ moments – #2 – Edward’s Proposal

MTV is counting down your favorite ‘Twilight Saga’ moments before Rob, Kristen and Taylor join them live Thursday at 7:56 p.m. ET.

Fan Favorite #2 is Edward’s Proposal
Check out the article at MTV

In the Video below more info on the MTV visit from the trio and a clip of Edward’s Proposal!

Full official network of Twilight Saga pages on Facebook

This in from Summit:

You and your readers can now ‘like’ the full official network of TWILIGHT SAGA pages on Facebook! In addition to THE TWILIGHT SAGA fan page (, you can now ‘like’:


You can also now ‘like’ Bella, Edward and Jacob!

Bella Swan –
Edward Cullen –
Jacob Black –

Fans can go to our “World of Twilight” tab on all of our Facebook pages to easily ‘like’ their favorite TWILIGHT SAGA films & characters from there, along with BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 soundtrack artists and partners like the fan favorite Twilight Conventions (

Twilight Saga Tuesdays start Today!

by on November 1, 2011
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Check out the press release from Summit below about Twilight Saga Tuesdays and NCM Fathom:

NCM Fathom and Summit Entertainment celebrate the upcoming release of the most anticipated movie event of the year, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I, by bringing back the first three Twilight Saga films for special one-night engagements. This November, experience the magic and romance that have captivated audiences worldwide all over again, as all three Twilight Saga movies come to the big screen for a 3-night only theatrical event.

Twilight on November 1
During this first Twilight Saga Tuesdays event, fans will see an exclusive reel that will include behind-the-scenes footage from ComicCon 2008; fan footage from the Twilight Premiere; as well as commentary from cast members about their experiences making Twilight, and how the unprecedented fan turn out set the film and cast on the road to stardom. Also, for the first and only time on the big screen, fans will be treated to a special clip of Robert Pattinson performing the song, “Bella’s Lullaby,” which is featured in Twilight.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon on November 8
Before the start of the November 8 event, fans will see behind-the-scenes coverage of the filming of The Twilight Saga: New Moon in Italy, as well as footage from other New Moon fan events.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on November 15
This final event kicks off with exciting footage from one of the largest Hollywood premieres ever with more than 4,500 guests and 5,000 fans in attendance. Cast members will also discuss their favorite scenes from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and share never-before-seen footage from Comic-Con 2011.

Each event will begin at 7:30 pm (local time)

Twilight Saga Tuesdays will begin with exclusive introductions from the cast members, compelling interviews with the stars answering the questions that Twilight Saga aficionados have always wanted answered and amazing clips from the many fan fests over the years. This special behind-the-scenes content will be immediately followed by the Twilight Saga films.

Showing at more than 730 select theaters across the country, Twilight Saga Tuesdays is the largest event ever distributed to theaters by NCM Fathom. Tickets for Twilight Saga Tuesdays are available at participating theater box offices and online today at! For a complete list of theater locations and prices, visit the NCM Fathom website (theaters and participants are subject to change).

Breaking Dawn Clips and BTS Footage

We are working this week on redoing the site for Breaking Dawn so the new look will be up next Monday!
In preparation I’ trying to gather all the footage in comprehensive posts.

This one is clips and BTS footage, might be some doubles in here, but it’s all good you can never get enough breaking Dawn!

If I missed any TV Spots, Trailers or clips shoot me an email with the link and video.

See TV Spots here.
See trailers here

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Sneak Peek Wedding Event

Don’t Take Too Long Mrs. Cullen Clip

5 clips in one Video

5 Minutes BTS Footage

Sneak Peek “The Beginning of the End”

10 minutes of BTS Footage

via Collider

Happy Halloween and Twilight Pumpkins!!

Twilight and Twilight Merchandise

Sent in by Mike

Sent in by Jenevieve!

These sent in by Lydia!

Sent in by Linzi!

Sent in by Delano!

Sent in by Emily!

Sent in by Victoria!

Sent in by Kelly!

Sent in by Becci!

Show us Your Twilight Themed Pumpkins!!!

Halloween is drawing near and it’s my favorite holiday of all time!!!

So have you made a twilight inspired pumpkin this year?

If so send it to us and I’ll make one giant post on Halloween!

Send the pics of your pumpkins to

Write Twilight Pumpkin in the subject!

Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils has a number of Twilight themed stencils you can buy and download here.

Associated Content also has a list of free twilight stencils you can download here.

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