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If your like me Twilight is not the only Young Adult series your obsessed with. I read multiple books a week and have many series I can’t get enough of.

Twilight may be over, I know I’m as sad as you are, but other book series are hitting the theaters soon too. I run fansites for The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments. If your a fan of either series click on the links below to check out the sites πŸ™‚

New Poster For The Host

The Vampire Club has posted a new poster for The Host.

First 5 Episodes of Aim High Starring Jackson Rathbone

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

I posted the first 3 episodes earlier of Aim High, but 2 more are now online. I decided to post all 5 of them again. You can watch them all above. The web series stars Jackson Rathbone.

Below is a synopsis to what the series is all about:

In this action web series secret agent Nick Green lives the ultimate double life – by day he is an average high school kid and by night he’s an operative for the US government. Keeping the two worlds from colliding is a full-time job. After accidentally letting a Russian mercenary escape Nick’s everyday teenage struggles become even more complicated now that he’s also a revenge target.

Breaking Dawn 2 One of the Top Grossing Movies of the Year

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 had a total gross of $283,023,753 taking the 5th spot as on the list of top grossing movies of the year according to Yahoo!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all the best Holiday Season!
Hope Santa brought you what you wanted today!

Breaking Dawn – Part 2: Top 10 Moments Of 2012

MTV has up an article talking about the top 10 moments Of 2012 for Breaking Dawn 2.

Head on over to MTV to see what they list as the top 10 moments.
Below is an excerpt:

The Plot Twist
The best part about the film’s heavily guarded and totally shocking-yet-satisfying twist toward the end of the film is that it wasn’t spoiled ahead of time. Blood was spilled, heads were severed and the audiences loved every minute of it. Thank you screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and director Bill Condon for your clever, sneaky ways!

Thanks Anna!

The Ultimate Twihard Test

Ready to test your knowledge of all things Twilight?
Head on over to the EW to take the Ultimate Twihard Test.
How well will you do?

Yes…More Cast Interviews!

My inbox is just blowing up!
Click on the links below to check out more interviews with the cast of Breaking Dawn 2!

Zap2it: ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’: Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser reveal flirtiest cast mate and what they’re excited for fans to see

Next Movie: Q&A: Michael Sheen on Bringing the Crazy to ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’

USA Today: Taylor Lautner reflects on universal ‘Twilight’ sadness

Poptimal: Interview with Christian Serratos


Examiner: Actresses Maggie Grace and Mia Maestro talk ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’

Crave Online: Boom, It’s Done: Melissa Rosenberg On Breaking Dawn Part 2

Today: ‘Breaking Dawn’ star Peter Facinelli: ‘My daughter cried’ at end of movie

TV Line: Revolution’s Billy Burke on Miles’ ‘Brilliant’ Run-In With Monroe and Rachel’s Mysterious Backstory

Examiner: Ashley Greene Q&A: ‘Breaking Dawn’ star talks Alice Cullen, last ‘Twilight’ film

Movie Fanatic: Breaking Dawn Part 2: Taylor Lautner on Twilight Past… and Future?

Movie Fanatic: Breaking Dawn Part 2: Stephenie Meyer Bids Twilight Goodbye

Movie Fanatic: Elizabeth Reaser Dishes Epic Ending

Twilight Garbage Pail Kids

When I was younger Garbage Pail Kids were popular. They were gross, but popular.
Next movie re-imagined the Garbage Pail Kids as Twilight characters.
Art by Old Red Jalopy.
Check them all out in the gallery below.
Anyone else remember Garbage Pail Kids?

Twilight’s Unsung Heroes

E! Online has a great little article talking about the unsung heroes from Twilight.

Edward, Bella and Jacob may be the stars, but there are so many things that make Twilight amazing.

Head on over to E! Online to see what they list including my two favorite things about Twilight, Booboo and Billy!

Below is an excerpt:

3. Billy Burke:
One of the most underrated characters in the series, Burke (we’re loving him on Revolution, btw) has given a solid performance as Bella’s father in every Twilight flick. He’s perfectly played the role of the loving and protective pops, and we’ll admit that we’ve even shed a heartfelt tear during a few of the father-daughter scenes. We can’t wait to see how Charlie Swan handles the whole Bella-turned-vampire sitch, and we’re sure Billy will bring it on the big screen. Our only beef with Mr. Burke? Bella’s dad has always been one of Team Jacob’s biggest fans.

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