New Moon MySpace!

His Golden Eyes got a preview of the New Moon Myspace page directly from Summit.

Here is what they had to say:

““It goes live shortly, and we are very excited about it! It only hosts the trailer right now but it will have a lot more as the release date of the movie gets closer.One cool little feature are the tabs at the top that let you switch between the Twilight and New Moon pages.”

Pretty Sweet!!!
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Vampire Baseball

Twilight Fan Trips is having a Vampire Baseball event July 4th.

Here is info on the event:

Join Fans in Portland on July 4th, 2009 for Make-A-Wish®* day when FanTrips™.travel, TwilightLive,
and cast & crew from Twilight and New Moon team up to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Oregon*.

The following actors are scheduled to attend:

• Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria)
• Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen)
• Edi Gathegi (Laurent)
• Michael Welch (Mike Newton)
• Solomon Trimble (Sam Uley)
• Christian Serratos (Angela Weber)
• Ayanna Berkshire (Cora)
• Catherine Grimme (Young Bella)
• Alex Meraz (Paul, “New Moon”)
• Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call. “New Moon”)
Watch Rachelle Lefevre throw the first ball to open the
Portland Beavers – Colorado Springs Sky Sox game

Go to their official website for all the details on the event and to order tickets.
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Twilight and New Moon Cake Toppers

We receive a lot of email requests asking where someone can get a Twilight cake. If you are having the cake made at a bakery, you can have an image placed on the cake. Not all bakeries will make Twilight cakes, but if you call around you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that will.

If you are making the cake yourself, you can get a Twilight cake topper on eBay. There are a variety of cake toppers available with Edward, Bella, Jacob, and other Twilight & New Moon images. There are different sizes available, even ones for cupcakes, and most can be personalized. All you have to do is add them to your cake. Check out Twilight cake toppers here.

Sample Cake Topper

The images are printed on a piece of sugar paper with edible “ink” (food coloring). It’s pretty neat. Expect to pay $7.50-$9.00 more for the printed image ontop of the original price of the cake (this pricing is for a quarter sheet cake). It is called an “Edible Image.”

If you purchase the item from ebay, when you receive it, make sure you store it in a dark area, and that it is in a sealed container (ziplock bags do work). If the image is hard to peel off the backing, pop it in the refrigerator for a minute or so. Sometimes that helps. If the image becomes brittle, it will be hard to remove from the backing, and more than likely will break.

Thanks Kerri for the additional info.
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Twilight inspired make-up

Style List has an article talking about some new Twilight inspired make-up that is to be launched called Twilight Beauty.

Here is some info on the make-up from the article:

“LunaTwilight is the more luxurious of the two offerings — the packaging is heartbreakingly gorgeous and the formulas are more sophisticated than the alternate collection.

I hate to tease you with some of the the product names before they’re available, but let’s be honest, I can’t help myself and you can’t wait: “First Light Body Glow,” “Mortal Glow Blushing Creme” and Color Palettes in “Bella,” “Rosalie,” “Alice” and “Victoria.” (I can’t wait to see “Alice” — she was my favorite.)

Volturi, the other Twilight Beauty collection, will strike a chord with those who’ve read the book. The Volturi family crest appears on the packaging and some standouts include “Deity Body Lotion,” “Immortal Body Shimmer” and “Crown Mascara”

The make-up is not available yet, but should be making an appearance around the time the New Moon movie is released.

Read the entire article here.
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Twilight Themed Birthday

by on June 28, 2009
in News

Lisa sent us some pics of her daughter’s Twilight themed birthday party. She went all out with red, black & white balloons and other decorations. Plus a cool cake with an image of Edward saving Bella. Bree, her daughter, turned 14 yesterday, so everyone wish Bree a belated happy birthday.

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Twilight Fan Art

Another slow news day so here are some more pictures I found on Deviant art that I liked. The artist name is ~llvllagic. Check out all of ~llvllagic’s work on her Deviant Art Page.

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Bruno Wishes For Robert Pattinson

Sacha Baron Cohen, AKA the character Bruno for his upcoming movie, talks about his wish of landing on Robert Pattinson instead of Eminem at the MTV awards.

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Fan Art I Like!!

Not much in Twilight news the last couple of days so here are some pics I found on Deviant Art that I like. The last one is my favorite with the whole core family there. LOVED IT!!!!

These pictures are by *Asha47110. Check out all of *Asha47110’s work on their Deviant Art page.

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Twiiter contest

We need 20 more people to follow us on twitter. When we pass 3000 we will have a contest for a New Moon Poster.

Follow us on Twitter.

Update: We have a New Moon poster winner! Congratulations Roxana from Miami Florida. She correctly answered the question “Who did Quil imprint on?”. The answer was Claire.

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Jacob and Renesme Fan Art

Found this pic on Deviant Art and thought is was adorable. It’s Jacob and Renesme by ~Nehvah. Check out all of ~Nehvah’s artwork on her Deviant Art page.

You can also now follow us on Twitter at When we get to 3,000 followers we are gonna have another contest for a New Moon Movie Poster, less than 100 more followers to go.

She also had this picture of the entire Cullen family with Jacob I thought was way cool.

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