Twilight themed cake

One of our regular visitors, Casey, sent in this Twilight themed cake she got for her 24th birthday.

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Twilight Birthday Cake

One of our regular visitors, Mandi Demmler, had a Twilight themed sweet 16 birthday party. Her mother made this cake and painted the flowers to match the New Moon book.

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Another Twilight Cake

Another one of our visitors, Mindi Suter, had a 13th Birthday and she had Twilight inspired cake. I think that apple is cute and the lion and lamb cupcakes are amazing!!!!

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Twilight Cake

Another one of our visitors, Courtney Jones, sent us this Twilight themed birthday cake her mom made her for her 13th birthday. Thought I would share. I really like!!!

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Twilight Wedding Pictures

One of our readers sent us some pictures from here wedding. Di is a big Twihard she says and wanted to do something special at her wedding to show her love of all things Twilight, so she took these pictures.

Thanks for sending in the pics Di.

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To Our Fans From Twilight Guide

Hey Guys !! Hope all is well. Leandra from Twilight Guide here.

Just wanted to let you know we got two full pages of new Twilight related info for ya today. Hope you enjoy the posts readers sent in to us of their Twilight related fun. Anyone who has similar pictures of Twilight inspired parties or food they have feel free to send them.

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Below are some Twilight inspired cartoon characters I found on Fan Pop. I just thought they were cute. Enjoy!!

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The Popularity Of ‘Twilight’ Spurs A Vampire Revolution

MTV has an article entitled, “The Popularity Of ‘Twilight’ Spurs A Vampire Revolution”.
It talks about how vampires are the “In” thing right now.
Read the article here.

MTV has a number of other new Twilight related articles also. Just click on the links below to read them.

Kristen Stewart Already Shunning Fame Back In 2005

Speculation Rises About ‘Twilight’ Werewolf Taylor Lautner’s Next Film Role

Cam Gigandet, Lisa Kudrow And Penn Badgley Join Emma Stone In ‘Easy A’

Emilie De Ravin, Pierce Brosnan And Chris Cooper Join Robert Pattinson In ‘Remember Me’

‘Twilight’ Casting Call For Director Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Hamlet’

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Twilight Themed Birthday Party

All Michelle Gaudet wanted for her 30th birthday was a Twilight themed party so her best friend Shelley Rodriguez gave her one. Michelle and Shelley are both regular visitors to our site and sent in some pictures from their party.

They had a Twilight themed cake, wine bottles labeled with blood types and even the food was themed around the movie (Charlie’s Pizza,Bella’s Mushroom Ravioli, etc). Below are the pictures from the party including the invitation, cake, wine and the party girls themselves.

Thanks so much girls for sending the pictures to us.

The Invitation:

A Robert drawing, cake and wine:

The girls:

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Fan Reaction to New Moon Trailer posted this YouTube video of a brother and sister watching the New Moon trailer and their reaction. It is too funny.

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Twilight Homemade cookies on a stick

One of our readers, Jen Fetty, sent us pictures of Twilight Homemade cookies on a stick that she made. She made them for her daughter’s bake sale at school and they sold out in 10 minutes.
They are sugar cookies on a stick dipped in white chocolate & sprinkles.
They look almost too good to eat!!
Thanks for sending in your pictures Jen!!

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