Twilight Birthday Cake

Priszilla, one of our readers, sent us pictures of her Twilight birthday cake. Her mom surprised her with a cake made from a Twilight picture Priszilla designed. It looks almost too good to eat. Her birthday was a couple days ago, so happy belated birthday Priszilla.

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To our fans from Twilight Guide

This was another huge day for Twilight information. I have new posts continuing on the next 3 pages.

Make sure you check out all the information on our new contest and site OMG Stars here.

You can also now follow us on Twitter at

Thanks for all your support and remember Twilight Guide is your #1 and most complete coverage of all things Twilight.
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Follow Twilight Guide on Twitter

You can now follow Twilight Guide on Twitter,

If you want to give out your Twitter so other Twilight fans can follow you, leave a comment to this post and put your Twitter URL in the “Website” box. Your name will be the link.
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TwiCon Fan Correspondent Search

Reelz Channel is searching for a correspondent for their coverage of TwiCon.
They will be looking for one lucky Twilight Fan. Go here to get all the details.
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Native American Twilight Lore and New Moon Quileute Legends

The Deadbolt has an interesting article on Native American Twilight Lore and New Moon Quileute Legends.

Check out all the legend and lore in the article here.
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Deadbolt article on Twilight

The Deadbolt has an article on Twilight entitled, “Four Reasons Why The Twilight Saga is So Accessible”.

Here are the reasons they list:

1. An Ordinary Character for an Ordinary Girl
2. The Harlequin Factor and Ultimate Romance Novel
3. Novels for the Online, E-mail, Text and Twittering Era
4. A Search for Mr. Perfect – You Want What You Can’t Have

Read the article here to get all the details.
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Coffin Cafe & Twilight Contest

We have launched Coffin Cafe, a fansite and forum for fans of Twilight, vampires, werewolves, and everything supernatural. It has groups, forums, profiles, online chat, and each member has a personal blog. You can upload photos, videos, and it includes new Twilight graphics. Coffin Cafe is a place to talk about Twilight and all the other stuff you love.

To celebrate, we have a new contest with great prizes for a lucky Twilight fan. By joining Coffin Cafe and entering the contest you have a chance to win these prizes:

  • Amazon Exclusive Twilight Music Jewelry Box
  • Twilight Rosalie’s Necklace
  • Twilight Esme’s Bracelet
  • Twilight Pin Set
  • Edward Cullen Action Figure
  • Twilight Board Game

To learn more about the prizes and to enter the contest, visit the Twilight Contest page at Coffin Cafe.

Hey guys Leandra here,

If you wanna add me as a friend on our new site Coffin Cafe my name is Egyptian Cat Goddess. I’m on the last page of the members section.

Hope you all enjoy the new site!!!


Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day. Learn more about Earth Day and protecting the environment at

Graphic Code:

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More Earth Day graphics (non-Twilight).

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Twilight Comic Strip

How To Write Good has done another Twilight comic.

Go here to see the first one they did in case you missed it.

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MTV articles on Twilight

by on April 15, 2009
in News

MTV has some new Twilight related articles.

Click on the links below to read them

Drew Barrymore Talks About Almost Directing ‘Eclipse’

‘Twilight’ Conversation Hearts Land At

Tales of ‘Twilight’ Violence Flood the Web – What’s Yours?

‘Twilight’ Baddie Cam Gigandet Will Be Leighton Meester’s ‘Roommate’

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