Xavier included in Summer’s Leading Men

Xavier Samuel is included in Interview Magazine’s Summer’s Leading Men List.
Below is the little blurp they had written.
And they also included this hot pic!!!

Get used to this face, because it’s about to be everywhere: As Riley, the leader of an army of newborn vampires in Eclipse, Samuel is the newest addition to the world’s most popular clique.

Summer plans:
Filming Anonymous with Vanessa Redgrave and Rhys Ifans; hiding from adolescent girls.

Thanks Ashley and Naomi!

Jackson Interview

Nylon Magazine has an Interview with Jackson Rathbone.

Check out the interview and pics here.
He talks mainly about The Last Airbender.

Here is an excerpt:

I know M. Night Shyamalan is famous for his secrecy. But what can you tell us about The Last Airbender?
Well I can say it is going to be an amazing action film; it’s got the most incredible CGI. We got ILM working on it, which is Industrial Lights and Magic, and it truly is magic, honestly, at the end of the day. We are shooting on the green screen, we have a character called Appa? Which is a big bison kind of flying bear creature? And that’s me, I’m a big flying bear creature.

Nice try. Okay, no, but I get to ride it.

Not a real flying bear? No, I rode a fuzzy saddle. It was about 15-20 feet off the ground. It’s on this kind of rocking thing… They were moving it, and there is a big green screen behind you. Night’s yelling, “Okay, you’re flying through the air now!” You’re like, “Okay, I am flying through the air now.” And oh yeah, I had to be flying through the air, and no, I wasn’t on any drugs.

By the way, that pic I posted of Jackson, GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Xavier Interview with QG

GQ has an interview with Xavier Samuel.

Check out the whole interview here.

See a slideshow of pics from his photoshoot here.

Here is an excerpt:

Were you a fan of the Twilight series? Tell the truth.
I watched the first film on the plane, on the way over to Vancouver. Then I went straight to the bookstore.

Funny. You play Riley, a hungry newborn vampire out on a rampage. Full disclosure: I read the book, and Riley’s only on one page.
Yes, I was flipping through the book, thinking: Where’s Riley? He’s whittled down to one line. But in the film, we venture into the world of Riley and watch him assembling this newborn army. It’s more action-packed. And it gives me something more to do, thankfully.

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