Twilight Saga and Breaking Dawn Inspired Poems

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Breaking Dawn and Breaking Dawn Movie

Ruth sent me these poems she wrote and I loved them so thought I would share.
Hope you enjoy!!!
Thanks Ruth!!!

Breaking Dawn Poem

Book 1- Bella

Happiness surrounds the air
As people give me the stare
Watching me in my white gown
In the stairs as I go down

Then I found my truest love
As I came down from above
Suddenly, he’s all I see
I can’t believe he’s for me

He took my hand and I sighe
‘Cause there’s no reason to hide
As I said the binding words
Songs were played by singing birds

“I don’t think I deserve you
But I would always stay true
You couldn’t have given me
The very best gift that’s thee”

Now we’ll never be apart
Because forever can start
An island filled with white sand
Under the moonlight we stand

Book 2- Jacob

I had given everything
In return I gained nothing
Seeing you suffer hurts me
‘Cause I feel the pain of thee

Why do you pick the wrong things?
Now I wander in the wings
I’ll always keep on waiting
Until your heart stops beating

She broke me beyond repair
But I simply just don’t care
Because she is my dearest
And she’ll always be the best

The darkest hour of the moon
And the moment came too soon
I saw her writhing in pain
And I wished I’d be slain

All things changed in a sudden
I was no longer broken
The deepest depths of her eyes
Made me stare and rise

Now she’s the one that holds me
And there’s no one else I se
She’s the answer to my prayers
And I am forever hers

Book 3- Bella

To this new life I awaken
Every part of me was strengthen
Then I saw your face with new eyes
I knew I was in paradise

I’ll start forever with you
And the rest I can live through
No one can take you from me
I’m as strong as they could be

There’s nothing else that could make me smile:
The sight of your face every once in a while
I’d be with you through thick and thin
That’s how deep I have for you within

I’d do everything to keep you
Safe and sound and away from blue
Death can never set us apart
We belong in each other’s heart

Everything’s exactly right
Gone all the pain, the hurts, the fright
It’s over all the moments of waiting
And now forever’s what we’re facing

Eternity stretches for us
And there’s no need for fuss
I have finally reached my goal
Now I’ve proven you have a soul

Twilight Saga Poem

It all started with my scent
Then everything came and went
You saved me from evil ones
And waited for my response

You said that you feel for me
That you’d never set me free
I was joyous for your love
That’s as gentle as a dove

But then you left me bleeding
And I was always weeping
My heart aches n every beat
As I stare in your void seat

I knew that you love me still
And there’s no space to fill
Then as you ask for my hand
My life’s a fairytale land

The prince has returned and loved me
Together forever we’d be
Everything was set on motion
Then there came a commotion

All I did was to make it all worse
Now I’m forever under this curse
I should be locked up in the black box
Buried forever under the rocks

We were being pulled apart
As the real bad troubles start
You fought for us to survive
So you could keep me alive

Now the choice is up to me
Be changed or just let things be
How I wish that I could flee
Escape this pain inside of me

Neither of my choice is bad
And for that I should be glad
I only have to break a heart,
A heart that loved me from the start

New Moon Inspired Poems

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Below are some poems sent in by readers for you to enjoy!!!


This poem was sent in by Ashlynn Phillips of Coweta, Oklahoma. It’s her poem inspired by New Moon.

What do you do ?
What do you say ?
What do you do what do you say when you don’t like him that way?
Jessica makes fun of you.
Charlie says what are we gonna do do do with you .
You go to your room and say hay hay hay.
What do you do?
What do you say?
What do you do what do you say when you don’t like him that way?
You finally go to sleep you wake up and weep.
Its gonna be okay okay okay .
So what do you do ?
What do you say ?
What do you do what do you say when you don’t like him that way?
You just let it all play out .
Cause with out a doubt .
It will work out !


This was sent in by Mariel Angelica Sabe from the Philippines. It’s inspired by New Moon.

Here I am loving you still
This love is making me ill
Loving you is not against my will
But why am I all alone here standing still?

Didn’t you promised me the same?
That both of us would take the blame..
All you boys are just the same
Leaving us girls to face all the shame..

I become so weak when I think of you
I suddenly don’t know what to do
Oh how I wish I could redo
erase all my memories with you

Everyday I wake up thinking
That a piece of my heart is still missing
But I still keep on trying
To forget our love story’s unhappy ending

Letting him go was not easy
As we said our goodbyes I felt dizzy
Being all alone is crazy
This feeling makes me lazy

Even though he caused me pain..
My love for him will still remain..
I won’t forget the person who made me feel insane
Of this thing called love which I could never regain.


This New Moon inspired poem was sent in by Nicole.


I hurt myself
because you’re gone
and in this night
I can’t see dawn.

The pain is proof
that you were here.
your love has left-
you’ve disappeared.

There’s this hole
inside of me.
it pins me down-
I can’t get free.

You were the moon
that filled my sky
but now it’s empty
and I want to die.

I hate that I’m weak.
I can’t make you stay.
Without you my life
has drifted away.

Inside I am empty
but I pretend I’m not
it feels good to be numb
I wish for it a lot.

I just can?t help
Trying to hold on
But we both know
You?re already gone.

New Moon Inspired Poem

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Here is a New Moon Inspired Poem sent in by one of our readers, Selina!
Enjoy! It is really good!!
The Graphic is by reader Margi!!!


New Moon

I’m being ripped apart
My world is falling down
He left me
Because he was not happy
So now my heart is broken
The days pass by
Without seeing you
I wallow in pain
They see it in my eyes
I need him back
Before I die
But then something happened
I didn’t hurt as much
This boy from La Push
Is helping stitch me up
The months pass by
And I’m halfway heeled
But there will always be a hole
In what he didn’t want
But what’s this?
Alice is here!
I cry with cheer
That a Cullen is here
But something is wrong, I can see it in her eyes
Rosalie said something and Edward is going to die
Alice said there is not much time
I must make a dicition before the time dies
We rush to the airport
To save my true love
But what will happen
When the clock strucks twelve?
I rush through a crowd
In Volterra
The sun is high
Edward might die
I see him in the dark
Looking lifeless as I,
I tumble into him
And he says “Heaven”
I try to push him back
Into the dark
But then we see
Two men in black
Edward holds me tight to his back
A little girl comes
To lead us down under
It is cold and wet
But that doesn’t matter
I’m with him, Edward
For now but not forever
What will happen
When we get back
I saved his life
But he won’t want me back
The hole will get bigger
And time will pass
But I’ll always love him
When time passes
We’re on a plane
I saved him!
Now we’ll let fate dicide
Wheather or not
Our lives will be tied
But he stays
And asks for forgiveness
But is this a dream
Or is this real
He takes my hands
And kisses my forehead
I have an idea!
And we’re runnng in the forest
The Cullens vote for my immortality
Edward says no
Esme says yes
Rosalie says no
But wait
Let me explain
I would not have chosen this life for me
I’ll give you a chance
To have pure glee
Jasper says yes
Emmett says “Hell, yeah!”
And Carlisle has the diciding vote
He votes yes
I thank them for their time
And say “let’s take it out back”
Edward says “NO!”
With a protective stance
Carlisle says “after gradulation”
And Edward agrees
He takes me home
For maybe
The rest of eternity.

Poems inspired by Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse

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One of our readers, Ruth, from the Philippines sent in these poems she wrote inspired by the books Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. They are very pretty poems. I hope you all enjoy!!!


Twilight Poem

Hear out my tortured soul
For I have nowhere else to go
You captured my dead, frozen heart
Now yours and mine’ll never be apart

You took my breath away
And in my heart you’ll always stay
You are my life now
Believe me, for this I vow

My brave and trusting love
From the heavens above
I’ll do everything for you
And I’ll always be true

When you called out my name
My life had never been the same
You kept my feet on the ground
‘Cause my purpose had been found

Your chocolate brown eyes
Are honest and wise
Through them I could see
How you irrevocably love me

New Moon Poem

My Sun, this I can’t believe
Now you’re gone, how can I live?
You said, “You are my life now.”
But you have broken your vow

My love, life, meaning, they’re finished
I wish I could be diminished
The pain is excruciating
There’s just no reason for living

I have shattered into pieces
I’ve been longing for your kisses
I want your arms wrapped around me
Sadly, these things can never be

Who can mend my broken heart,
Stitch it back and make it start
He’s no more than my best friend
And it’s not his work to mend

Nothing can ever be done
My prince is forever gone
I will always shed these tears
That will be falling for years

Eclipse Poem

I am being cut in half
Just wish that I could still laugh
Why is this happening to me?
They’re wasting their lives for me

I only have my life to give
So he would never ever leave
But a part of me’s still missing
And I don’t know what’s this feeling

Will I ever get to choose?
Or will I just die and lose?
It tortures me just to think
That I don’t even what to blink

I realized I love him, too
But it’s not enough to be true
I hope he’ll get better again
So someday I’ll be called his friend

Why can’t I avoid these heartbreaks?
This is something selfishness makes
I don’t want to hurt anyone
But I won’t bear it if they’re gone

It is too much for one person
Wanting is not a good reason
I couldn’t force both sides of me
‘Cause I could only set one free

I know who I can’t live without
And I know it without a doubt
I have chosen eternity
The past’s behind, I’m breaking free

New Moon Rhyme

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Elissa sent me this awesome poem she wrote that is posted on her blog, It tells the story of Twilight all in rhyme. I posted it earlier, but in case you missed it you can read it here.

Well now she has done the same thing for New Moon on her blog.

It’s pretty long so I just put the first part here to give you a taste. Click the READ MORE button below to read it all.

I think it’s pretty Sweet!!!

Warning: There are a couple of curse words in it, but only a couple!

Thanks for sharing Elissa!!!

New Moon Rhyming: The Saga Continues

What happens when forever ends too soon?
The angst continues and it’s called New Moon.

The second book of the saga by Stephenie Meyer,
Brings werewolves into the mix with humans and vampires.

But before this recap gets into all the sad and sullen
Let’s scream or smile at the mere mention of Edward Cullen!!!!!

Bella and Eddie were still going steady a few months after Twilight,
Crazy in love and all of that stuff – but she still couldn’t get him to bite

She wants to be transformed but he’s repeatedly told her,
He’s not making her a vampire – she’ll just keep getting older
Read more..

A Twilight Inspired Poem

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Elissa sent me this awesome poem she wrote that is posted on her blog, It tells the story of Twilight all in rhyme. You guys have to check this out.

It’s pretty long so I just put the first part here to give you a taste. Click the READ MORE button below to read it all.

Thanks for sharing Elissa!!!

Twilight: The Saga Begins…In Ryhme

For the Twi-hard fans of Twilight, it seems like a good time,
To chronicle the chronicles of the saga in rhyme.

Here’s Stephanie Meyer’s series, recapped and summarized,
Starting with the 1st book (& movie) that fans have immortalized

At the beginning of Twilight we meet Isabella Swan,
Our seventeen year old heroine who has got her “emo” on

Moving from Renee in Arizona to live with Charlie in Forks,
Bella hopes to slip in unnoticed and hide among the other dorks

But much to her dismay, at school she’s clearly the hot new dish,
In fact, one Edward Cullen thinks that she would be delish!

Read more..

Twilight Inspired Poems

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Twilight and New Moon Pictures

This poem was sent in by our reader Lyn_Cullen. She is 23 and from Germany!!

You left me here alone
Without telling me where you´re going
You said this all went wrong
But my desire is steadily growing.
Cannot find you despite seeking
Nearly letting go my mind
Wondering if I could have changed it
Or if love has made me blind.

I need your help
But you´re not there
You walked away
This wasn´t fair
I cannot claim that you come back
So my world has turned to black

This all just happened awful fast
After it life wasn´t the same
The most annoying thing about
I don´t know who to blame.
Cruel to agree it hurt me bad
Always thought that I am strong
Misjudged myself, nearly despair
Forgot where I belong

I need your help
But you´re not there
You walked away
This wasn´t fair
I cannot claim that you come back
So my world has turned to black

I had to lose what I loved most
While standing in the rain
Instead of crawling after you
I let you go in pain

New Moon Movie and New Moon Merchandise

The next poem is by Abby. Here is what she had to say, “I made this acrostic poem about how much I luv Twilight.”

I Heart Twilight

It’s action packed.
Like the books,
Hooray for

Twilight Inspired Poems

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Eclipse Movie and Breaking Dawn

Here are some poems sent to us by our reader Savannah from Germany.

Enjoy the poems!!

First One:

he loved her
he left her
she cryed
he thought she died
she came
he took the blame
he’s trying to make her sane
they left
they voted
and now shes devoted
and so he says
“i’m here, i’m here with you.”
and thats what i quoted.

Second Poem:

new moon i am poem

i am heart broken
i wonder if he really meant it
i hear his voice
i see him gone forever
i want him back
i am heart broken
i pretend he will be in my room when i wake
i feel like that wont happen
i touch the empty spot where his picture once was
i worry i will be alone
i cry because he is gone
i am heart broken
i understand what he did was for my own good
i say i am okay
i dream the scene when he left
i try to think of other people
i hope i will forget
i am heart broken

Twilight Inspired Poem

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This poem was sent in by our reader Zoila. Her is what she had to say about the poem, “I wrote this poem from Bella’s perspective & how she feels about Edward.”

I really like it. Hope you enjoy!!!


Bella’s Love

Fire vs. Ice, Fur vs. Stone.
But there is no competition. I know where my heart belongs.
Skin that’s too hot vs. Skin that’s too cold.
To try to break our unbreakable bond, he must be bold.

I don’t care if he can make me warm while the cold win blows.
Because in my sleep I speak your name & this I know, you know.

It is tough though, losing a friend. But I’m gaining so much more.
Gaining a love that I never knew existed until I moved here to Forks.

I saw you walk into the cafeteria, the absolute meaning of beauty.
& I’m happy you couldn’t read my thoughts, that you couldn’t see through me.

He’s sweet, he’s nice, some people say he’s the sensible path. But I’m happy with the one I’ve taken.
The one who makes me quiver & smile. The one whose heart I won’t be breaking.

A perfect match. The lion & his lamb. Opposites surely do attract.
Because you’re the only one I’ll ever want & I’ll never take that back…

Volturi Poem

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This Poem was sent in by Siva. It’s all about the Volturi Vampires. Enjoy!!


New Moon Poem

We are but gods in our world
We are the ones that you obey
The ones that you fear
We are the black cloaked ones
From your deepest nightmares
We are the royalty of our world
We are the ones you bow down to
The ones you listen to
We are the black cloaked ones
From your deepest nightmares
We are saints in their world
We are the ones the celebrate
The ones they wear red for
We are the black cloaked ones
From your deepest nightmares
We are the ones who control our world
We are the ones that punish our world
The ones who destroy them
We are the black cloaked ones
From your deepest nightmares
Oh dearest Bella Swan
You are but a human
Who knows not only about us
But too much about us
You have two choices too make
Join us,
Or leave us
The decision is not just yours
But also your precious Cullen’s
I am sure my dear friend Carlisle
Will choose wisely
Oh dearest Bella Swan
I would enjoy human life
While it lasts
We will be back
Don’t forget about it
We can just show up,
At anytime,
La Tua Cantante
What a waste of a life

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