Reelz Channel has a Team Edward or Team Jacob? Personality Test, plus search for the ultimate fan

Reelz Channel has a new quiz for you. It’s called, “Team Edward or Team Jacob? Personality Test” Take the test at Reelz Channel to see which team you really should be on. Jacob or Edward or maybe someone else.

Well I got someone else LOL!! I love my Team Jacob, but I love Buffy and Angel too. Also Spike has always been my favorite vampire of all time, sorry guys Edward is nice, but I mean this is my handsome bad boy Spike. If I couldn’t get Team Jacob Spike ain’t bad LOL!!! Please nobody be mad at me cause I like Spike more than Edward. I am apologizing in advance now, LOL!!! I still love Jacob though!

Who did you guys get?

Reelz Channel
is also looking for the ultimate Twilight Fan. Well actually they are looking for two ultimate fans,one for Team Edward, one for Team Jacob. Winners of their search will be featured on Twilight Weekly: Spotlight.

Here is the information on the search from Reelz Channel:

Up for the challenge? Prove your Edward/Jacob devotion by submitting a video (up to five-minutes long), short essay, art, photos, or any other form of creative expression. Be sure to include your name, email, and phone number so we can contact you, if selected.

The submission deadline is October 19, 2009. U.S. residents only.

Go to Reelz Channel to enter the Ultimate Twilight Fan search. This is where you can get all the details and enter. There is a box on the right sidebar.

New Moon Faces Quiz

My Park Magazine has a new Quiz. It’s called, New Moon Faces Quiz. You have to look at the photos and figure out which New Moon star has their face covered in the picture.

What’s Your Dream Jacob Black Date?

4TNZ has a new quiz called, What’s Your Dream Jacob Black Date? Take the quiz here.

Here was my result, but seriously wouldn’t any date with Jacob Black be a dream date!!!


You’re kind of the perfect girl for our Mister Jacob Black. Danger is your middle name! (That’s right: Mrs. Jacob Danger Black.) Here’s your perfect date’s agenda: He picks you up on his chopper, you go cliff divin’ (*yawn*) and eat Harry Clearwater’s famous fish fry for dinner. Oh man, I smell some werewolf love. He might not be able to resist imprintin’ on you!

What’s Your Dream Edward Cullen Date?

Twilight Movie and New Moon the Movie

4TNZ has a new quiz up. It’s called, “What’s Your Dream Edward Cullen Date?” You can take the quiz here.

Here was my result:

Rev up your engines, cuz you’re gonna take a spin with the hottest bloodsucker ever?! Then, to get to know each other better, maybe head to Starbucks and grab a cup of Joe. No sugar for Edward, thanks. He usually takes his with a shot of B negative.

Robert Pattinson Quiz

Twilight Movie and New Moon the Movie

My Park Magazine has a new Robert Pattinson Quiz. Take it here to see how much you know.

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4TNZ has a new quiz

4TNZ has a new quiz called, “Who’s Your Volturi BFF?”

Take the quiz here.

Here is my result:


Just like this smooth and sophisticated vamp, you enjoy the finer things in life. And speaking of fine… Caius is probably the cutest of the Volturi and is being played by Jamie Campbell Bower. TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HIM: CLICK HERE

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What’s Your Bella Personality?

4TNZ has a new quiz. It’s called, What’s Your Bella Personality? Take the quiz here.

Here was my result:


Fresh-faced and new to Forks, you’re still wide-eyed and curious about everything around you. And that’s awesome! Especially when it comes to that hot new guy you’ve been checking out lately. Awww yeah…
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Which Rob Flick Would You Star In?

4TNZ has a new quiz entitled, “Which Rob Flick Would You Star In?” Take the quiz here.

Here was my result:


We know it’s not out yet, but you’d be perfect for the Twilight sequel! Why? Because that whole long-distance longing thing suits your passionate personality. Yeah, some heavy things go down in New Moon, but you can totally handle it. Plus, you get to see Rob in your dreams! (Like you don’t have experience in that already.)
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What’s Your Vampire Baseball Position?

4TNZ has a new quiz. It’s called, “What’s Your Vampire Baseball Position?” Go here to take the quiz.

Here is what I got:


Chitter-chatter box you are, you love to keep the conversation flowing. So being the catcher is perfect (one of the most important positions on the field! It’s totes amazing how much you communicate… just be sure to wear a mask, unless you have special vampire powers no one knows about!

That’s funny because I was a catcher for years when I played softball LOL!! Hey this quiz is like right on!
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Rob Quiz

My Park Magazine has a brand new Robert Pattinson Quiz.

Go Here to take the quiz.

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