New Moon Monster Quiz

Twilight and New Moon

My Park Magazine has a new quiz. It’s called the New Moon Monster Quiz. It asks questions about the cast. How much do you know? Take the quiz here.
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Kristen Stewart’s Biggest Fan Quiz

Entertainment News and Celebrity Pictures

My Park Magazine has a Kristen Stewart quiz you can take here.
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Robert Pattinson – New Moon Quiz

My Park Magazine has an article with a New Moon Robert Pattinson Quiz. You can take the quiz here. Email your answers to to see if you are the best Twilight Saga fan on the planet. Make sure you put ‘New Moon’ in the subject line.

Here are the questions from the quiz you will have to answer:

1. Robert Pattinson got shy filming his topless scenes. True or False?

2. New Moon was filmed in Canada, Italy and France. True or False?

3. Jackson Rathbone’s band are called the 100 Monkeys. True or False?

4. Ashley Greene plays the guitar. True or False?

5. Kellan Lutz wanted to share a room with Robert Pattinson in Italy. True or False?

6. Micheal Sheen thinks Dakota Fanning is going to be the scariest Volturi vampire. True or False?

7. Kristen Stewart ate garlic before kissing Rob to wind him up. True or False?

8. Eclipse filming starts in 2010. True or False?

9. Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart took Rob bowling for his birthday. True or False?

10. Kristen Stewart wasn’t allowed to do the cliff diving scenes herself. True or False?

11. Ashley Greene’s stunt double was a man. True or False?

12. Stephenie Meyer is going to be an extra in New Moon. True or False?

13. The cast are going on holiday to Florida together to celebrate finishing the movie. True or False?

MY Park Magazine
also revealed the winners of their Who Knows Robert Pattinson Knowledge Quiz. Congratulations to Katia, Joana, Dayla and Jesiel Inson. They were the only four people to answer every question correctly. Go here to read what they had to say.
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Test your Robert Pattinson knowledge

My Park Magazine has an article where they wanna know how much you really know about Robert Pattinson.

Here is what the article says:

“Have a go at our Robert Pattinson quiz, and see if you are his ultimate fan. Email your answers to to see if you are the best Robert Pattinson fan on the planet.”

Go here to read the article and see what questions you have to answer.

Are you really a fan?
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How TwiHard Are You?

4TNZ has a new quiz.

It’s called, ” How TwiHard Are You?”

Take the quiz here.
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People Quiz on Robert

People Magazine has a new quiz all about Robert Pattinson.

It’s called, “Pop Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Rob?”

Take the Quiz here.
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OK! Interview with Ashley Greene and a quiz

OK! Magazine has an interview with Ashley Greene.

She talks about “New Moon” and talks about her work with prom dress drive.

Read the entire article here.

They also have a quiz entitled, “Quiz: Who’s Your New Moon Soul Mate?”.

Take the quiz here.
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BFF/Secret Sis/Frenemy: “Twilight” Edition!

4TNZ has a new quiz called, “BFF/Secret Sis/Frenemy: “Twilight” Edition!” Take the quiz here.
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Twilight articles at 4TNZ

First off 4TNZ has an article entitled, ” Spencer and Heidi Want to Be in “Twilight?” which you can read here.

Next they have a new quiz called, “How Quileute Are You?” You can take that quiz here.

Here was my result:


You’re still hanging on to your human side, and that’s okay. No need to join the tribe just yet. But if you hear some howls coming your way, don’t be afraid to let it all out!”

Of I should have been like totally part of the pack!!!!

Go Team Quileute !!!!!
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Alice Quiz and Robert Article at 4TNZ

4Tnz has a new article up entitled, “Miley Disses Robert Pattinson!”. You can read the article here.

They also have a new quiz called, “How “Alice Cullen” Are You?”. You can take the quiz here.

Here was my result:


Let’s face it: You’d fit right into the Cullen clan! You’ve got Alice’s cool, funky style and weird ability to know what’s about to happen. But you don’t want to be TOO much like Alice, do you? After all, if you’re Edward’s sister, might be weird to date him!
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