Twilight related article at 4TNZ

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4TNZ Hottie Tourney: Robert vs. Jackson!

Robert Pattinson Talks Love!

Robert & Nikki Hooking Up?

Alice’s Surprise ‘New Moon’ Workout!
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Twilight related articles at 4TNZ

Below are some Twilight related articles at 4TNZ. Just click on the article names below to read them.

Twilight Blamed for Biting Attacks!

Best Book: Harry, Twilight… Or Wimpy?

New Moon’s “Heidi” Is Cast: It’s Noot!

Ryan Reynolds In Love With Robert Pattinson?

Robert Pattinson’s New Movie??

What’s Your Dream Date With Robert? (Quiz)

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Twilight Video Quiz

Access Hollywood has a Twilight video quiz and an article about Kellan Lutz. Check out the article here. The eight question quiz is at the bottom of the page. Check out the three question quiz below.

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Reelz Channel Quiz

by on March 18, 2009
in Quiz

Reelz Channel has a new Twilight Quiz. It’s titled “Making of the Twilight Movie Quiz”

Go here to take the quiz.
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New Twilight quiz at 4TNZ

There is a new Twilight quiz at 4TNZ. It is called: Which “Twilight” Book Are You?

Go here to take the quiz.

Here was my result:


Call it a total eclipse of the heart! If you haven’t checked out the third book of the Twilight series, that’s too bad. Cuz it’s a scorcher! And that could describe you as well. As Bella learns more about the culture of the Cullen clan, she gets drawn into all the thrills and chills. Same with your life: You’re totally hooked on all the mystery around you. And it doesn’t hurt that there will soon be a mystery guy drawn to you too! Would his name happen to rhyme with Shmedward Sullen?

Which book are you?
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Who’s Your Fantasy Boyfriend? Quiz

The N has a quiz Entitled: “Who’s Your Fantasy Boyfriend?”

You can take the quiz here.

My fantasy boyfriend is jacob Black.

Who’s yours?

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4TNZ articles on Twilight

Here are some more Twilight related articles from 4TNZ. Click on the links below to read them.

First up is an article on Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. They will be in two movies together “New Moon” and the upcoming rocker flick “The Runaways”. Read the article here.

Next is an article about Robert Pattinson and Megan Fox dating rumor. Read that article here.

There is also a new quiz up. It is called: “What Secret Vampire Power Do U Have?” Take the quiz here.

There is also the Quiz: “What’s Your “New Moon” Role?” You can take that here.

There is an article on a song for “Twilight” based on a Jonas Brothers song here.
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Twilight Quiz of the Day – Wolf Pack

by on March 10, 2009
in Quiz

Think you can run with wolves? Take the Twilight wolf pack quiz and see how much you know about werewolf trivia.

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Twilight Quiz of the Day – Vampire Powers

Take the Twilight vampire powers quiz and learn all about the various abilities of the undead in the Twilight Saga.

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Twilight Quiz of the Day – Vehicles

Do you know what car your favorite vampire drives in the Twilight series? Find out when you take the Twilight vehicles quiz.

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