Robert and Kristen on EW cover

Stephenie Meyer has updated her website with information that this Friday’s issue of Entertainment Weekly will have Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the cover and will have an exclusive look inside Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight: Director’s Notebook (coming March 17). has an article with a sneek pick of the issue article. You can read that article here.

Pre-order Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight: Director’s Notebook at Amazon here.

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My Park Magazine article

Below are some short articles at My Park Magazine.

Paris Hilton loves Robert Pattinson

Stephenie Meyer’s fears for Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson’s roommate nightmare

Paris Hilton admires Pattinson

Robert Pattinson’s music advice

Robert Pattinson’s Spiderman wish

Robert Pattinson can’t cope

Robert Pattinson wants a girlfriend

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New Wal-Mart Twilight Behind The Scenes Video

Below is a New Wal-Mart Twilight Behind The Scenes Video.

The Partnership
by officialspunkransom

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E! article on Stephenie Meyer

E! has an article called, “Smackdown of the Week: Stephen King vs. Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer”. It talks about the comment Stephen King made about Stephenie’s writing in his interview with USA Weekend. Read the article here.

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Twilight Saga breaks Aussie sales records

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga has broken book sales records in Australia. “Breaking Dawn” was selling at a rate of 19,800 copies a week during January breaking the previous record of “The Da Vinci Code”. Read the article at 9 news here.

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Twilight Director’s Notebook

Stephenie Meyer posted on her site today information on the new book “Twilight: Director’s Notebook” written by Catherine Hardwicke. It will be released March 17th.

Below is the press release on the book she posted on her site:

February 4, 2009 (New York, NY) — Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, a division of Hachette Book Group, will release Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight: Director’s Notebook as a one-day laydown on March 17, 2009, it was announced today by Megan Tingley, the division’s Senior Vice President and Publisher. This intimate look at the making of Summit Entertainment’s film follows visionary director Hardwicke through the creative process. Designed to replicate the director’s own personal notebook that she kept on set, readers will discover the inside secrets on casting, location scouting and wardrobe to storyboard sketches, behind-the-scenes photographs, personal notes about Catherine’s favorite scenes and much more. This one-of-a-kind experience for all Twilight fans will be released in hardcover for $17.99 with an announced first printing of 500,000 copies.

“With this book, I tried to show fans and future directors some of the process that the crew and I went through filming Twilight,” said Hardwicke. “My challenge was to translate Stephenie’s powerful book and make you feel what she makes you feel when you read her works.”

The movie version of Twilight has grossed over $340 million worldwide since its release on November 21, 2008. The movie debuted at #1 at the box office with $70 million, making it the highest debut for a female director. Twilight: Director’s Notebook is being released just in time for the March 21st multi-million copy release of Twilight on DVD.

In three years, Stephenie Meyer has become a worldwide publishing phenomenon. The Twilight Saga’s translation rights have been sold in 39 countries and over 42 million copies have been sold worldwide. The last book in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, sold 1.3 million copies in its first day on-sale, breaking publisher records.

Catherine Hardwicke trained as an architect at the University of Texas, and started in film as a production designer. She designed over 20 films, including Tombstone, Tank Girl, Three Kings, and Vanilla Sky. Hardwicke’s debut as a feature film co-writer and director was the Sundance award winning Thirteen. Made for under $2 million dollars, it garnered an Academy Award-nomination for Holly Hunter. She has since directed Lords of Dogtown, The Nativity Story, and most recently, Twilight.

Go here to read an article about the book at EW.

Here is a small excerpt at USA Today on the book too.

MTV has has an article on the book here.

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Article on Stephenie at New York Daily News

There’s an article on Stephenie Meyer at New York Daily News. It says she still has no plans to finish “Midnight Sun”.

The article also had this to say about what Stephenie is working on now:

“But Meyer fanatics can anticipate an upcoming novel. “Stephenie is working on something else at the moment,” the flack reveals. “But she hasn’t announced it yet. It isn’t ‘Twilight’-related. When she’s ready to reveal it, she will. This has been an intense three years for her, and currently she’s just focusing on being a writer.”

Read the article here.

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Book recommendation by Stephenie

Stephenie Meyer has updated her website with another book recommendation. It is “The Girl Who Could Fly” by Victoria Forester.

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Stephenie Meyer day in Forks announced

Forks, Washington has announced that Stephenie Meyer Day 2009 is happening September 12-13, 2009, in Forks, WA! Get all the information on their official site here.

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So Stephenie and I wore the same dress

I was saving this entry for a slow news day and well here it is. My husband, Jamey, said I should put up these pictures, because he thought it was funny we wore the same dress.

I’m sure most of you know Stephenie Meyer hosted a prom in Phoenix, Arizona in 2007. She wore this gorgeous red dress. I say it is gorgeous, because I wore the exact same wedding dress when I got married in October 2007. I am a huge “Twilight” fan, but I swear I didn’t know she had wore this dress before. Jamey just found the pictures a little while ago. It is a small world isn’t it.

So here is a picture of Stephenie in the dress at the prom. And the other two pictures are of me and Jamey on our wedding day. Jamey and I started this website, because we are big fans and we are the only two who work on it and it takes a lot of work, but I’m glad people enjoy the site and we promise to keep you up to date on all the “Twilight” related news. I just thought we would share a little of ourselves with the people who visit our site.

Have a great day everyone!!


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