Ryan Seacrest interviews Taylor and Stephenie

Ryan Seacrest interviewed Taylor Lautner and Stephenie Meyer on his radio show. Go here to listen to the interviews.

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Reelz Channel interview with Stephenie

Reelz Channel has an interview with Stephenie Meyer. Read the interview here.

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MTV talks to Paramore and Stephenie

MTV has an article on Paramore. They talk with singer Hayley Williams about the books and the possibility of making songs for the sequels. Read the article here

MTV also spoke with author Stephenie Meyer. She talks about Robert Pattinson and seeing the movie for the first time. You can read that article here.

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Stephenie “Entertainer of the Year”

EW has named Stephenie Meyer’s one of their 25 entertainers of the year. Stephenie was listed as number 5. Go here to see her listing.

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Stephenie updates site

Stephenie Meyer’s updated her site today with an exclusive first look of USA Weekend Magazine’s Twilight cover. It comes out this weekend and includes an exclusive Twilight poster. She has also posted news of the movie soundtrack. Go to Stephenies official site here.

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About.com interview with Stephenie

About.com has an interview with Stephenie Meyer. She talks about adapting the books to film and the popularity of her books with teens. Read the interview here.

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IESB on set interviews with cast of “Twilight”

IESB has on set interviews with Stephenie Meyer’s, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Check out the video interviews with them here.

They also have a 14 minute behind the scenes on set video with the “Twilight” cast. You can view that here.

This is also a new picture of Victoria that I didn’t have posted yet.

EW interview with Stephenie

EW has an interview with Stephenie Meyer. In the interview she talks about the kissing scene, Robert Pattinson, “Midnight Sun” and more. Read the entire interview here.

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EW article on Stephenie

Ew has an article on Stephenie Meyer. It is a list of 12 of her inspirations for “Twilight”. Read the article here.
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Stephenie Meyer updates site

Stephenie Meyer has updated her official webiste. The Paramore music video for “Decode” was added as well as the song from Mutemath (“Spotlight (Twilight Mix)” from the soundtrack. Check out the song and her site here.

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