Stephenie Meyer Gets A Comic Book

That’s right, Stephenie Meyer is getting a comic book. The Stephenie Meyer issue of Female Force will cover her biography and rise to stardom as the author of Twilight. There is a regular version and a bonus edition that includes the history of Forks, WA. The comic is available for pre-order from TFAW. Check it out here.

Twilight Saga still topping the book charts

The Twilight Saga novels continue to dominate USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list in the second quarter.

Here are their standings:

1. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
2. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
3. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
4. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
19.The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Read the entire article here.

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Stephenie updates site

Stephenie Meyer has made a post on her official site.

She talks about the The New Moon: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion and a contest.

The New Moon: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

The book is scheduled for release on October 6, 2009.

You can pre-order it at Amazon here.

The contest is by They will be giving away the entire Twilight series on audio books. You have to be 18 and a resident of the U.S.A. to enter. Enter the contest here.
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Stephenie makes the list of Forbe’s Most Powerful Celebrities of 2009

Stephenie Meyer made Forbes most powerful celebrities list of 2009. She was ranked #26.

Here is what Forbes had to say about her:

“Thanks to the success of Meyer’s Twilight series, 2008 became the year of the vampire. The low-profile author sold 29 million books last year, releasing two new novels (Breaking Dawn and The Host) and selling hoards of paperbacks of what have become instant classics (Twilight, Eclipse and New Moon). Last November, gothy fans camped out to catch the first film based on the series; Twilight grossed $70 million opening weekend. A partial rough draft of the fifth Twilight book leaked online last August; Meyer published the full draft on her Web site and announced the book wouldn’t be published.”

Go here to see the entire list.
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Stephenie updates her site

Stephenie Meyer has updated her official website with the following message:

A quick fyi: I am taking down my bloated myspace page. It was a lot of fun while it lasted, and I really miss the early days when I could hang out with people online. Many of you are hilarious and insightful, and I wish it was easier for me to talk to everyone the way I used to.

With the myspace no longer in existence, I can now clearly state that—beside than this website—there is no other outlet where I communicate with people online. I do not have a facebook page, and I have never had one. I don’t do twitter. So if you’re communicating with someone online that you think is me, it’s not.

Hope you all are having a great summer so far! If you’re looking for some beach reading, you might try Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series if you haven’t already. My son finally finished book five yesterday so I could read it today. It was a fantastic end to a fantastic series. I tip my hat to you, Mr. Riordan!

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Six years ago Twilight was born – Happy Birthday Twilight!!!

Twilight Pictures and New Moon Pictures

It was on June 2, 2003 that Stephenie Meyer woke up remembering a dream. This dream would later become the Meadow scene in Twilight. This one little dream sparked the phenomenon we call The Twilght Saga.

You can learn more about how Twilight started at Stephenie Meyer’s Official Site.
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Stephenie Meyer and Blue October: Touring Together

Twilight Pictures and New Moon Pictures has a video with Stephenie Meyer and Blue October talking about being on tour together. You can see the video here.
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Stephenie Meyer Thanks Fans and Congratulates Cast

Stephenie Meyer updated her site today with this little not:

Thank you, everybody who voted at the MTV Movie Awards! It was awesome to see Twilight get so much love. Congratulations to Catherine and Rob and Kristen and all of the cast and everyone at Summit and everybody on the crew! You all did an amazing job and you deserve your popcorn!

Twilight fans are the best!


P.S. You got to see a little taste of New Moon tonight, but I promise you this: when it comes to New Moon, you haven’t seen anything yet! Can November please come faster?
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The changing face of Forks because of “Twilight”

The Peninsula Daily News has an article entitled, “The changing face of Forks because of “Twilight”. It talks about the changes in the town since it’s become famous because of the popularity of the Twilight Series. Read the article here.
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Stephenie author of the year

Stephenie Meyer has won Author of the Year for “Breaking Dawn” at the Children’s Choice Book Awards.

She also won Teen Choice Book of the Year for “Breaking Dawn”.

Go to their official website to see all the winners.
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