Eclipse Inspired Cake

OK so I haven’t posted cakes in a while, so much other stuff interviews and such, but don’t worry I still have your cakes saved and when news slows down I’ll start posting again. So if you gotta cake send it in.

Just got this cake today and had to post it since it was Eclipse like and well I just love it. The wolf with the tent, Bella and Edward in the field, Awesome!!!!

Michelle sent this in, her friend made it!!!
Thanks for sharing Michelle.

Twilight Inspired Cakes

Erin from Scotland sent this in.

Cayla’s Birthday cake.

Sent in by Chandler.

Twilight Inspired Cakes

Sent in by Autumn!

Sent in by Amanda!

Sent in by Erika!

Twilight Inspired Cakes

Sent in by Kathleen.

Sent in by Natalie.

Sent in by Renee.

Twilight Inspired Cakes

Sent in by Suzy!

Sent in by April!

Sent in by Maria from Hungary.

Amazing New Moon Cake

Found this amazing New Moon inspired Cake on Twifans.
The cake was made by Margie Williams.

Twilight Inspired Cakes

Sent in By Angela.

Sent in by Liza. It was her and her sister’s birthday. She is a Twilight fan, her sister a True Blood fan, so they made a cake with both.
As a fan of both I like the cake idea!!!!!

Sent in by Lauren.

Sent in by Sara.

Twilight Inspired Cakes

One of our Readers, Kirsty, Sent me this Amazing Twilight Inspired Cakes she found while surfing the web.
Thanks Kirsty!

Twilight Inspired Cakes

Sent in by Renesmee.

Sent in by Jenelle.

Sent in Cristina.

Twilight Inspired Cakes

Sent in by Tiffany.

Sent in by Amirah.

Sent in by JJ.

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