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Creation Entertainment has added some more stills to their merchandise shop. In their shopping section where you can buy photos of cast and scenes from the movie as well as some autographed pictures.
You can check out their shop here.

Creation Entertainment are the people behind the Official Twilight Conventions.

Find out about the Conventions here.






Catherine in Guinness World Records


Catherine Hardwicke and Twilight have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

According to an article at Reuters,

Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, has
captured the hearts and wallets of millions while claiming the record for
“Highest-Grossing Movie By A Female Director”.

Read the rest of the article to see who and what else made it into the book this year in the entertainment industry.

Twilight nominated for The Scream Awards

Spike TV
has announced it’s nominations for the Scream Awards.

Twilight was nominated in the following categories:

The Ultimate Scream
Best Fantasy Movie
Best Fantasy Actress – Kristen Stewart
Best Fantasy Actor – Robert Pattinson, Twilight
Best Fantasy Actor – Michael Sheen, Underworld Rise of the Lycans
Best Supporting Actress – Ashley Greene
Breakout Performance Male – Taylor Lautner
Breakout Performance Male – Robert Pattinson
Best Ensemble
Scream Song of the Year – “Decode by Paramore, Twilight
Best Villain – Cam Gigandet as James

Go here to vote.

The awards show airs on October 27th at 10pm. That is mine and Jamey’s 2 year wedding anniversary YEAH!!!

What Would You Take With You In 2012?

MTV’s Hollywood Crush has an article up talking about the Viral Campaign for the movie 2012.

The movie has set up a website called “What Would You Take With You In 2012?”. You vote in polls for the art, literature, film and music categories of what you would save.

The Film Category has ended voting and surprise, surprise Twilight won.

Read the entire article over at MTV for more details.

Teen Choice Awards

Slow news day so just a reminder to vote for Twilight at the Teen Choice Awards. You can vote every day.

Here are all the categories they are nominated in:

Best Drama Movie
Best Romance Movie
Best Drama Actor – Rob Pattinson
Best Drama Actress – Kristen Stewart
Best Villain – Cam Gigandet
Best Fresh Face Male – Taylor Lautner
Best Fresh Face Female – Ashley Greene
Best Fresh Face Female – Nikki Reed
Best Lip lock – Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Best Rumble – Rob Pattinson vs Cam Gigandet
Male Hottie – Rob Pattinson
Music: Rock Track – Paramore for “Decode”
Music Album Soundtrack – Twilight

You have to between the ages of 13-19.

Go here to vote.

Fandango set visit and info on “The Twilight Experience” – Interview with Taylor

Fandango has a report on their set visit to New Moon. You can check that out here.

They have an interview with Taylor Lautner here.

You can also buy tickets to the “Twilight Experience” exclusively from Fandango.

Here is information on the event from Summit via

Summit is also proud to present “The Twilight Experience,” a one-night-only special theatrical re-release of global sensation TWILIGHT, featuring an introduction by cast members. Screening tickets are $10 and can only be purchased online at Fandango and picked up at the theater prior to the event. Multiple staggered showings of TWILIGHT will take place at the Pacific Gaslamp 15. Doors open at 5:30 and fans with tickets will be admitted on a first come, first-seated basis. The Pacific Gaslamp 15 is located at 701 5th Ave., just a few blocks from the Convention Center. Tickets will go on sale on Monday, 7/20 sometime between 9:00-9:30am PST and they must be picked up before Thursday, 7/23 at 1:00 PM PST. Two tickets per person limit.

– Tickets are $10
– Tickets will go on sale sometime between 9:00-9:30am PST on Monday, 7/20.
– Tickets can be purchased at this link
– You will need to purchase and pick up your tickets before 1:00pm PST on Thursday, 7/23 in person.
– Physical tickets are REQUIRED to enter the event.
– Comic-Con badges are not required.
Read more..

The top ten greatest (and suckiest) things about “Twilight” the movie

One of our readers, Arianna, sent us the link to this article by the Denver Creative Arts Examiner entitled, “The top ten greatest (and suckiest) things about “Twilight” the movie”.

Here is what she list as the #1 suckiest and greatest moments:

Number #1 Suckiest – The almost criminal neglect of developing the love story

So many fantastic lines, wasted! If you notice, they don’t actually say “I love you” once in this whole movie! The point is… so much time is spent on everything but the damn love story in this movie. Charlie, Renee, Jessica, Eric, Mike, Jacob, Billy, Weyland, the nomadic vampires set-up, the baseball scene, come on already. This is a love story. So make it that way. Sheesh.

Number #1 Greatest – Robert Pattinson.

Ah, is there much to say? Just look at him. I drooled all over myself when I first saw him in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” as Cedric Diggory, so you can imagine my hysterical joy when I found out he’d be playing Edward Cullen. Now, some of you do not share my views, and that’s unfortunate, but the majority of fans are thrilled to have him. (See video of him being choked by fans in NYC) The eyes, the lips, the cheekbones, the jawline, the crooked smile, the soulful singing, the deep mind… sigh. Good stuff, Summit. Let’s be completely honest here. Most actors when given this role would never have done the massive amount of research that Robert Pattinson did for it. This guy took it seriously, as serious as an Academy Award nominated role. Which, for the Twilight movie, was so deeply appreciated instead of just winging it and knowing that he’d be loved no matter what. So thank you, Robert, for taking it seriously and for giving us the best Edward Cullen we could possibly deserve. Thank you, thank you.

Below are the links to all the rest of the suckiest and greatest moments.

You can see the article for reasons 1-6 at this link.

You can see the article for reasons 7 and 8 at this link.

You can read the article for reason 9 at this link.

You can read the article for reason 10 at this link.

So what do you think?
Agree or disagrees with her suckiest and greatest moments?

On a side note is suckiest an actual word? It doesn’t sound right. My spell checker says it isn’t? Oh I don’t know it’s 2:30 in the morning, maybe I’m getting tired LOL!!!
Hope you all enjoy the articles.
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Twilight Special Effects

4TNZ has an article talking about some special effects from the movie Twilight.

Here is what they said:

“Take, for instance, the special effects during the Vampire Baseball scene. On the DVD, it’s revealed that the filmmakers had to use plastic crystal ornaments (instead of baseballs) to capture the bare-handed action, because vampires don’t use gloves.”

In the picture they posted above you can see where they missed a frame in the movie. You can see Victoria holding the Ornament.
Read more..

Twilight New Moon Apps for Iphone and Ipod Touch

Twilight and New Moon Apps for the iPhone and Ipod Touch are popping up like crazy. We have found a few that look pretty fun and interesting.

You can get New Moon movie countdowns:
Edward Version
Jacob Version
Read the Twilight Saga on your iPhone or iPod Touch:
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
Test your Twilight knowledge with trivia:
Twilight Trivia – Twilight Movie and Book
Twilight Trivia – New Moon
Twilight Trivia – Eclipse
Twilight Trivia – Breaking Dawn
Robert Pattinson Quiz 101
Robert Pattinson Quiz 201
Taylor Lautner Quiz
Kristen Stewart Quiz
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TwilightStar Robert Pattinson Hand-Picked ‘Spider Monkey’ Line has an article talking about how Robert got to choose the famous “Spider Monkey” line in Twilight. Catherine gave him a choice of what to say and he picked the “You’d better hold on tight, spider monkey” line.

Here were some of the alternative lines Catherine gave Robert to choose from:

Option 1:
Edward: You’re not scared of heights, are you?
Bella: Not that I know of …

Option 2:
Edward: Hold on tight …
Bella: Don’t worry …

Option 3:
Edward: Wrap your legs around me like a spider monkey.
Bella: Done.

Option 4:
Edward: Got a good grip? Don’t let go.
Bella: No chance of that, buddy.

Option 5
Edward: Prepare for liftoff …

To read the three remaining alternatives that didn’t make the cut head on over to the MTV Movies Blog. There, you can vote on which lines are real — and which is the fake one that they’ve thrown in there for fun. On Monday, the fake one will be revealed.

Here are the choices:

Which Of These Pieces Of Dialogue Was Not In Any Version Of The ‘Twilight’ Script?
“Prepare for takeoff…”
“Fasten your seat belt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”
“Don’t worry. My hair acts as an airbag.”
“Are you secure? There may be some turbulence.”
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