Twilight related articles at My Park Magazine

Click on the links below to read some short Twilight related articles at My Park Magazine.

Stephenie Meyer reveals Twilight secrets

Robert Pattinson asks the questions

Robert Pattinson’s wizard love

Robert Pattinson makes Ashley Greene smile

Robert Pattinson’s messy pad

Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen regret

Robert Pattinson’s voice vote

Robert Pattinson loves New Moon

Robert Pattinson’s big change

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EW article on Twilight DVD and Robert commentary

EW has an article talking about the funny things Robert Pattinson says during the audio commentary of the “Twilight” DVD. They list some of the things. Check it out here.
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How Bella and Edward Got Their Look

The EW has an article with Wendy Chuck who designed the outfits for the cast in the “Twilight” movie. You can read the article here.

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3 million copies of Twilight DVD sold in first 24 hours

In a press release Summit Entertainment has announced that 3 million copies of the “Twilight” DVD sold in the first 24 hours. “Twilight” enters the top five best first day DVD releases over the past two years. Read the entire release here.
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Rotten Tomatoes Guide to Twilight on DVD

Rotten Tomatoes has a guide to the “Twilight” DVD. Check it out here.
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Chuck The Movie Guy reviews the Twilight Blu-Ray Movie

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Rotton Tomatoes DVD Exclusive Clip

Rotton Tomatoes also has a short article comparing different Twilight DVD’s. Go here to read the article.
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4TNZ has an article on Anime Twilight and a poll

4TNZ has an article on the rumor “Twilight” may be turned into anime. They also have a poll for the best Twilight anime sketch. Check it all out here.
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Fan reactions to deleted scenes

Nikki and Rachelle were on Access Hollywood where they talk about fans reaction to the “Twilight” deleted scenes.

They also talk about “New Moon”.

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Twilight on E! news

Below is a segment on “Twilight” from E! news.

It talks about “Eclipse” director, Robert’s GQ article and has some behind the scenes looks at the apple scene from “Twilight” and Kristen and Taylor on the beach.

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