Seriously, Im not That obsessed!

Ok guys, Twilight news is a little slow these days so I needed to come up with some new post ideas. I mean the first Breaking Dawn movie is over a year away.
So here it is.

It’s called “Seriously, I’m not that obsessed!”

Send me in pics of your Twilight rooms and Twilight collection or Clothes you have made inspired by Twilight. I will feature one or two a week. So this way you get to show off your collections and see what other people have (So you will know you are not alone!)

To start us off we have Polly from Ohio, my home state! Polly sent in these photos of the room she decorated for her niece Maddy for her birthday and the clothes she made her. That is one great aunt you got there Maddy!!! (Yeah she sent these in and that’s where I got the idea for the new post)

Black and Red, my favorite colors!!!