Kristen Stewart Interviews

Instead of hitting up the MTV VMA’s last night Kristen Stewart was over at the Totonto Film Festival to promote her new movie, On the Road.

Click on the links below to check out some interviews with Kristen. She talks about On the Road and of course the final Breaking Dawn movie!

MTV: Kristen Stewart Opens Up About ‘Twilight’ And VMAs From TIFF

ET: Kristen Stewart Hits First Post-Scandal Red Carpet

Access Hollywood: Toronto Film Festival 2012: Kristen Stewart & Garrett Hedlund’s On The Road Premiere

Screenslam: ON THE ROAD: Raw Kristen Stewart & Garrett Hedlund TIFF Premiere Interview

Marlane Barnes Interview

Summit Entertainment has another new face Fridays interview.

Every Friday an interview with a new cast member from Breaking Dawn will be released.

The interviews have been conducted by various Twilight fansites.

This week is Marlane Barnes.
He plays Maggie of the Irish Coven.

Head on over to Twilight facebook page to read his interview.

Happy Birthday JD Pardo!

A very Happy Birthday wish to JD Pardo!

Essential Guide to the New Vampires in Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Next Movie has an excellent article up with a incredible guide to all the new vampires we will be meeting in Breaking Dawn 2.

It lists the members of each coven, their abilities, relationships and what we can expect from them in the movie.

Check it all out here.

Below is an excerpt. I picked Amazonion Coven because my fav vamp Zafrina is in it 🙂

Amazonian Coven

Zafrina (Judi Shekoni) and Senna (Tracey Heggins) are two of the three she-vamps which comprise the Amazonian Coven. They’ve been pals with the Cullens for decades, so they agree to come serve as witnesses that Renesmee is in fact a mortal creature. They’re so tall, lean and menacing that they even give Bella a case of the willies at first. They make fast friends with Renesmee, and Zafrina becomes the main one to help Bella practice her own new talent.

Oh, and these two gals might strut around like feral creatures, but they don’t drink animal blood.

Special Power: Zafrina’s got the ability to supplant intensely real visual images into the minds of others, but she can’t affect the sense of touch.

Relationship: Zafrina and Senna were both turned by their BFF Kachiri.

What to Expect: Zany costumes, fierce red eyes and some fun visuals.

Chaske Spencer Interview with Wetpaint

Wetpaint caught up with Chaske Spencer at the DL1961 Premium Denim Spring/Summer 2013 runway show.
He talks Twilight and the cast.

Check it all out here.
Below is an excerpt:

What are you looking forward to the most about promoting Breaking Dawn – Part 2?
Just seeing everyone again, seeing the cast. It’s always fun to hang out. And I’m excited to finally see the movie. I haven’t seen it yet.

Who do you hang out with the most in real life?
Well, I just had lunch with Julia Jones today, and I see Alex Meraz quite a bit. The Wolfpack guys have all become really good friends. We bonded.

Screenshots From the Breaking Dawn 2 Trailer

MTV has posted 15 screenshots from the Breaking Dawn 2 trailer that appeared on the VMA’s tonight.

Head on over to MTV to check them all out.
There are some pretty incredible shots!
I posted my 2 favorite ones above.

First Look at the Final Breaking Dawn Trailer at the MTV VMA’s

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Above is the first look at the final Breaking Dawn trailer at the MTV VMA’s MTV

OH, isn’t it absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
What do you think of the trailer!

Kristen Stewart on Cover of British Vogue

Kristen Stewart is on the cover of British Vogue for their October issue.
She looks great!
Check out the interview here.

Source: Twifans via Metro

Ashley Greene Young Hollywood Interview

Ashley Greene stopped by Young Hollywood to talk fashion and more.
Thanks Ellie!

Jackson Rathbone Family Photo

Photo by Alison Dyer Photography

Jackson posted this incredible family portrait on his Twitter!
Thanks Rochelle!