Breaking Dawn

Originally by Stephanie Meyer
Plot synopsis by Becky Godwin
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Book One – Bella
Bella is driving through town in her new Mercedes car and is shocked to find out by some gentlemen that it was missile proof (what happened to plain old bullet proof) she thinks. Jacob had ran off somewhere into Canada and was trying not to talk to the pack. Since the fight Seth has had no problems with the Cullen’s like the others in the pack. Bella recalls the night her and Edward told Charlie about the wedding, Edward asks for Charlie’s Blessing to their wedding, he’s not happy to say the least but takes great joy in the fact that Bella has to tell Renee and this was not a good thing. But Renee had been expecting it since last April when they visited.
Edward and Bella were kissing in her bedroom, but tonight it’s the bachelor party. Emmett and Jasper have come to drag him off; Bella ponders what would be involved in a vampire bachelor party, he tells her not to worry just hunting really. The Danali family were coming and Carlisle had previously explained Tanya’s history, they didn’t know Tanya’s mother was about during the plague of immortal children; they were infants, beautiful but could not be taught. Tanya’s mother had created one, of course the Volturi intervened deeming them too dangerous to their secret lives and killed them all including their creators, which included Tanya’s mother; the 3 sisters were spared as they were innocent.

Alice arrives to get Bella ready. They drive to the Cullen’s house and put the final touches in place. Charlie walks her down the aisle, Rosalie is playing the piano, and Bella starts to feel nervous. Charlie hands her to Edward and all eyes are fixed on them. They exchanged simple vows, and are married. Everyone comes to congratulate them; the only difference was a burning hug that came from Seth (a stand in for her lost werewolf best friend).Bella and Edward do all the traditional stuff; cake eating, bouquet throwing and removing the garter, also taking the first dance. Edward hears something; a surprise wedding gift, Jacob was there and Edward thanks him. Bella starts to cry as they dance. The pack stay close, in case Jacob lost it. Jake starts to ask questions that he doesn’t really want the answers to and of course it angers him so Edward intervenes, Seth holds Jacob back and Sam comes in and pushes Jacob back to the forest. They rejoin the party but Bella is upset, Edward comforts her; they dance and kiss, then they have to leave for their honeymoon. As they drive away they hear a howl in the distance.

They fly to Rio de Janeiro; Bella slept most of the way. They go to the docks and Edward drives the boat out, they arrive at Isle Esme, Carlisle and Esme had offered the location as a wedding gift. It was very hot here so his touch would be soothing to her. They go for a romantic midnight swim under the moonlight and he plans to make good on his promise tonight! They wake and not only is Bella covered in white feathers, she realizes she has many bruises over her body although she is not in pain, maybe a little stiff, but blissfully happy. Edward is not happy and constantly apologizes as he thinks he has hurt her. Bella is starving so Edward cooks breakfast; he also tells her they will not make love again until she is a vampire. Bella was worn out most nights, she was having vivid nightmares. After having a very nice dream, she wakes and cries as she wanted it to continue, Edward comforts her; he gives in and makes love to her again. Bella had slept for 12 hours and the only casualties were her silk night gown and the wooden bed frame. Bella explains she wants to go to Dartmouth after all and wants some more human time; Edward is more than happy with this. Edward offers a swim with the dolphins to burn off the calories, but Bella had other ideas and Edward swifts her back off to the blue bedroom.
Edward had gone to hunt and Bella woke starving and sweating, she cooked some chicken and after she had eaten it the smell repulsed her immediately. Edward came back and tried to cool her down but it didn’t help and she was sick. She thinks it was the chicken at first then she feels hungry again and he cooks her some eggs, no sooner than finishing them she is sick again! She finds some tampons in her travel bag and remembers she is late for her period, she realizes that there is a small bump growing between her hips and is shocked; as is Edward who freezes. Bella takes a call from Carlisle and he thinks she is pregnant; they need to get her home straight away. Bella is worried and calls Rosalie for help.

Book two – Jacob
Paul had imprinted on Jacob’s sister Rachel whilst she was back from college and spent more time at Jacob’s house. He goes to find Quil playing with Claire (the toddler he’d imprinted on) on the beach. This imprinting stuff was making Jake want to puke. Sam called the pack together. Seth had heard that Bella was back and was “extremely sick”; they believed she was being turned. They argue about the treaty and they all know this is what Bella wanted, but Jacob believes they have broken the treaty. Sam over rules him and Jacob leaves determined to start a war on his own.

Jacob races on his motorcycle to the Cullen’s house. He sees the anguish in Edward’s face and takes no joy in it. She was in a bad way, pale and week. Rosalie was protective over her. Bella stood up and Jacob couldn’t believe she was pregnant, he had only seen her a month ago. He knew instantly whatever was inside her was killing her as did Edward. They went outside Jake could see the searing agony in Edward’s eyes now. Edward knew this was his fault and collapsed to his knees. Bella wouldn’t let Carlisle try to get the thing out of her. No one knew this was even possible; so how were they to know, what would happen and killing Edward wouldn’t solve Jake’s pain right now. Edward wants Jake to talk to Bella. Bella agrees to talk to Jacob alone. Bella admits that she will not survive the birth as a human but has faith that everything is going to be fine. He tries to convince her to change her mind but it’s as if she is connected in some bizarre way. He leaves and phases; all the other wolves are suddenly in his head and Sam orders him home, they listen as Jacob’s thoughts mostly cover everything and then they are all in shock. They cannot believe this has happened. The pack is scared of the creature and wants to kill it; they will sacrifice Bella for the greater good. Seth and Jacob were not happy with this, but when the Alpha spoke the pack had to follow. Jacob new Sam was wrong and that no one could challenge the Alpha except Jacob; it was born into him, and as soon as he realized this; his bonds fell off so to speak. He had embraced his birthright and tells Sam “no”. Sam instantly knew the Alpha’s voice and tells Jacob the pack will not follow, but Jacob doesn’t want to take their will away from them; he will however defend Bella. Seth follows him as he doesn’t agree either and they can no longer hear the pack. They reach the Cullen’s house and fill Edward in.

Leah joined Seth and Jacob, not that they wanted her there, but she was staying with Seth; her brother. Carlisle and Rose wonder if the baby is thirsty and to satisfy the vampire inside maybe it needs blood, so they convince Bella to try and drink some blood so they gave Bella a plastic cup with a lid and straw and to their surprise it smelt and tasted good to her. Jacob was having a hard time with this and Edward is laughing at his thoughts. Jared and Quil came to talk to Jacob; Jake refuses to go back and says that Seth and Leah are free to go if they wish. Sam has decided they will wait to see what happens first.

Jacob returns, Edward had been listening to him and after telling Esme she feels sorry for Jacob’s “homeless” predicament, they offer a supply of brand new clothes and normal food. The baby suddenly breaks Bella’s rib. Jacob wakes and finds Seth is eating a plate of food and with his arm round Bella to keep her warm, which he quickly moves when he sees Jacob’s face. The wolves run sweeps and Jake finds out its only four days till “it” arrives and has to suppress his anger. Bella tells Jake that she needs him there; her family isn’t complete without him. Edward tells Jacob that there have been rumors of this kind of birth but the mothers never survive, although they didn’t have modern medicine or caring vampires around them.
Leah and Jacob do a deep run into the woods, she tells him that she is happier now; she sees his pain and tells him that Bella is like “her Sam” for Jacob, something he loves but can never have. Jake goes back to the house and half of the Cullen’s go off hunting, he is very tired but the Edward realizes that the baby likes Bella’s voice and Edward’s. Edward could see this bothered Jake and chucked some keys at him for one of his cars in the garage.

Edward had given Jake the keys to his Aston Martin Vanquish I think he presumed Jake wouldn’t total it as it was so nice. He drove to the nearest biggest town and he meets a lovely girl who seemed to know a lot about cars and he thought Imprint! Imprint! But nothing! He drives back where Edward was waiting for him and told Jake to keep Leah in check; she had defended Jake whilst having a go at Bella. He tells Jake that Bella is ok, the baby is ready and as soon as Carlisle’s back they can get it out. He asks Jake’s permission to “save” Bella when it comes to it, since Jake is Ephraim’s heir it is his decision. Jake agrees his request and the treaty will remain intact. Bella suddenly let out a blood curdling scream and vomits a fountain of blood, there was a ripping sound from within her.

They race Bella to the second floor. Rosalie uses a scalpel to pierce the outer skin. This threw Rose off guard and Jacob had to hold her down, Alice then drags her out of the room. Jacob started CPR. Edward cuts the baby out with his teeth, the only thing strong enough to break the sack. It’s a girl and Bella calls her Renesmee. The baby bites Bella and Edward takes her away. Bella’s heart had stopped so he injects a syringe of his own venom straight into Bella’s heart. Edward bites her in strategic places forcing more venom into her system. Jacob believes that she is dead; he is upset and feels an urge to kill the little monster that took Bella from him. The baby had warm brown eyes like Bella’s and everything Jacob had previously thought came undone; everything that held him to this world didn’t matter anymore. There was only one thing that held him now; Renesmee. He heard a sound from upstairs, a heart beating or a heart -”changing”.

Book Three – Bella
The pain was bewildering to Bella and she couldn’t make sense of what was happening. She could hear Edward and Carlisle talking and Alice, but Bella wouldn’t wake as she was holding in the pain. Her heart still blazed with the fire as it left the rest of her body. Bella’s heart gave on last beat, and she opened her eyes.

Everything was so clear to her now. She didn’t need air and none of her actions were labored. She thought she would only feel thirst to start off with, but there was much more and she hugs Edward and for the first time as she was stronger than she had realized. He kisses Bella and it was like they had never kissed before, a different kind of fire burned inside her now. Emmett cleared his throat and she realized they had company. She was desperate to see Renesmee, but the others are against it until she hunts; then she realizes she can hear the heart beating downstairs and her mouth starts watering; they were right. She looks in a mirror and her eyes are bright red, it will take a few months for them to turn amber and then gold. Jasper is amused at how well she is controlling herself and Edward is disappointed that he still cannot read her mind. Edward leads Bella out of the window. Bella is amazed how fast she can run and how far she can jump. Edward teaches her to follow the scent and find her prey, but she nearly attacks Edward after smelling some hikers and concentrates to be able to run off away from the scent. Edward has never seen this before; Bella was acting too rational for a newborn. She takes down a mountain lion, and is still hungry so they continue the hunt. Bella knocks him over whilst kissing and tells him she is ready to see Renesmee now.

Renesmee has a heartbeat, is warm-blooded and sleeps. Her skin is as impenetrable as a vampires and she has brown eyes like Bella’s were. She prefers to drink blood at the moment but they are trying to get her to eat human food. She communicates well and is growing rapidly. Jacob is waiting for them in the garden she sniffs and wrinkles her nose; he stinks! Bella realizes that she doesn’t need Jacob like she used to, that feeling is gone and the friendship remains. Jacob was testing Bella. The baby’s eyes were aware and intelligent like an adult. Renesmees’s fragrance was perfectly balanced for Bella to handle. Although apprehensive, Jacob handed Bella her daughter and Renesmee’s skin was almost as hot as Jacob’s but it didn’t bother her. Renesmee touches Bella’s face and it was a memory of Bella from Renesmee’s mind, showing that she knew who she was. It was her gift, like Edward’s or Alice’s. Jacob was getting too close, invading Bella’s space. Edward tells him to back off or he will throw him out. Jacob stared at Renesmee like a blind man would stare at the sun for the first time and suddenly Bella realized; Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee. How could he, she was being restrained by Edward and the whole family were poised to stop anything from happening. Jacob couldn’t help it as Bella knew, but it doesn’t stop her from being mad, it is her child. It was Renesmee pulling Jacob to Bella whilst she was pregnant. She calms but Jacob slips and calls her Nessie. Bella is infuriated that they have nick named her after the loch ness monster and she lunges for his throat. Seth had jumped in at he last minute and had broken his shoulder and collarbone, Edward was apologizing and so did Bella as it was her fault, but everyone was still impressed at how well she was doing. As Jacob had imprinted, Renesmee was now under protection from the pack and Jacob explained to Sam that the treaty was intact so there was nothing to worry about. She holds Renesmee again and this time is shown other memories and realizes that Renesmee sees Jacob as “hers”. Bella thinks self control could be her gift. The Cullen’s arrived home and gave Bella a key. They wished her happy 19th birthday; it was September 13th. Bella was not amused; when she became a vampire she was 18 forever. The Cullen’s had other ideas and Alice whisks Bella and Edward off into the forest to show them her surprise. They have renovated a cottage in the woods so they can have some privacy and be close to the family. Alice leaves them to it and they make out for many hours, Bella wonders if they didn’t sleep then how did they decide when to stop?

They arrive at the house just after Renesmee has woken. Jake has talked to Charlie and he is on his way up to see Bella. Edward explains to Jake that this will cause Bella pain because of the smell of human blood and Jake is sorry for this. The Cullen’s give her hints on how to be more human and contact lenses so that her eyes aren’t so red. Jake explains that he phased in front of Charlie and Charlie told him that he would rather know as little as possible about the situation as long as he could see Bella. He was amazed at the difference in Bella and was not fooled by the story of adopting a child when Renesmee looked so much like the pair of them. He agrees to keep the secret, not that he knows the whole truth anyway.
Bella challenges Emmett to an arm wrestle to show him how strong she really is and wins, breaking a massive boulder in the garden, Bella continues and destroys the rock to rubble; everyone laughs including Renesmee.

Renesmee spoke her first words after one week and no more than three weeks later she was walking. At three months she could have been a small two-year old. She could run and dance and her hair hung down to her waist. Bella knows she has to go to the Volturi so they know she is turned. They cannot risk the Volturi coming to forks and seeing Renesmee. Aro had sent a wedding gift, a woven gold necklace with a white diamond the size of a golf ball hanging in the middle. If Bella goes alone then Aro cannot see Renesmee in Edward’s or Alice’s thoughts. Bella, Jake and Renesmee were hunting; whilst there Irena shows up and sees Bella and Jacob (a wolf; like the one that killed Laurent) and a vampire child (like the one her mother died for). Irena darted off into the forest. They hurried home on Carlisle agreed to go looking for Irena to straighten things out. Alice has a startling vision of Irina going to the Volturi after she had seen Renesmee. All of them will come to kill the child and anyone who stands in their way. Not just the family, the guard and the wives too (who never left the city). They would be wrong as she is not an immortal child and they need to prove this to the Volturi. Alice and Jasper leave as Jacob arrives and Bella tells him everything.

The wolves are preparing themselves to stand with the Cullen’s again. The family realize that Alice has been gone for a long time and track her scent but they bump into Sam who has a note for them. Alice has gone, she tells them to seek out all of the coven’s who will bear witness and any nomads too, but she is sorry for her part. Edward says Alice sees more than she tells people but that can either be good or bad and everyone is taking that as a bad thing right now. The Cullen’s split up to find the other families. Tanya’s coven will arrive in the morning and Edward, Bella, Nessie and Jake would have to explain to them the situation. Rose and Emmett are searching for nomads and Carlisle is after some of his old friends. Bella found an address in her book at the cottage; Alice had left it for her. The address was for a J Jenks in Seattle.

In despair Bella wants to learn to fight or defend herself at least. Edward tells her that although Jane makes you feel the worst pain imaginable, Alec makes you feel emptiness, like an anaesthetic. He cuts off your senses and you wouldn’t feel it coming so to speak. They both incapacitate you but in different ways. Jane can only concentrate on one person, but Alec can make everyone empty; just like Edward can hear everyone and Aro can only hear the person he is touching. Bella believes that if Alec cannot affect her, and due to his power he might not be a great fighter; then she may be able to take him out of the equation. Demitri was the leader of the guards; their tracker. Edward tells her that Eleazar used to be in the Volturi but he met Carmen and they found Tanya and her family and he was much happier than following the Volturi’s rules. Eleazar had a gift for seeing other vampires “gifts” and this is why the Volturi wanted him so they could make their family and army stronger. Tanya, Kate, Carmen and Eleazar arrive, Edward shows them Renesmee and at first they are horrified but they can hear her heartbeat. Renesmee touches Carmen and shows her everything that has happened. They took turns to see until all four believed and Edward explains what Irena thinks she saw and then told the Volturi. He also explains that they are not expected to fight but just to bear witness. Tanya tells them that they will stand by the Cullen’s no matter what.

Eleazar mentions that the family is talented; a mind reader for a father, a shield for a mother and whatever Renesmee will grow into as she gets older. Edward is shocked by this, the fact that Edward has never read Bella means she is extremely powerful and it is a mental defence. Renata another vamp could shield Aro physically from attack, but not this way. Kate also has an offensive skill, but it doesn’t affect Bella otherwise she would have been shocked across the room when she grabs her and asks for help with her own gift. It’s like electric jolt. They are told of another member of the Volturi guard; Chelsea, she can strengthen or loosen an emotional tie between individuals or covens. This made it easier for the Volturi to fight only who they considered to be the guilty ones and punish them, they would spare the so called innocent ones, but most likely they had a power which the Volturi had sought for their own uses. The fact that the Cullen’s and the Denali’s abstained from human blood meant that they could form bonds such as love, which the Volturi and other clans couldn’t do. Eleazar believes that the reason the Volturi is bringing everyone; which was unheard of was more of an acquisition trip and an excuse to get rid of the others that would stand in their way or challenge their power. Such people like Alice and this was why she had gone; also Aro wanted Edward and Bella; possibly Kate and Eleazar as well; any vampire with a gift. The families believe that the decision had been made by the Volturi but they needed a pretext to go on; which was offered by Irena. This meant the Volturi were abusing the trust all immortals had placed into them to keep order, but no one would believe this willingly. A car drives up and its Peter and Charlotte; Alice and Jasper had found them too.

Renesmee showed Peter and Charlotte what she was and they were instantly on the Cullen’s side. The Irish coven arrived; Siobhan, Liam and little Maggie (who could tell if someone was telling the truth) she only had to hear Edward and the rest believed everything. The Egyptian coven; Amun, Kebi, Benjamin and Tia arrived. Amun and Kebi would not touch Renesmee and wanted to leave but Benjamin persuaded them to stay for a while. Benjamin had a gift which Amun was trying to keep from Aro. He could manipulate the elements; earth, air, fire and water and no shield had every stopped him either. Garrett, Mary and Randall arrived separately; all nomads that Rose and Emmett had sent, they too bared witness to Renesmee and agreed to help. Jacob tried to keep his distance as there were so many now and he couldn’t remember all the names and the smell wasn’t great either. They other Cullen’s returned and Carlisle bought Alistair back with him; a dear friend, a tracker as well but he preferred to sulk in the attic. The amazons then arrived; Alice must have sent them as Carlisle could not reach them, so she was in South America. Zafrina and Senna were here but Kachiri was not; Alice had needed her to stay, and that’s all she would tell them. They allowed Renesmee to prove her point and they were every bit as taken with her as all the other visitors. Zafrina could conjure a great illusion to trick others, but Bella couldn’t see anything as usual.

Renesmee wanted Zafrina to show her the illusion she showed her daddy and seconds later a dazzling smile lit up on her face. The first time Edward taught Bella to fight he knocked her to the ground. He didn’t want to fight her even if it was teaching so Bella had to get Emmett to teach her instead. Bella worked with Kate on pushing her shield out to protect others around her, but it felt like a rubber band that wasn’t budging. Then whilst everyone was watching Kate got Renesmee to go to Bella. Bella and Edward knew what Kate was doing and Bella was enraged; it was alright for Edward to suffer a few jolts from her in training but not Renesmee. As Kate drew near Bella could start to feel the elasticity in her shield stronger than before, as if instinct took over to protect whom she held dear. Kate turned to Edward and asked if he could hear Nessie’s thoughts and surprisingly he couldn’t. Bella pushed her shield around Edward and asked Kate to try with him, but this time he didn’t feel a thing, even Zafrina tried and he couldn’t see her illusion. Zafrina tested Bella by making everyone think they were blind and getting Bella to push her shield to encompass them. Kate was ten feet away; Bella got her first, but was then tired so they stopped. Garrett was intrigued by Kate and asked to be shocked; he fell to the ground instantly. Just then the Romanian coven arrived after hearing the Volturi was moving a move against the Cullen’s; they are Stefan and Vladimir and are hoping for a chance to take down the Volturi. All together there are 17 witnesses and 11 family members (which included the Denali’s). They all seemed ok about the alliance with the wolves.

Rather than taking Bella’s “after” car; the Ferrari, she took Edward’s Volvo, much to Jacob’s disgust. She leaves Jacob and Renesmee with Charlie and goes to find J Jenks. She meets Max who contacts him for her. She drives to a new address and she meets J. He knows Jasper apparently. It became obvious that Mr Jenks would provide Bella with whatever papers she needed for Renesmee and Jacob to disappear if things went wrong, and Alice was trying to keep this from Edward as she obviously believed the situation was hopeless. She used the names Jacob Wolfe and Vanessa Wolfe as it seemed appropriate. Bella arrived home later; days passed and they spent Christmas at Charlie’s with the wolves and Sue, Bella had bought Renesmee a locket, and Edward had brought her an MP3 player with all their favorite songs on, Renesmee was also wearing a bracelet which was braided like a Quileute promise ring. They drive home and Carlisle is arguing with Amun, Alistair has left. They tell Amun he can leave if he wants but Benjamin wants to stay and fight, most of the others agree. The leader of the Irish coven may have an ability to think of a positive outcome or what she wants and gets it according to Carlisle; but she is not so sure. Bella has serious insecurities about her abilities and Edward tries to reassure her.

Bella collects the documents from Jenks and she puts them in a small backpack, she also wrote the words “Rio De Janeiro” on a piece of paper hoping maybe Alice would be watching at that moment. Edward and Carlisle waited in the clearing for two days with Renesmee, Jacob and Bella in a tent further back. It snowed the night before New Years Eve and in the morning it was the scene from Alice’s vision. The family stood in a loose array whilst the witness stood at either side like a gallery. Bella put the backpack over Renesmee’s coat and she tells her that she loves her more than anything. Bella tells her to be ready to run with Jacob if it comes to it. Bella put Aro’s necklace on and walked into the clearing. At the front were Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Tanya, Kate and Eleazar. Benjamin Senna and Zafrina were beside Bella and Renesmee was on her back. The wolves were lining the trees of the woods behind them. The huge russet Jacob wolf came to stand at Bella and Renesmee’s side; Edward reached back and held Bella’s hand as they heard an approach from the north. The Volturi moved in a rigid formality, everyone was hooded and the color of robes deepened as it came to the middle. There were twenty-two of them, and only nineteen of the Cullen’s group who would fight, and seven who would watch. The Volturi seemed surprised at the large gathering but they continued forward. Irena was also there but did not belong to either side. The procession did halt to the Cullen’s surprise, the wolves had moved in closer to join the Cullen’s group, there were sixteen now; not including Jacob; more than before and this had thrown the Volturi for a moment. The Volturi witnesses stayed at the edge of the forest leaving a gap between them and the guard. Aro, Caius and Marcus were communicating between themselves via touch alone. Alec and Jane stood beside Marcus and were flanked by Demitri. Edward reads their minds and evaluates they do not know how to proceed, they know who is the strongest threats, but do not know anything of the wolves or Zafrina and Senna. They don’t like being outnumbered and this is because they don’t count their witnesses. Marcus is also looking at the ties which bind everyone. Carlisle greets Aro; Renata the shield move forward with Aro, who indicates peace to his guard for now. Carlisle explains that Renesmee is not an immortal child and that everyone who has gathered are witnesses; like the ones the Volturi have bought with them. Caius calls Irena forward and she identifies Renesmee but claims she looks bigger or older than before. She touched Aro’s hand and he is curious. Aro wants the whole story from Edward as he will know everyone’s thoughts. As Edward crosses the clearing Jane gave a smug looking smile and that was it. Bella’s fury peaked, higher than any bloodlust and her shield blew out as a sheer force of energy, like steel; she had set herself and her mind free. Bella pushes the shield out to cover Edward and she giggled, but realized she needed Aro to see Edward’s thoughts so pulled the shield back; the Volturi were poised to react and so was Bella; they did not know what she was capable of. Edward and Aro’s exchange took some time and this frustrated the Volturi guard. Aro admits no crime has been committed and wishes to meet Renesmee. Aro brought Felix and Demitri with him and Bella moved forward with Jacob and Emmett. The guard were extremely wary of the werewolf. Aro smells Renesmee’s scent and hears her heart beat, he compliments Bella on her transformation. Bella protected everyone behind her with her shield, the whole family; except Renesmee. Aro surmises that Renesmee is half human and half vampire; and tells the others that she was carried whilst Bella was human. Caius doesn’t believe him. Renesmee touches Aro’s face and he thinks this is brilliant. Edward explains to Aro that the wolves don’t take orders from them and they are there of their own accord as Aro has seem much of them in Renesmee’s memories. Aro returns to talk to his brothers.

There was only 50 yards between them all now. Bella uses her shield to wrap it closely around everyone; including the wolves. Caius tries to argue that the wolves are fierce enemies of the Volturi and the friendship is a crime in itself, but Edward and Aro make him see that it is daylight and they are not “children of the moon” more accurately they are shape shifters and a wolf is the form their ancestors chose. They also know about the vampires which is another problem, but Aro reminds him that they probably depend on secrecy as much as the vampires do. Caius brought Irena forward again and asked her to explain why she was checking on the Cullen’s in the first place. She explains that the wolves killed her mate and the Cullen’s were protecting the wolves over their own kind. She does not wish to make a complaint about this and explains to the witnesses of the Volturi that no crime has been committed and she was wrong; they have no business there. In a split second three guards jumped upon her followed by Caius and a metallic screeching sound. Caius used a device on his hand to set her alight and when they moved all that was left were remains. Tanya and Kate instantly went to attack, Carlisle stopped Tanya and Emmett, rose and Garrett all tried to stop Kate but she shocked them all to the ground so Zafrina blinded them to calm down. This was what Caius wanted; an excuse to start the fight. Bella protected Garrett so he could recover and still hold Kate, which confused Aro as he had seen what she was capable of. The Volturi witnesses start questioning among themselves why this is continuing when no crime has been committed. Aro talks to some of the Cullen’s witnesses but looks at Caius with an ulterior motive. He talks to Amun & Kebi and once explaining what they have witnessed; they ask to leave and Aro grants this. Siobhan also tells Aro that Renesmee poses no threat and blends in well. Aro goes on to say that it is not what they already know but what they don’t that is the danger, and Carlisle accuses him of grasping at straws. Garrett speaks up to Aro and his witnesses; he explains that Renesmee is no longer the issue that is clear; he also has come to witness the Volturi! He surmises that hey have come with a valid reason but since that has been disproven they are trying to use flimsy excuses to carry out the destruction of a family in their way and betraying their power. Aro spoke to his own witnesses and some of them believed the Cullen’s to be innocent and backed away until they disappeared, others seemed too frightened of making a decision. The Volturi counseled again, whilst Bella gives Jacob instructions and kisses Renesmee which didn’t go unnoticed by Edward. The Volturi are outnumbered now as more of the witnesses leave. Edward realised why Bella had kept it from him, so Aro could not know and he presumes it was Alice’s instruction. Jacob sheds a tear as he says goodbye to Bella and then Edward; his new brother in arms. Bella the feels something against her shield on the far reaches and realizes its started.

Chelsea; one of the Volturi was trying to break their bonds but she couldn’t see them, Edward realizes that Bella is doing all of this, and then Jane tries to get Carlisle but fails and then 12 sharp spots all at once, which also fail. The Volturi was trying to incapacitate them before a physical attack and Bella was holding them all off and she smiled smugly at Jane. Alec also had a go, a clear haze travelled across the snow, but Benjamin had also seen it and blew it backwards, but it didn’t work; not like Bella’s shield. Suddenly the earth opened in a zigzag formation under the Volturi they all watched in disbelief as the mist hit a wall. As they prepared to fight, Aro remind the Cullen’s that there is no need for lives to be lost and the likes of Edward, Bella, Zafrina and Benjamin could have many choices with the Volturi; Chelsea is still attacking Bella’s shield. The Volturi’s vote is one a piece with Aro casting the decider. Edward suddenly calls “yes” and asks Aro if he can approach with more information. He debates if there was a way to be absolutely sure of Renesmee’s future then there would be no need for the counsel. Aro agrees if this can be proved then they will leave in peace. In the mean time Edward asks Aro to stop Jane from attacking his wife to which he agrees. Edward tells Aro that Renesmee is rare but not one of a kind and asks Alice to join them in the clearing; everyone is buzzing Alice’s name around the field with excitement especially Esme. Alice danced in with Jasper and Kachiri the other Amazonian. Also there was a small female vampire and a young man. They entered Bella’s shield and the family quickly welcomed them back. Alice had been searching these last weeks and had brought Huilen and her nephew Nahuel back with her. Huilen told them of the story of her sister Pire who had been visited by an “angel” in the woods at night; she was bruised all over and they knew it was the Libishomen of their legends, but she was bewitched. She carried the child and they went into the deep forest where she fed on animal’s blood and eventually it started breaking bones. She loved the creature and begged Huilen to look after it. She could not save Pire, the child ripped its way free. The child bit her and she stayed with him from then on. This was 150 years ago. Nahuel tells Aro that he reached maturity at seven years and not changed since, he can survive on blood or human food and although he was able to turn his aunt, he claims that his sisters cannot. His vampire father had come for him and explained there were sisters and none of them were venomous. Caius asks Bella the same question and she tells him Renesmee is not venomous either. His father Joham is creating a race of his own in South America. Aro votes to not continue as the evidence has been given and they should go and maybe see this Joham. Nahuel asks them to leave his sisters be as they are innocent in this as well. The Volturi drifted quickly away and Aro offers his apologies to Carlisle. It was finally over they had gone. Everyone cheered and embraced. Bella climbs Jacob to get Nessie down and tells her they have forever; Edward is suddenly in Bella’s ear “forever” she turns and kisses him so passionately.

Back at the house everyone had left except Nahuel and his aunt; the rest of the family were calling Bella a hero. Edward gave a play by play of events and explained that usually the Volturi’s call for ”counsel” was a guise to left Alec make everyone numb for the coming onslaught. Bella’s shield had well and truly stunned them; also the Cullen’s alliance with the wolves and they realized they would suffer significant losses so decided not to take the risk. Carlisle speculates that it doesn’t mean that they will not return. Alice explains that she didn’t know if she would be able to find someone like Nahuel and therefore it was better not to give false hope and Bella wasn’t a good actress. Edward had to believe there was no hope otherwise Aro would have seen the truth. Bella and Edward decide to go to their new home with Renesmee for some rest, Jacob agrees to go and sleep at home; at least Billy would be happy. Edward explains to Bella that Nahuel was intrigued with her as she survived the birth when his mother didn’t. He saw himself as an evil creation; a murderer but in Bella and Edward he sees the parents he should have had. Sue was making Charlie happy and Bella was happier than ever knowing she was with Edward. They put Renesmee in her bed and Edward kisses Bella; then surprisingly she pulls away. Bella wants to try something on Edward; Bella put her hands to his head and concentrated. Edward gasped her name and she realized it had started, dull human memories at first; the first time in the meadow, when he saved her from James; every moment from the island and his cold hands touching the baby through her skin. Then perfect memories from opening her eyes to her new life to their first immortal kiss and the night that followed. Suddenly she lost concentration as he was kissing her fiercely. The band snapped back to her head and she pulled away again. Edward was amazed and wanted to know how she did it. She told him Zafrina had been teaching her and she needed complete concentration (no distractions) so Edward promises to be good. She pressed her hands to his face again and pushed the shield away from her, his face lit up; she laughed as he had started to kiss her again and interrupted the visions; she remind him they have forever and ever to figure it out and they continued blissfully into their perfect piece of forever.