Originally by Stephanie Meyer
Plot Synopsis by Becky Godwin
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Jacob writes Bella a letter the tone is aggressive in parts he scribbles out, and then finishes with “I miss you too, a lot. It doesn’t change anything though”. The notes had been passed via Billy and Charlie and Jacob describes this as like second grade. Bella is still coming to terms with the word “fiance”, although it was a condition of Edward changing her into a vampire, she had never agreed when.

Due to the 3 day disappearance and the motorcycle Bella was under a strict grounding, she only saw Edward between 7pm and 9.30pm although he always stayed in her room all night. Charlie mentions a killing spree in Seattle and warned her not to go there. Charlie had made dinner for the first time in, well, forever and Bella knew something was up. He cautiously told her he was lifting her punishment for good behavior, but warned her as a condition to spend equal time with her friends, not every minute with Edward. He especially hinted at her seeing Jacob. This would be a lot harder for Bella as Charlie was not privy to the secret. Charlie hadn’t warmed to Edward much and this made things a little difficult. Bella had received her acceptance to Alaska, and conveniently so had Edward. Edward looked at the newspaper with Bella about the problems in Seattle and realized this could be the work of a vampire, possibly a newborn. Bella talks to Edward about her new agreement with Charlie and tells him she wants to see Jacob and sort things out, try and cheer him up. Edward refuses saying it’s too dangerous, Bella knows Jacob will never hurt her just the same as Edward wouldn’t. Bella also tells Edward that they have only become werewolves because the Cullen family has returned and the pack is growing to compensate for the numbers, he thinks this is a good theory and is going to inform Carlisle. She also tells him they are called the “protectors” hence protecting their land from the vampires.

At school Bella agrees to help Angela with her graduation announcements one evening. At the lunch table Alice has a vision and covers it by Edward laughing about her napping, it was obvious Edward had read her mind as his face seemed concerned as well, Bella had no chance to ask him at school but it weighed on her mind.

That evening they shared a passionate kiss and when things got too close for comfort for Edward he pulled away as usual, this time neither apologized as it was most enjoyable. Edward sits back whilst Bella emails Renee and he spies the car stereo that the Cullen’s bought her for her birthday still a wreck from when she clawed it out of her dash. Edward tells her he will replace it as it may hurt the others feelings if they don’t see it in the truck. He also finds the plane tickets which are close to expiring. Bella doesn’t think Charlie will let her go. However later on whilst washing up Charlie is telling Bella that Billy has invited them up for a playoff party. Edward casually asks Charlie if he knew about the airline tickets for Bella’s birthday last year and he doesn’t. Edward goes on to tell him they expire soon and it would hurt their feelings when they have spent money on the tickets and they are not used. Charlie agrees with this but realizes he is referring to 2 tickets not one and that she would intend on taking Edward, Charlie is dead set against this. Although Bella is annoyed with Edward for bringing it up she reminds Charlie that she’s 18 a legal adult and she is not doing anything wrong, he tries to ground her but she says she would take a punishment if she had actually done anything wrong the other stuff was past now. He cannot stop her and she would move out if she had to.

When Bella and Edward go out she confronts Edward about his tactics he obviously wanted her to see her mother and new she would never ask Charlie herself but it seemed like he was pushing the idea when it didn’t overly matter to Bella. Edward doesn’t come in with her, giving her time to talk to Charlie about their evening and she tells him of the chess matches and that Jasper thrashed her. What she didn’t tell him was Edward played Alice. Alice could see the future so she could see what Edward would do before he did it, he could read what she was going to do just before she did it and would change his mind, they moved twice each sat there for a few minutes and Alice knocked over her king. After this Charlie sat her down and started to give her “the” talk, Bella is completely disgusted and embarrassed she tells him he is 10 years to late and admits that she is still a virgin. This is an awkward moment for Charlie and she goes to her room, she realizes Edward won’t be back for a while and thinks she will go to Jacob’s. She gets in her truck but it won’t start, Edward appears beside her and she sighs. Alice saw this coming and he was holding part of her engine in his hand. Bella is very upset with Edward and marches back inside, Charlie asks what happened and she replies “truck won’t start” in disgust. She leaves her window wide open awaiting him.

They are on their way back from Renee’s and Bella remembers the weekend……
She and her mother had walked on the beach; Edward had made excuses to stay inside. Renee had picked up on their closeness and how Edward was very protective over her in a nice way, also that their body language was like some form of symmetry, like they were in tune with each other. Bella moves and Edward orients himself around her like gravity and vice versa. Renee was always far more perceptive than Charlie. Charlie was surprisingly nice on their return. Jacob had been calling so Bella called him back this time, he asked if she was going to school tomorrow? Bella wondered if he was checking, after all she had disappeared for 3 days.

They pulled up at school and Jacob was there beside his bike, Edward asked her to stay in the car but she didn’t. He had come down to warn the Cullen’s as the previous night Emmett had crossed their border and Paul had gone for him. It didn’t sound good to Bella but no one was actually hurt. Jacob didn’t like the fact that Edward had chosen not to tell Bella any of this yet and Edward was reading Jacobs mind he told him that he did not want her to be worried. Obviously this was the vision Alice saw at lunch the other day and Edward lied. It dawned on Bella that Victoria had come back. Jacob uses his thoughts again to hurt Edward, Bella can’t bear to see Edward like that and tells Jacob to stop, it’s a constant reminder of him letting her down and he will never forget that. The principal moves everyone along.

In class Edward and Bella exchange notes and Edward explains that Victoria slipped through as the pack and the Cullen’s were arguing about the boundary; Edward agrees he will never keep this sort of thing from her again.

Graduation was only a few weeks away; Victoria was still coming after her; she still had not seen Jacob properly and Edward was being very protective over her, it was all becoming too much to bear. Edward was going to go hunting with his brothers. Bella had to work at the Newton’s store but as it wasn’t busy she was sent home early, again she decided to visit Jacob. It was a spur of the moment decision and she drove as fast as she could in her truck until she was in La Push. Jacob had heard her coming and was really pleased.

Jacob cannot understand why she forgave Edward that easily for breaking her heart and leaving last year. She reminds Jacob that it was her that fetched him back and that was her choice because she still loved him. She then tells him the whole story from Alice vision of her cliff diving to Italy; he is amused that Alice cannot see the wolves as Bella disappears whenever she is with Jacob from Alice’s visions.

He told her that the other night the pack had found Victoria’s scent and it was very fresh so the pack spread out across the line hoping she would cross back over, they were too far south when the Cullen’s chased her back across the line just north of them. Sam and the others caught up with her, but she was on the line, and the Cullen’s were on the other side, Emmett made a lunge for her but nearly hit Paul, so Paul lost focus and went for Emmett but he missed and Rosalie defended. Then Carlisle and Jasper stepped forward and spoke to Sam directly, everything seemed too calmed down instantly (this was Jasper’s gift) they all agreed that Victoria was their priority and started after her again. Edward had just told her a shortened version of events.

Jacob tries to rationalize if Alice had been able to see the wolves or saw her emerge from the water “they” would not have returned and maybe things would have been different maybe he would be with Bella. She tells him Edward was already coming back, he had told her that no matter what he tried to do to occupy himself he was not surviving very well and was going to return. Jacob still can’t understand what she sees in Edward; she tells him simply she loves Edward. Jacob is angry and tells her to keep it within the human species, so she bring up Mike Newton because after all Jacob was half wolf not exactly human either. He reminds her he is human he breaths and has a heart, he is warm to touch, this is magic, something he was born with not something he chose. She points out the no vampire chooses that life either they are made by another; the Cullen’s have chosen to live as normal life as possible and not eat humans.

Jacob tells Bella more about imprinting, he explains Sam’s story. At first Sam was in love with Leah Clearwater his parents are no longer here and when he changed into a wolf he didn’t understand and he was alone; he spent days with the elders after one noticed he was burning up but they knew really what was happening to him. Soon after he met Leah’s cousin Emily and something changed and he imprinted on her, it is kind of like love at first sight, it took him a while to accept everything but he could not deny the connection they had made. It broke Leah’s heart and she is still bitter about it. On top of this Emily got “attacked” supposedly by a bear but that was obviously Sam and he will never forgive himself for it but she still loves him, they are soul mates. Jacob goes on to explain that he will not age whilst he is phasing, he looks about 25 anyway although he is only 16, this annoys Bella even more as everyone she cares about is staying young and she is going to get old. Jarod has also imprinted on a girl he has been going to school with for years and then one day bam, it just happened. Jacob tells Bella he learns most of this as whilst in wolf form they share their thoughts; one of the more annoying parts of being a wolf. She laughs and tells him no one can “read” her not even Edward. He admits to Bella to what he was thinking about that hurt Edward the other day at school basically memories of Bella good and bad, but in Jacobs favour, he says he enjoys knowing he can hurt him by just thinking it serves him right for delving into his thoughts. Bella punches him casually in the shoulder and tells him not to do it again. She explains to Jacob that she only sees them as Jacob and Edward not Vampire and werewolf, nothing else matters to her, Jacob is her best friend and she needs him. She promises to come back as soon as she can.

As Bella drives home out of nowhere the silver Volvo comes up behind her, its Edward. Bella doesn’t stop she continues all the way to Angela’s house and walks up the path, he doesn’t follow or stop. Angela lets her in and they start the announcements and talk about boys like a normal teenager would do; Angela surmises that Edward is jealous of her closeness with Jacob even though she is Edwards. He is just a boy after all! She tells Charlie she went to La Push and this makes him happy for keeping up her end of the deal. As she goes into her room Edward is already there (not that she hadn’t expected him to be). The conversation is a little frosty to start; he explains that he nearly broke the treaty by coming to get her and she doesn’t realise how difficult it was for him to show restraint. She tells him Jacob isn’t dangerous and he finally agrees but is still not happy. She realises he had not hunted as his eyes were dark and apologizes for causing him problems. They argue about her going to see Jacob again and she explains that she is “Switzerland” (neutral ground) Jacob is like family and Edward is the love of her existence, she explains to him that the vampire/werewolf thing doesn’t matter to her and if Angela was a witch then she could join the party! He relaxes and goes to hold her but tells her in a playful tone that she stinks and not to be offended by that.

Edward goes hunting and when Bella finishes work Alice is there to pick her up, Alice tells her they are having a slumber party and its been cleared with Charlie. In the Cullen’s garage she sees a yellow Porsche like the one in Italy. Bella quickly realizes that this is a gift for Alice holding her hostage until Edward returns and then realises that this is for every time he goes away to hunt. This infuriates Bella. She is told she will sleep in Edward’s room and she remembers the black sofa. She asks to use the phone which is allowed and she calls Jacob, he laughs and says he can break her out if she wants but she declines the offer, her next call is to Edward where she threatens that the grizzly bears will look tame compared to her when he gets back. Bella is shocked when she walks into his bedroom; there is now a huge bed in the middle of his room, odd for someone who doesn’t sleep. She is still angry and decides to sleep on the sofa anyway.

Rosalie comes to the room and explains her story to Bella. She was 18 and her life was perfect, she was beautiful, and her parents were climbing the social ladder. She was introduced to the bank manager’s son Royce King and they quickly got engaged and began planning a lavish wedding. She left her friends house late one night and was disturbed by 5 drunk men, she realised one was Royce and another started to say that he couldn’t see how pretty she was so Royce started to pull her clothes off, she speared Bella the gruesome details but they left her for dead. Carlisle found her and tried had to save her but when it was too late he changed her. She had never tasted human blood but had taken revenge on the 5 who attacked her. Rosalie wondered why Edward hadn’t told Bella but Bella explained he didn’t feel it was his story to tell and as he hears more than he should he doesn’t think that it is fair, Rosalie should give Edward more credit. She also tells Bella that they found Emmett after a bear attacked him and she turned him out of selfishness as she wanted him, but now Emmett and she are inseparable. But Rosalie regrets that she will never grow old or have a family with him. Bella sleeps.

They go to school in the morning; Alice tries to convince her they will have more fun. After a lesson Bella walks out and sees Jacob he shouts to her and she realizes quickly he has come to “rescue” her, she hops on the bike and they speed off. Jacob slows after they cross the border. They walk the beach and he tells her that Quil imprinted, he has found his soul mate but not to be judgmental. Claire is only two years old. Quil will not get older as long as he phases, he will be there for her like a protector, a big brother all of her life for whatever she needs him for, then when she is older he is her perfect match if that is what she wants. Bella seems to understand the imprinting a little better even though some what disturbed by what she was told. Jacob admits that he has not imprinted yet but he only thinks about Bella and that drives the other crazy when in wolf form. Bella gets concerned that Jacob is getting too close, so she goes to leave but he persuades he to stay longer. Jakes asks her about being turned as it had been indicated before. She says its her decision, Jacob warns it will break the treaty and starts to shake violently, she tells him they would leave before that happens, he gets even angrier at the prospect of it only being weeks away. He stops himself from phasing. In rage he tells her she would be better off dead. Bella leaves upset and takes her bike, she arrives at the Cullen’s in tears and apologizes to Alice. Again she sleeps on the black couch, as she rolls she should have hit the floor but doesn’t and realizes she is on the bed, Edwards there and he has moved her. They embrace and she kisses him, he laughs and says that’s not what he was expecting after the phone message, but Bella is too tired and upset to argue, she is glad he is home. He strokes her hair and caresses her. He curls his hand under her knee and pulls it up to his hip, driving her wild, they kiss and he pulls away asking what about the bed she objects to! They continue to kiss and her head starts spinning, she wants more but he explains its too dangerous, he apologises for Alice holding her hostage. Edward decides to trust Bella’s judgment about the safety at La Push around the wolves; she then tells him what happened earlier and drifts off to sleep.

Alice drops her off at Charlie’s and he tells her Jacob has called; that he sounded upset. She isn’t going to call him. She notices some clothes and things missing from her room. When Edward arrives he smells a scent he does not recognize, it is a vampire he does not know. They go to see Alice; Carlisle doesn’t know the scent either. Alice cannot see anything bad but a vampire in Bella’s room cannot be good. They agree the house will never be unprotected and Bella will not be alone. She decides to forgive Jacob and calls, she explains what has happened and he comes to see her quickly whilst Edward tracks the scent for a while. Jacob is going to be watching the house too.

She tells Jacob the deadline is graduation for the changing matter and he cuts himself on a knife but he heals super fast. He gives her a hug and invites her to a bonfire at la push. He leaves as Edward is nearly back. Edward smells the blood and cheekily asks why she stabbed her friend, he finds this amusing; she sets him straight. She has also received an acceptance to Dartmouth today. When she asks if Alice could return her stuff Edward gets suspicious at why the intruder would take her scent with them. He tells her to go to the bonfire and gives her a cell phone so she can call him to pick her up. They go to the garage to get her bike which she’s going to return, Edward has bought a bike of his own, it looks fast but he realizes this is something she does with Jacob and he takes her to meet Jacob at the border. Edward has also given her a helmet and jacket for safety. Edward kisses her so much she can’t breathe and he chuckles to himself at Jacobs thoughts, he watches her cross the boundary and Jacob picks her up in a big hug, by the time she turns, Edward is gone.

They go to the bonfire and everyone is there, the pack, Billy and Sue, the elders and Seth and Leah Clearwater, all of them must be in on the secret. She watched Jarod and Kim stare at each other with a level of “commitment and adoration” she had never witnessed before; this is what Jacob was trying to explain about imprinting.

The first story was about the spirit warriors, how the tribe used to leave their bodies and defend their lands as their spirits, as time passed one tried to use it for evil and stole the chief’s body when he went into the spirit world trapping him there. The chief asked a wolf to share his body and after seeing one of his tribesmen killed the fury inside made him change into a man, the tribe recognized him and they killed the imposter. The renewed chief realized that being in the spirit world was too dangerous now and this stopped. Since then all the sons when reaching manhood could transform into a wolf and when they did they wouldn’t age, but they could choose if they imprinted to stop phasing and life a normal life with their soul mate.

He then told the story of the cold ones and when they attacked the village and many died, a few years later some more cold ones arrived and Ephraim Black made the treaty after they claimed to be different. They would not attack humans or hunt on their lands (this was the Cullen’s). As the coven was larger, there were more wolves than ever before. Bella fell asleep and Jacob took her to meet Edward at the line, Edward held her tight and took her to Charlie’s and came through her window as normal. In the morning Edward kissed her goodbye and left to change and pick up his car.

Alice is planning a graduation party much to Bella groaning about it. Bella realises it has come round so quickly and starts to worry about how to handle things, Edward still does not believe she is ready for this life. He also doesn’t want her decision to be made with a “sword” hanging over her. Edward thinks there is more Bella can experience being human and that he considers him self to be selfish for wanting her forever. They see the headlines again, it’s getting worse in Seattle, and they skip school and see Jasper. He explains his story as Bella knows nothing about Jasper; she now sees the scars up his arm from many vampire bites. He explains where there are more humans its easier for vampires to feed undetected like in the southern hemisphere. The covens fight for territory down there and they respect the Volturi.

One vampire realized that newborns have increased strength. They decimated other covens and they fought amongst themselves but he just made more to replace them. They were very predictable in their moves so experienced vampires could easily fight them but they were out numbered. The other covens did the same creating armies of newborns and things got out of hand, the Volturi stepped in and killed all newborns and anyone associated with them. The survivors were quick to re-establish control and they recreated their armies but this time they were careful, they were more trained and looked after. Jasper was 16 and in the confederate army, he was very skilled at fighting and on his way up the ladder, on his way to Galveston he met three beautiful women who were actually vampires, they wanted to turn him and he joined them for a while building their own army, eventually 2 of them left and another member peter fell in love with a newborn and didn’t want her to be killed to keep numbers down so they ran away, and he later came back for Jasper as it was more civilized and relaxed in the north. Jasper went gladly to join them. Jasper seemed to sink into depression and left his friends to try and figure out why, he was worse when he had hunted and he could feel how everyone was feeling, this was his gift and his curse, not only can he influence the emotions around him, he can feel other peoples emotions including his prey so hunting animals was a bit of a relief when he met Alice and she had for-seen them meeting the Cullen’s.

The killings in Seattle were from an army of newborns and they believe the newborns are coming for the Cullen’s as there seems no other reason. Jasper will teach them all to fight the newborns as he knows their weaknesses. The Cullen’s however were extremely outnumbered.

There were 65 people coming to the graduation party but Renee couldn’t come as Phil had broken his thigh. The next day Edward going hunting and takes her to meet Jacob again. Jacob was being impatient and “shouting” in his head according to Edward. They went straight to Billy’s house. Bella invites him to the graduation party. Jake tells Bella his is in love with her, he wants to make it completely clear and he wants to be the one not Edward.

Bella cannot handle this and goes to leave, she tells him she will still see him if he wants. She reminds Jake that she loves Edward and she does love Jake but not the same way. He kisses her by surprise and it is forceful, he makes it impossible for her to move so she gives up and drops her arms to her side he stops but the carries on. When he finally stops he says “are you done” and punches him in the jaw; breaking her hand, it didn’t even hurt him.

Although she doesn’t want him to he drives her home to Charlie’s she says next time she will bring a baseball bat or crowbar! Charlie asks what wrong and Jacob tells him; he actually congratulates Jacob much to Bella’s disgust. She calls Edward and he is there quickly to comfort her and outside he warns Jacob that if he tries it again Edward will break his jaw on Bella’s behalf. Jacob doesn’t give up but they drive off to see Carlisle and Emmett finds it very funny that she hit a werewolf. She is given a brace to wear.

Alice buys Bella an outfit for graduation. It suddenly dawns on Bella that everything is linked; the newborns, the thief in her room, they have her scent to lead them. They keep it from Edward and Alice translates the battle hymn of the republic into Arabic in her head whilst she collects her diploma and then swiftly disappears. Bella then tells Edward and he is shocked that they haven’t put it together before. Bella and Charlie have a post grad meal and Charlie drives her to the party.

Edward greets her with a passionate kiss but she can sense his urgency. Alice has transformed the house into a nightclub and everyone is there, it is a huge success. Edward is always with Bella until Alice looks like she has seen a horrible accident and of course Edward has already seen as well, they excuse themselves and Bella gets distracted by the door bell. It’s Jacob, who she presumed would have been uninvited since she hit him earlier. Quil and Embry are there too, he had brought her a gift which was handmade and this is the only reason she accepts it, it is a charm bracelet with a little wooden carved wolf hanging from it. He could see she was tense and the pack wanted to know why, they try to pressure Bella but Alice interjects and Jasper is not far behind reminding them this is a party and there are lots of people there. They share their problems with the wolves as they should know what’s coming it may affect their lands. The wolves know the Cullen’s are outnumbered on there own and offer their services; if the wolves were in on the fight they could have a shot. They leave to let Sam know what’s happening and agree to meet them later for instruction on fighting the newborns.

The party was over and Bella was now worried that both the people she loved were putting themselves in danger for her, at home she demands that Edward take her tonight to meet with the others and he reluctantly agrees. Edward runs carrying Bella through the forest until they reach the baseball clearing from before. Bella has mixed memories of this place, she suddenly realizes that there are 3 things connected not 2 Victoria was also involved, she was the only one who held a grudge against them and could not get to Bella on her own. The wolves arrive and Edward tells Bella that they have been hiding things from her. She sees ten wolves appear from the trees, she thought there were only six, and this will help their chances.

Edward acts as a passive speaker for Sam and Carlisle address’s Sam directly explaining that newborns are coming and they are more powerful than other vampires. The wolves are still over confident but watch as Jasper shows them some tactics to use or watch out for. Emmett, Carlisle, Rosalie and Esme all take turns as well as Edward who calls it a draw due to being so evenly matched. Then Jasper asks Alice to confront him as this is what scares Bella most. At first she seems to be standing still yet Jasper still cannot get to her. She is actually moving very quickly as only slightly based on her visions; she will be able to keep herself safe. Alice warns Bella from doing anything stupid like putting herself in harms way as she can sense something in the future. The pack walk through the Cullen family to familiarise the scent, Bella spies Jacob and strokes his mane, he licks her unexpectedly and most of the Cullen’s and the pack look disgusted but Bella just says “Ew, gross Jake” and smacks him lightly, and Jacob give a rough laughing sound, Edward is not amused though. He asks Edward some questions but Bella can’t understand the rest of the pack leave but Jacob phases and comes back, he wants to find out what’s going to happen to Bella during the fight. Billy is going out on old Quil’s boat with Billy. Bella’s scent was too easy to follow; Jacob has an idea and whisks her off into the woods and around whilst Jasper and Alice follow. When they all get back to Edward, Jasper tells them that Jacobs smell hides Bella’s scent. They agree to leave a false trail and agree on the rest of their strategy. Seth will play “cell phone” between Edward and the pack whilst he stays with Bella.

Edward carried Bella home and she had been talking in her sleep. Edward sees the bracelet Jacob gave her and asks if he could have a little representation and she explains it handmade (that’s why she accepted it) and yes if it was a “hand me down” as Edward puts it she would wear it gladly. He takes a call from Alice. He confronts Bella’s sleep talking as Alice has seen her trying to get to the clearing but getting lost instead. Bella doesn’t want anyone to die because of her. Edward tells her he will get Sam or Jake to order Seth to keep her at camp. Bella is confused as Jake is not the alpha. Edward explains that he is second in command and they have to follow him, also the pack is better than a soap opera, it appears that Leah Clearwater is now a wolf and causing a few problems like raking up the past. Bella asks Edward if he would consider sitting this one out for her, he agrees but wants to make sure that Jasper is ok with it. He brings up the 3rd wife which she mentioned in her sleep, she tells him it was just a legend from the bonfire she went to. She neglects to tell him that the woman sacrifices herself to save her husband and remaining sons. Bella’s cover story is instigated by Alice who invites her shopping whist the boys are “hiking” and then to stay over. They go to the clearing for a second night ad there are less wolves this time, she recognises Jacob and he comes to her sensing her worry, he brushes his head in her hands then curls up beside her putting his warm fur against her, she strokes him and he makes a purring sound.

The stage had been set, everything was in motion, and Edward wanted just one normal day with Bella not talking about anyone else but them. She realizes that it is not Alice who was “kidnapping” her this time but Edward, indeed the house was going to be empty as the whole family were hunting. He lifts her from the cab of her truck and kisses her, then lifts her up without breaking the kiss and carries her inside. They continued for several minutes. He takes her upstairs to get her gift, it was his mothers a small heart shaped crystal, which sparkled like Edward, and he hung it on the bracelet. Bella tries to ask him something but it takes her a while. She understands that in order for Edward to turn her into a vampire she must first marry him, and then let him pay her college tuition, possibly buy her a car and have more time out of her. She tells him there is one thing she wants to do before she loses her humanity and this is a promise in return for all the other things that he wants. Edward promises her anything, but when she replies “you” he doesn’t get the connotation at first. She leans forward and kisses him, as she unbuttons his shirt the penny drops and he realises what she meant. He tells her that he might kill her if that was to happen, she points out that he doesn’t actually know as its never been tried. All she wants him to do is “try” and pleads with him, when he says no she feels a little rejected at first. She kisses him again and this time she gets his shirt undone, but again he stops it. He reassures her that when they are married they will “try”. She can’t believe she will be getting married this summer and he shows her the ring which she loves, it was his mothers too. He kisses her with almost a feel of victory as they try the ring on for size, he then officially gets down on one knee and proposes to Bella, she says “yes”.

Alice can see a storm coming in and tells them to be prepared, its going to snow on the mountains. Alice gets Bella agree to let her arrange their wedding before they leave, she wants to see the ring, but Bella isn’t wearing it yet, she mumbles “what’s one more diamond” Edward and Bella lay a false trail. Jacob meets them and he carries Bella to the meeting point up the mountain. Jacob sees the addition to her bracelet and refers to it as a “rock” Bella thinks that impossible could he really have given her a diamond I would have to be 5 carats or something, she thought back to Alice’s comment. Jake doesn’t go home he intends to stay at the camp over night, until Seth arrives to take over in the morning. Bella asks why Jacob isn’t the Alpha or Chief of the wolves as his grandfather was chief not Sam’s, but Sam was first and he had offered it to Jacob but he didn’t it. They meet Edward who is happy they were quick as the storm was closing in. Jake goes off to phase and check in with the pack.

Bella is shivering in the tent although fully clothed, in a sleeping bag with a large jacket on. Edward was keeping to the far end of the tent so that she was not even colder. Jacob was whining in wolf form, and Edward translated that he is concerned about Bella, its snowing bad and Edward tells Jacob to be a good dog and fetch a space heater if he is unhappy. He was back in human form now and slid into the tent he was clocking a toasty 108 degrees. He goes to slip into the sleeping bag and Edward tries to stop him; he gives him a stern warning. Bella tells them not to fight so to speak. Bella didn’t want Jacob that close to her either but as soon as she felt the warmth, she just melts beside him. Jake makes matters worse by suggesting warming her lips up and taking off clothes. Edward is very jealous and they exchange some sarcastic comments. Bella asks him why he is furrier than his friends, this is because he has longer hair again and he has grown it because Bella had preferred it that way. Edward laughed at that. Jacob realizes there’s no point hiding anything as Edward would tell her anyway. Seth arrived in the night and slept under a tree outside. Edward is disgusted at Jacob’s thoughts whilst he is lying beside Bella. Jacob and Edward talk as Bella is kind of sleeping and Jacob wants to know some things about Edward. Edward confirms that he is jealous (it’s like a mini victory to Jacob), of course he would be, there are some things he cannot do that Jacob can for her. Edward knows that Jacob uses everything he can to make him jealous and Jacobs admits he doesn’t have the benefit of knowing she’s in love with him like Edward does. It’s an uncomfortable truce, and Edward admits that the reason he is not childish about things is because he has been waiting for Bella for one hundred years so he has learned patience. Jacob also asks him I he has considered that Bella would be better off without him and surprisingly he had; but it is not what Bella would want and Edward has learnt how stubborn she is. Edward asks Jacob about the story of the third wife and without telling him, he reads his thoughts and tells Jacob who Bella is identifying herself with in the story. He tells Jacob she wants to be in the clearing and they both agree how stupid that idea is. Edward tells Jacob to enjoy the moment because at first light they agree the truce is over. Jacob tells him that he could give them some privacy so Edward offers to help him sleep!

As Bella woke Jacob was still wrapped around her, Edward undid the sleeping bag but the cold made Jacob recoil and almost flatten Bella. He was thrown across the tent in an instant. Truce over….. Outside Seth snarled. Bella stops them all from acting like children, it was all an accident. Bella tries to get Jacob to stay; she still doesn’t want him to fight. Edward tells Bella not to worry and kisses her forehead. Bella wants to be distracted so she asks him about his top ten nights as she had overheard their childish banter. They both agree the first night he stayed over is one. The flight back from Italy and the night after Italy and the night she finally agreed to marry him 2 nights ago. A howl ripped through the forest, it sounded like torture, Jacob had heard everything about the proposal and Edward knew he was listening. They never promised to fight fair over her, but he was going to hear at some point.

Bella is distraught at thinking she had hurt Jacob again. Seth had seen and heard everything to. He was still in wolf form lying under a tree. She asks Edward to fetch Jacob back. Seth started acting strange but it was only Jacob and Edward coming back. Seth and Edward head off to sort out a complication and leave Bella and Jacob to talk. Bella tells him she sorry that she is always hurting him and he tells her he has behaved pretty badly himself, he claims to use the fight as a way to get rid of himself for good. Bella is mortified at this thought and she begs him, she will do anything, he gets her to ask him to kiss her, which he did with little hesitation, he tried to force a response out of Bella and paused briefly but he was not finished and told her she could do better and she pulled his hair which he mistook for pleasure and kissed her wildly again, this time her defenses were broken and she moved with him, no need for restraint. Bella comes to the realization that he was right; she was in love with Jacob too! She didn’t want to stop kissing him; she saw a strange future of them with children and a happy life. Jacob paused as he had to leave but kissed her one last time sweetly justifying “that should have been our first kiss”. Unbeknown to Jacob Bella started to cry as she feels so guilty about what has just happened. Edward didn’t take long to realize what took place as Seth had been witness to the shameful events and by now the whole pack would know as Jacob left so happy. Edward thought he fought dirty but Jacob, he explains to Bella that Jake would have kissed her anyway and he would never intentionally kill himself, he’s not that noble as Edward puts it. Bella wants Edward to hate her or something and she cringes when he tells her he got the whole picture from the pack. But his defense for her is that she is only human.

Edward realizes that she loves Jake, but she loves Edward more. He surmises that when he left, Jacob was there to stem the bleeding so to speak and they formed a bond that no one could break. She hates that he blames himself for all his, he tells her its getting close now and the danger will soon be upon them, she doesn’t care she wants him to fight for her and she pulled him to her and kissed him urgently, she tells him she wants every part of him, her body gave her intentions away, but maybe this wasn’t the best time he exclaimed because it was cold and well she did stink of werewolf and he promises once this is all over they will try.

The newborns had reached the trail and had split, Sam is leading the ambush party, the first group were in the clearing and the pack could hear Emmett enjoying himself fighting. The second group were being stalked by the wolves and were tracking Bella but they took them out before they could raise any alarm. Something changed and Edward sent Seth away, Edward moved them against the cliff face, Bella realised the danger was right there, where she was. Victoria and another were approaching, the idea was the boy would attack Edward and then she would be free to claim Bella. Edward tried to talk to Riley, tried to explain that Victoria would not keep her word after the fight, she doesn’t love you its all lies. But Riley didn’t want to hear it and gets ready to attack when out of nowhere a tan shape flew by, knocking Riley to the ground, it was Seth. He took a kick to the shoulder and backed off a little, meanwhile Edward and Victoria were almost dancing. Seth manages to overcome Riley and rip him apart. In quick movement Edward got his hands on Victoria and brushed against her neck like a caress, but Bella then saw the fiery hair fall to the ground detached from the body, it was over.

Seth and Edward gather all the vampire pieces together and made a fire quickly. Edward is worried Bella will be scared of him after what she just witnessed but she is just in shock. He tells her everything is fine and they actually had the worst of it. Edward suddenly shouted “no” and grasped forward, Seth also howled, Jacob had defended Leah as a stray vampire was going to ambush her but Jacob had smashed all down one side of his body, Sam and the others were helping him, he would be ok. Edward tells Bella they have to focus; the complication he went to sort earlier was the Volturi were coming. They had followed the newborns and Edward didn’t know what to expect from the meeting either, they certainly wouldn’t recognize the truce with the wolves so they all hurried home. Bella and Edward rush to the clearing. Bella blacks out for a while. The Cullen’s are in a loose circle around their fire and Jasper is holding down a newborn vampire girl, whose thirst is untameable, they tell her they can help her but she has to control herself. Then Jane arrives with the Volturi guard. Jane is amazed how they were able to fight the whole army themselves, but its shows them as a force to be reckoned with. Jane orders Felix to kill the newborn and is then concerned with Bella, Alice reassures her the date has been set and they will follow through. Their cloaks disappeared into the mist.

Bella receives news that Jacob is going to be fine; they had to re-break the fractures as he started to heal too fast and in the wrong way. Bella asks Alice why she can see the future but Aro, Jane and Edward cannot affect her in anyway. Alice explains that Jasper affects the body physically and she sees real outcomes, whereas the others are creating illusions or getting into the mind and Bella’s must be well guarded so no wonder Aro is interested to see what the future will bring for Bella.

She drove home to Charlie and got her alibi out there, he knows about Jake as he came home with Billy so he knows why Bella would be worried. She rushes to La Push to see him and he is in a terrible state. She tells him that Edward didn’t blame her for the kiss and just wants her to be happy; Jacob was hoping he would give her an ultimatum but Edward was fighting for her too. She apologizes to Jake and he realizes it was a long shot; he agrees to back off and be the best friend he can be. He tells her he could have been her sun and the air for her, and she tells him she thought of him as her personal sun but although he can handle the clouds, he cannot fight an eclipse. They talk briefly about the wedding and that “it” will happen sometime after. She tells him she loves him and leaves.

Bella breaks down in tears whilst driving and pulls over, Edward finds her and pulls her into his arms, he drives her to Charlie’s and they go upstairs, Edward just holds her all night and when morning comes she apologizes to him and he questions if she made the right choice. She has known worse pain than this; she attempts to convince Edward that she cannot live without him. They go to see Alice. She already knows they are coming and what Bella has planned and she is exuberant she already has her dress for the wedding and has until August to arrange everything.

Edward and Bella escape to their meadow. Edward cannot believe how giving she is being and cancels their “deal” he will turn her tonight if that’s what she wants, he kisses her and they roll in the soft grass, she pulls him tighter and then stops. He thought this is what she wanted. He tells her he loves her, he wants her right now. She replies that she wants to do this right, make herself his legally before giving her soul in more ways than one. He is happy with this and she asks for the ring, which he has in his pocket, and announces she is ready to tell Charlie.

Jacob is trying to be alone but Leah is getting in the way, she hates the fact that she can see his emotions and he doesn’t like everyone knowing his business. He goes back home and there has been a wedding invitation delivered, there is a note inside addressed to Jacob, its from Edward thanking him for everything he has done for Bella and he doesn’t want Jacob to feel bad and wanted him to have the choice whether to come or not. Jake starts to run and soon he is a wolf running at speed the others want him to wait but he doesn’t want company, eventually Sam tells them to let him go and all he wants to do is leave “Jacob Black” far behind him.

The End