New Moon

Original book By Stephanie Meyer
Plot Synopsis by Becky Godwin
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September 13th Bella’s 18th birthday and she’s not happy about getting older when Edward will always be 17. She doesn’t want any gifts for her birthday but Alice has got her one anyway and so have Carlisle and Esme.
Edward wouldn’t agree to “change” her for a few years to come and she wanted it sooner so they are at an impasse. Edward explains to Bella that if she wasn’t there anymore he could go to the Volturi as they were the only ones who could kill him; they are kind of vampire royalty and live in Italy.

Alice has arranged a party for Bella at the Cullen’s house, the room is full of roses and there is a huge cake. Bella gets a car stereo from Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice, and Airline tickets to Jacksonville for both her and Edward from Carlisle and Esme. As she opens one of the presents, she gets a paper-cut and the next thing she knows is that she is flying backwards as Jasper is running towards her to attack; Edward has intercepted and shoved her backwards she smashes into the table and cuts her arm on a glass bowl, the Cullen’s restrain Jasper and remove him from the room. Carlisle gets to work on Bella whilst everyone is in the other rooms; due to the smell of blood. A few days pass at school and she notices a change in Edward; then one day he takes her to the meadow and tells her he is leaving with the whole family and he does not want her anymore which destroys her emotionally. She ends up wandering and getting lost in the woods, she curls up and Sam Uley from the Quileute reservation finds her in a complete state. He brings her back to the massive search party and Charlie is so relieved.

She realizes Edward has removed all memories of himself from her room including photos and CD’s; he was gone for good. 4 months pass by and Bella has become a bit reclusive just sticking to a routine, not listening to music, watching TV or going out with friends. Charlie has had enough and threatens to send her to Florida to her mum.

She arranges with Jessica to see a zombie movie to keep Charlie off her back. It doesn’t go to well and soon after she starts getting a little reckless. She starts to hear Edward’s voice in her head and impulsively decides to buy 2 motorcycles to restore and ride with Jacob whom she hasn’t seen for a while.

Jacob is tall even though he’s only 16, she didn’t realize how much she still liked him and that it was fun hanging around with him, they work on the bikes in his garage hidden from Billy and Charlie. When she first rides her bike she hears Edward again, which is comforting but surprising at he same time; she doesn’t know how to stop so she falls off and cuts her head. Jacob helps her up and she just wants to get back on. They get closer in their relationship and she notices he is always very warm to touch even on cold days, he tells her some of the tribe boys are acting strange and it bothers him. She cheers him up and they go to the cinema with Mike Newton. She realizes she is reliant on Jacob but just wants him as a friend as he tries to get closer. After this night Jacob makes no more contact and Bella’s dreams get worse as the emptiness is becoming unbearable. She hikes on her own to the meadow and cannot compose herself any longer. Whilst still upset, Laurent shows up and tries to kill her; a pack of 5 wolves come out of the trees and chase Laurent, they eventually kill him. Bella is shocked and somehow finds her way home.

She finally gets hold of Jacob after a week of failed calls and this time he speaks to her but won’t answer her questions and becomes quite mean; telling her to stay away. The following night he comes to her window, he apologizes and realizes he made a promise to always be her best friend and be there for her. He cannot tell her himself what has been happening but indicates that she already knows, he had told her on the beach the first time the met. The next day she goes to see him and after talking she realizes that he is a WEREWOLF and so are his friends (this is why they have been acting strange). Also they have been tracking another vampire, female this time. It’s Victoria; she’s back. Bella explains why Victoria is after her and he calls the pack to explain, but they are unhappy to see Bella as she is the “vampire girl” and she should not know their secrets.

Jacob and Paul fight and the others take Bella to Sam and Emily’s house, Emily is beautiful and knows about the wolf stuff but she has scars from her face all they way down her arm. Bella realizes there are risks to being near young werewolves’.

The “pack” keeps a constant watch over Bella, Charlie and La push. Bella and Jake decide that one day they will go cliff diving; another adrenalin rush where she is sure to hear Edward. The next day when she goes to meet Jacob he is already out. Bella decides to take the dive alone from the top cliff. She doesn’t think about the stormy sea below and strong current. She nearly drowns and just in the nick of time Jacob and Sam pull her to safety she stays at Jake’s for a while and things get very close, they then find out Harry Clearwater has died, and she decides to go home to take care of Charlie. Jacob smells vampire at the house but Bella spies Carlisle’s Mercedes out front and Jacob still thinks it’s dangerous but Bella wants to go in. Jake argues with her and leaves as she enters she sees Alice; it’s only her but most welcome in Bella’s house.

Alice explains she had for-seen Bella jump off the cliff but not being saved so she thought Bella had drowned, Bella explains and Alice realizes she cannot “see” werewolves in her visions. Bella passes out and Jacob helps her in the house as he didn’t go far and he starts to argue with Alice, a telephone call comes in and Jacob takes it, Jacob says “he’s not here” and “he’s gone to the funeral”. Then the caller hangs up. Jacob believed it was Carlisle but it was actually Edward and this changes things, Alice is now panicking as her visions’ of Edward suddenly change and she tells Bella he’s going to Italy. Bella knows what this means, he’s going to the Volturi to try and end it all.

Bella says an emotional goodbye to Jacob; he doesn’t want her to go. Alice takes them to the airport, they fly to New York then Italy, they steal a yellow Porsche and drive to Volterra where Alice bribes a guard and gets closer to the clock tower where she has seen Edward. They get stuck as there is a big celebration happening and everyone is in red cloaks. Bella runs through the crowds and through the fountain. Edward has planned to walk out into the sunlight to force the Volturi to react as they would not kill him by choice. She sees him and starts shouting but he cannot hear her, she bounds into him just as he’s about to step out of the shadows. He then believes he is dead and she is with him finally, she convinces him otherwise and he sees 2 figures step out; he immediately puts himself in front of Bella. These are Demitri and Felix from the Volturi who have been keeping a watch on him. They exchange words and take Edward, Bella and Alice to their headquarters in the city to discuss what should happen next. The Volturi have a main family and a guard most of them with special abilities. Aro the leader can see someone’s history and thoughts upon their touch. But it is limited to touch whereas Edward can tap into anyone around him but he is limited to current thoughts, Aro is very interested in this ability hence why Edward was not granted his original request. They meet Marcus who can “see” relationships and is curious of the one he sees before him and how close they are. As Edward cannot read Bella, Aro checks to see if he can; but he’s also stumped and this intrigues him, he wants Jane to try, she is young blonde and beautiful. Edward shouts no and gets in the way, but he drops to the floor in agony, Bella realize that Jane is doing this and asks her to stop. She prepares herself for the worst but Jane cannot attack her either and this is infuriating to Jane.

Aro decides Bella’s life is forfeit as she cannot know their secrets but agrees to let the others go, this is unless they turn her. Edward will not agree to this but at the last minute Alice offers her hand to Aro and he sees that it is in Bella’s future that she will be turned. They all go but cannot leave till the sun sets. They see a crowd of tourists being led in by Heidi another of the Volturi to be slaughtered, this scares Bella and she is now very tired and becoming disturbed by the screams, Edward tells her to sleep but she tells him the nightmares will come and he doesn’t push it any further. They finally get to leave and go home, Bella does not sleep on the plane she meets the Cullen’s at the airport and then wakes up when in front of Charlie’s house. Charlie is livid with Edward and takes Bella from him then banishes him from the house, but he cannot leave her now and goes to her bedroom. When she wakes after 14hrs of sleep he is still there, she now thinks she is dreaming because he would have left her by now.

Edward tries to explain that he always loved her but he had to leave and give her the chance to move on with clear conscience, that’s why he hurt her in the meadow.
She tells him about the extreme activities and his voice in her mind. He explains that he tried his hand at tracking, he followed Victoria to Texas and then the trail led to South America but this was false and she had really gone to forks. If he had of read her mind instead of concentrating on James last year he would have realized she wasn’t going to give up and he is taking this completely on his shoulders he blames himself for not seeing it sooner and staying to protect her, and then she wouldn’t have got involved with adolescent werewolves!

She reminds Edward of the deal with the Volturi and their impending visit, but Edward will still not change her. She forces herself out of bed and forces him to take her to the Cullen’s house, where she is going to ask them to vote on the subject of her becoming a vampire. Esme, Jasper, Emmett and Alice immediately say yes, but Rosalie says no as she would not have chosen this life for anyone. Carlisle says yes this is most important to Bella, but more important is Edward and he still says no. his reasoning is that Demitri of the Volturi is a tracker, far better than James, but he tracks someone’s mind and not physically so therefore he cannot track Bella, Alice could keep watch in her mind and when they send someone, Bella can be hidden but it doesn’t save the Cullen’s so Bella won’t agree; plus he’s been out voted. They tell her she better go back as Charlie would probably send a search party and this wasn’t the time to be changed. She agrees to wait for graduation and Carlisle would do it as Edward wouldn’t. On a smaller note Bella asks for her things back from Edward that we’re taken before. He admits that the were under the floor boards all the time as he would still be close to her.

Edward tries to get Bella to agree to a longer term before the change by finding out that she wants Edward to change her not Carlisle, he then asks what she would do to get that to happen and she says anything, she says she wants to stay a teenager like him so he agrees but she’ll have to meet one condition…..marry him. She doesn’t know how to react to this and tries to call his bluff by saying if she said yes would he take her to Vegas now and would she be a vampire in 3 days, he obviously doesn’t want that so they agree again to wait but they are now kind of engaged, but they must keep it quiet from friends and Charlie until they are ready as at this age, Renee and Charlie would freak out. Edward hides and Charlie comes in.

They talk and he tells her how worried he was, he would send her to Jacksonville, but she flatly refuses, she will take her punishment but he cannot force her to go to live in Florida with her mum. She gives her story about the “misunderstanding” the cliff diving and Edward going to do something stupid, that they had also had a misunderstanding about how they feel and now he was back. She tells him that they are a package and that if he cannot take it she will move out. She loves Edward and that’s final, that he should ease up on Edward.

Edward reappears from the closet and tells her not to get in more trouble with Charlie. Bella couldn’t go to La Push as her grounding forbid it, she tried to call but no one answered and she wanted to make Jacob happy again; it was always on her mind that he would not pick up the phone or that Billy said he didn’t want to speak to her.

When Edward drops Bella off from work one day they see her motorcycle out front of the house and she goes mad, how dare Jacob betray her like that? They park further along and Bella is still fuming, Edward realizes Jacob is at the edge of the woods and he’s not there to fight, he wants to talk to Edward about the treaty and the rules surrounding it. He gets annoyed at Bella for not coming to see him since she got back, to which she barks “I would have kicked your butt if I wasn’t grounded”; then he realizes that it wasn’t Edward stopping her and feels a little embarrassed as Edwards now reading his mind. Jacob remembers what Bella was like whilst Edward was gone and this hurts Edward as well. Jacob now feels sorry for getting her into more trouble with Charlie. Jacob then goes to leave but Bella and Jacob exchange glances and a few silent words; she wants to go over to him, but Edward stops her and this angers Jacob. Edward has only done it as Charlie screams for her again to come back to the house, she says goodbye to Jacob and leaves the woods for the house.

On the way Bella thinks to herself that Victoria still out there, the Volturi and their impending visit, and Charlie’s has a new reason to be angry, Edward reminds her that he will always be by her side and they can face anything together.