Originally by Stephanie Meyer
Plot synopsis by Becky Godwin
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First sight
Bella is driven to the airport by her mother in Phoenix, she lands in the Olympic Peninsula of North west Washington state; a town called Forks where there is a near constant cover of cloud. Charlie, Bella’s father picked her up and drives her to his house; he is the chief of police in Forks. Charlie has bought Bella a Chevy truck as a homecoming gift and his got it from Billy Black his oldest friend. It is a faded red color and Bella loves it. Forks high school has only 358 pupils including Bella. Bella picks up her school schedule, most of the cars at school were similar to her old truck so she felt more comfortable; except a nice silver Volvo which was also in the parking lot. Bella heads for class and Mr Mason sent her to an empty desk without introducing her to the class. She meets a boy named Eric and he shows her to the next class. She sits next to the same girl in trig and Spanish so they go to lunch together. Several of her friends sat with them in the cafeteria but Bella couldn’t remember their names, it was then when she spotted five curious people across the room. They weren’t talking or eating. There were three boys and two girls. They were all chalky pale and had dark eyes. They were also inhumanly beautiful. Bella asked her new friend who they were and she told Bella that is was Edward and Emmett Cullen, Jasper and Rosalie Hale and the last was Alice Cullen. Dr Cullen and his wife had adopted them all so they were not all related; Jasper and Rosalie are 18 year old twins. The Cullen’s had just moved down from Alaska two years ago. Jessica explains that Edward didn’t date anyone at school. Bella walked with Angela to biology and is sat beside Edward Cullen. As Bella gets her slip signed by the teacher she sees Edward go rigid on his stool and look almost hostile towards her. His eyes were a coal black. He sat all lesson leaning away from Bella as if he had smelled something bad. All she could smell was strawberries.

He never relaxed throughout class, clenching his fist. Just as the bell rang he was out of his seat and leaving the room swiftly. A blonde haired boy named Mike Newton introduced himself to Bella and offered to walk her to gym, he told her that Cullen had never acted like that before; it looked as if he was in pain.

Bella hated gym. Afterwards she went to the office and Edward Cullen was there trying to trade his biology class for another, but they were all full. Bella drove home whilst trying to fight back the tears.

Open Book
The next day Mike sat next to her in English and she hung out with Angela, Jessica and Mike at lunch. She realized that Edward was not at school when she had planned to confront him about yesterday. Her dad tells her that Forks is lucky to have Dr Cullen as he is an excellent surgeon. She had been invited to La Push beach in 2 weeks time. The next Monday she noticed the Cullen’s and Hale’s sitting at the far table. She decided to be strong about it until Jessica told her that he was staring at her. She sat down in class and he introduced himself, his eyes did not have black circles around them now. They take turns looking and checking slides, his hand caught hers and it was ice-cold, he was still undeniably gorgeous. She looked up and caught him staring as if he was frustrated. She asks him if he has contacts as his eyes are much more golden today, he tells her no and turns away. He asks Bella why she came to Forks and she tells him the story about her mum and Phil (the minor league baseball player) and they travel a lot. They have an intense conversation in which he tells her that she is hard to read. Bella walks to her truck and sees Edward staring at her from across the parking lot.

The next day she was excited at the thought of seeing Edward again. As she stared at them in the parking lot she heard a screech, she saw Edward from the other side of the lot and then a glimpse of the van skidding towards her, just as she closed her eyes; she was knocked down hard by something stone cold. It was Edward and his arms were outstretched and caused a large dent in the side of the van as it came to a stop. She had banged her head and was puzzled as to how Edward got there so fast, he lied and said he was next to her when it happened but she knew he wasn’t and challenged him again. The EMT’s arrive to take her to hospital and Charlie shows up as well. Tyler had been driving the van and had hit his head pretty bad too. She heard a musical like voice and realized Edward was there he had come to take her home, just then another remarkably appealing voice; this was Edward’s dad? Dr. Cullen. Edward still maintained she imagined it, but she is determined to get the truth; he tells her nobody will believe her and to thank him and get over it. He says this with such tension she can tell there is more to it. Bella thanks him but won’t let it drop she knows his evasive action only confirms that things she can hardly believe herself have actually happened. Charlie warns Bella that he has told her mum, and she is ticked off as Renee would overreact on the telephone. She decided to turn in early and this was the first night she dreamt of Edward Cullen.

Bella was center of attention for a while after the accident. Edward was acting as if he wished he hadn’t of saved her or regretted it. He was sitting as far away from Bella in biology as possible at the table with is fists clenched up. She keeps trying to make subtle contact with him but he maintains his coolness. Bella is unable to stop herself staring at Edward in the cafeteria or parking lot.

The girl’s choice spring dance was approaching and Jessica was going to invite Mike but he is hoping Bella will ask him. Bella was not going to the dance so she politely tells him to accept Jessica’s offer. Edward was staring at Bella in biology again, this time she decides to stare straight back. As the bell rings she had expected him to have already left the lab but a voice rings out apologizing for being so rude. Edward claims that it is better that way and seems very serious about this. Bella tells him it’s a little late for that and he should not have saved her if he was regretting it now; he snaps back that she doesn’t know anything about him. This time Eric tries to get her to go to the dance with him, but she declines and as she tries to leave school in her truck, Edward blocks her; this gives Tyler a chance to ask her to the dance as well, again she declines. She can see Edward laughing as if he has heard the whole conversation but he is no where near them. The next day he apologizes to her as he had heard she was going to Seattle the weekend of the dance and offers to drive her and he doesn’t think her truck will make it. Bella is a little disgruntled as she loves her truck. He admits that he does want to be her friend but just that it might be better for her if they weren’t. This confuses her again, but he tells her that he can’t stay away for her anymore. She is entranced by his intense eyes and smoldering voice; she agrees to go to Seattle with him.

Blood Type
Edward asks Bella to join him at lunch, he says if he is going to hell; he might as well do it thoroughly. Edward remarks about giving up and Bell is clueless to what he means by this. Bella asks that Edward pre-warn her in future when he intends to ignore her for her own good; he agrees but wants one of her theories in return. She mentions radioactive spiders and kryptonite, he knows this is all superhero stuff but remarks to her what if he is the bad guy; some things he has previously said about being dangerous drop into place. She can’t believe he is dangerous. He tries to encourage her to skip class, but she won’t. Edward ditches anyway. Mr. Banner introduces them to blood typing kits and as he sticks Mikes finger Bella feels faint. Mr Banner sends her to the nurse accompanied by Mike. They stop on the way as Bella feels dizzy and then Edward returns to take over. Edward carries her to the nurse with little effort; she realized that Edward was right about ditching being healthy sometimes. Later Bella invites Edward to the beach, but he declines because its La Push beach on the reservation, he doesn’t tell her the reason. He has promised to see that she gets home safely so she gets into the Volvo with Edward. On the way home Claire de Lune is playing and she recognizes the track it happens to be a favorite for both of them. Edward is drives extremely fast. They talk on the way about her mother and how Bella acts very mature for her age. He admits he is going camping with Emmett on the weekend so he cannot go to the beach. He drops her off and warms her not to get into trouble at the beach as she is like a magnet for danger.

Scary Stories
It was sunny when they went to La Push beach; they made their way to an abandoned fire circle. Some local teenagers from the reservation were there. A boy named Jacob notices Bella and sits beside her, he looked fourteen; had long glossy black hair pulled back in a pony tail. He knew Bella as he was Billy Black’s son from whom her father had bought her truck. Lauren asks Bella why Edward didn’t come. The older friend of Jacob’s; Sam who was 19 commented that the Cullen’s didn’t come on the reservation. Bella flirts with Jacob to get him to talk. He tells her that they are just scary stories from their tribe. The Quileute’s are descended from wolves originally and they are their friends still. His great grandfather was a tribal elder and the “cold ones” were the sworn enemy of the wolf or wolves that turn into men; so werewolves! The cold ones claimed not to hunt the way others of their kind did and they were not dangerous to humans so a truce was made and if it was ever broken the Quileute’s would expose them to the pale faces. He explains that its dangerous for any human to be around a cold one even if then claim to be civilized they could still be hungry even if they did only hunt animals the thirst would always be there. He claims the Cullen’s are supposed to be the same family that his grandfather made the treaty with and now more have joined them. Bella is shocked although he warms her its just a story, the cold ones are blood drinkers or more widely called vampires. They both agree is crazy stuff, Jacob promises to see Bella soon.

She dreams of Jacob, wolves and warnings, she sees Edward as a vampire and the wolf seems to be protecting her as she screams “No” she wakes up. She decides to research vampires on the internet sifting through myth and legends reading about immortality, speed, strength, pale skin and beauty; eyes that change color and cold to touch. She goes for a walk to clear her head but ends up pondering Jacob’s stories, could Edward really be a vampire, why would he want to save her life. She then thinks of the magnetic pull Edward’s personality had and how she desperately wanted to see him now. It was a sunny day at school, none of the Cullen’s were at school and this made Bella anxious, later she agrees to go to Port Angelas to help Angela and Jessica chose their prom dresses. It was sunny again the next day and again no Cullen’s the trip to Port Angelas was on for that night and after school they traveled in Jessica’s car together.

Port Angelas
The girls tell Bella that Tyler has told everyone that he is taking Bella to prom and this is why Lauren is always frosty towards Bella. Of course Bella sets them straight and she then asks Angela if its normal for the Cullen’s to ditch school? She tells her that when its sunny Dr. Cullen takes them all camping. They eventually find dresses and accessories and Bella takes off on her own to find a bookstore, she doesn’t find what she is looking for and then notices four men following her, eventually she is surrounded she tries to barge past but they stop her, she is about to scream and then headlights come flying around the corner, she jumps in as soon as she hears Edward, they spin around and drive off at speed. Edward asks her to distract him otherwise he may turn back and go after them. She tells him about Tyler. They catch up with Angela and Jessica but they have already eaten so Edward offers to take Bella to dinner and drive her home after. Bella orders but Edward doesn’t eat anything. He is shocked when Bella notices that he is crabbier when his eyes are dark and she has more theories. She hypothetically talks about being able to read minds and asks would there be any limitation and is there the only one exception (meaning her). He admits he followed her to Port Angelas as she is a danger magnet and wanted to keep her safe. He tells her that her number was up the day they met. Bella recollects his look on that first day, the grave and violent look in his black eyes. However she is not scared of him anymore. Edward was listening to their thoughts but hadn’t realized Bella had separated as he cannot read her, he traced her to the bookstore and waited for Bella to come back, then after circling he heard the thoughts of the four men and could see Bella’s face in one of their minds. He tells Bella that she doesn’t understand how hard it was for him not to go back and hurt those men, his eyes lifted and met her gaze, they left the restaurant and started the drive home.

Bella asked him how he tracked her south to the bookstore; he had followed her scent. She revisits the mind reading questions; he tells her that he can read everyone’s mind around him all at once. If the person is familiar to him then the signal is even more stronger. He generally tunes out as it can be distracting and he has to be careful to answer people’s questions not their thoughts if he wants to appear normal. Bella thinks she must be a freak as he cannot read her mind which he finds amusing as he is the one who can read minds and she thinks that she is a freak! She realizes he is driving at 100 mph; he always drives like this but it scares Bella so he slows down. Bella explains her new theory stems from her chat with Jacob and this was about vampires a comment which she whispers; she notices his knuckles tighten on the wheel. She does tell him that Jacob didn’t see any truth in the story and they are just seen as legends. She tells him it doesn’t matter to her what he is and she asks how old he is. Playing coy he tells her seventeen; she asks how long has he been seventeen to which he replies “a while”. They discuss the usual vampire things like sunlight and coffins, both myths he replies. He tries to get her to see the danger by mentioning his diet but she already knows they are different from Jacob’s story, they only hunt animals and again this doesn’t bother her but she is curious as to why? He explains that he does not want to be a monster, but it is like tofu, not fully satisfying as human blood would be.

She has realized his eye color is actually linked to his hunger and when they are golden he has recently hunted, Edward is impressed by her observations of him when he has been so good at hiding. He didn’t want to leave on the previous weekend with Emmett but he had to hunt and he drove Emmett mad with talking about Bella. He didn’t come to school on Monday or Tuesday as it was still sunny and he would have to show her why another day, sunlight doesn’t hurt them but they could not be around humans and they would know that they were different. Edward displayed anguish at bringing Bella into his world which he claims is miserable and unsafe for her to be part of. She tells him it’s too late; her feelings are too strong now. He promised to see her tomorrow. She climbs into bed to keep warm and reflects on three things she was absolutely positive, first, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him and she didn’t know how potent that part was that thirsted for her blood and third that she was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward.

Edward took Bella to school the next morning. Edward can tell that Jess is going to press Bella about him. Jess wants to know if they are secretly dating and how she feels about him. Bella decides to say yes to the first and Edward claims he will be listening for the second answer. Bella gives Jess a general play by play; that he drives like a maniac and it wasn’t planned, they haven’t kissed yet, and that he paid no attention to the waitress who was clearly flirting with him. When asked the second question she replies “too much” and “more than he likes me”. Edward is bothered by her comments and asks if she really believed that she love him more than he loved her, Bella replies yes; he tells her she is wrong with very gentle eyes. They decide to spend the day together next weekend instead of going to Seattle.

In the lab they sat almost touching and watched a video. She wanted to touch him but balled her fists up and realized Edward was doing the same. Edward asked her trivial things like her favorite color and music she was listening to; books, places, movies etc and then her favorite gemstone to which she quickly fired topaz; and then blushed. He noticed and quizzed her on it. If had have asked the same question two weeks ago then she would have said Onyx as it was the color of his eyes then. The day passes and it’s now twilight; the best and safest time for vampires but also the end of another day. He freezes; a complication as a car comes around the corner; he seemed frustrated by this. It’s Billy & Jacob Black. The look Billy displayed showed he truly believed in the legends.

Bella tells Jacob that it was Edward in the car. The next day Edward was waiting for her again. He explains he will be leaving school after lunch so he will bring her truck back for her. He was off hunting so that he would not be hungry during their day together; he was not taking any chances. There was a note on the seat of her truck just saying “be safe”. Edward knocked on her door the next morning. Charlie was fishing all day. Bella and Edward drove out of town and then hiked into the forest to an enchanting meadow, perfectly round with the sun overhead. Edward stepped into the sunlight.

Bella was stunned it was like thousands of diamonds were embedded in his skin, she just couldn’t take her eyes off him. They almost kiss as Edward pulls away quickly, he tells her that he is the world’s best predator; everything about him draws her in, his eyes, his face and even his smell. He rips a tree from its roots with no effort; no one could fight him off. He zooms across the woods and shouts as if you could out run me! She tells him that she is not scared of him; he describes her as his own personal brand of heroin. He also tells her how he went to Alaska when he disappeared from school after their first encounter, but he realized he could not be without her and returned. So the lion fell in love with the lamb. What a stupid lamb; what a sick masochistic lion. He rests his cheek against the hollow of her neck; a major step for them, it seems as if it is getting easier for him. He picks her up so that he could run through the trees like a bullet, so fast it gives Bella motion sickness, they were back at the truck in no time at all. As he steadies her they kiss for the first time; it was cold and soft, but he immediately stopped to control the situation for going any further. He drove the truck home as she was still intoxicated by him.

Mind over matter
He tells her more about his life. He was born 1901 and in 1918 Carlisle found him dying of Spanish influenza and turned him, Carlisle had to show great restraint as human blood causes a frenzy in vampires and it’s hard for them to stop. Then he turned Esme who had fallen off a cliff, then Rosalie who was never more than a sister. Rosalie found Emmett who had been attacked by a bear and Carlisle turned him for her as a mate. Alice had seen Jasper coming to her and then seen the Cullen’s way of life in her visions; she knew this would be good for them and sought the Cullen’s out. They are a very close family now. There are few like them who only live on animals not humans, most other vampires are nomads. Once home she invites him in and he admits that he has been watching her sleep at night, it fascinates him as he cannot; but more especially when she sleep-talks which is mostly about her mother or Edward. Edward disappeared as Charlie arrived and teases her about boys so she retires to her room early. She finds Edward lying on her bed and it made her jump; she excuses herself for a human moment to freshen up and get ready for bed. They get extremely close and he claims its mind over matter for him now, but he cannot allow himself to lose control. Edward admits when he first heard Bella speak his name in her sleep, he knew he could not ignore her or his feelings anymore. He lay beside her and she asks if her knows why he can read minds and Alice can see the future, but he is not sure, Carlisle believes they bring human traits with them when they cross over and these are intensified; for instance Carlisle brings his compassion, Esme her unconditional love, Emmett his strength and Rosalie her tenacity. Jasper can actually manipulate the emotions of those around him and feel their emotions, like calming a room down when tempers get heated. Bella is glad he cannot read her mind as she can still have some privacy he tells her she is very breakable to him and he could kill her by accident so he has to show restraint and control at all times.

The Cullen’s
The next day he took her to meet his family. She was only concerned if they would like her not that it was a house full of vampires. She met Dr. Cullen again and Emse, then Alice and Jasper. She finds out that Edward can play the piano and that the reason Rosalie acts funny around her is because she doesn’t like an outsider knowing the truth. Alice has for-seen other vampire visitors to Forks and they do hunt humans but it’s not for a while. The house was light and open there was certainly no coffins as he showed Bella around. Carlisle is three hundred and sixty-two years old, he was born in London a son of a pastor who hunted demons and after Carlisle was put in charge they found a coven and he was attacked. After a few days he was turned but hid from his mother and father.

They proceeded to Carlisle’s study. Edward had told her Carlisle had tried to destroy himself but there are very few ways to do this. He grew hungry and weak and avoided populated areas, he fed on deer and realized that he didn’t have to be a demon. Carlisle finds peace in helping people and that’s why he works at the hospital. There was a painting of 4 people for which Carlisle was one, he stayed with them whilst he was in Italy there names were Aro, Caius and Marcus. However they still fed on humans so Carlisle eventually left for the “new world”. They enter a room with wall-sized windows, many CD’s and no bed; it was Edward’s room. She tells him that she is not scared of him so he grabs her and leaps across the room to the sofa with her. The family invite her to play baseball with them later as there in a thunderstorm on its way.

The Game
As they arrive back at Charlie’s the see Billy and Jacob in Bella’s drive. Charlie wasn’t home yet and Bella manages to put Billy off telling Charlie about Edward Just as Edward disappears for a few hours. She proves to Billy that she is well informed about the Cullen’s. Jess calls and tells Bella that Mike kissed her at the Dance and just then Charlie arrives home. She explains to Charlie about Edward and that he is taking her to play baseball for which Charlie finds very amusing due to Bella’s un-co-ordination. Edward meets Charlie and all seems well so they head out in Emmett’s jeep to get near to the site where they share a kiss, but Bella take it too far and Edward has to pull away. They then “run” the rest of the way with Bella on Edwards back. They arrive and Alice shouts “its time” Esme and Bella will referee the game as the boys tend to cheat. Esme tells Bella that she jumped off the cliff after the loss of her baby. Alice pitches and Jasper catches the strike, the next however is met with an enormous crack from the bat which echoed off the mountains; this was why they needed the thunder. In between turns Alice gasped, the other vampire visitors had heard the game and were coming to investigate. There was not enough time to hide Bella so she drops her hair down and keeps quiet, Edward tells her to stay beside him no matter what.

The Hunt
There were three nomads, the front male had olive skin, the women had long wavy red hair and the other male had light brown hair. They met against Carlisle flanked by Jasper and Emmett. They introduced themselves and Laurent, Victoria and James and asked to join the game as they were just passing though. Carlisle invites them to their home which would give Bella and Edward chance to leave, they accept. Their eyed were a menacing burgundy color as they still hunted humans. A breeze ruffles Bella’s hair and James lurches towards her. The Cullen’s instantly go into a defensive crouch; Carlisle insists the Bella is with them so James asks if they had brought a snack obviously misunderstanding the meaning, they cannot comprehend so they agree to back down and meet at the house whilst Bella and Edward leave in haste running again through the woods and speeding off in the jeep with Emmett and Alice. Edward starts driving them away from forks but Bella convinces him that it would cause more problems when her dad finds her missing since he is a Sherif. They turn around so she can make an excuse to Charlie and leave. Alice and Edward tell the others that James is a tracker and that the hunt is his obsession, the fact that Edward had specifically defended Bella spurned him on even more and made it the most exciting game ever. He wouldn’t stop until she was dead.

They had beaten James to Bella’s and she tells her dad that Edward and she had broken up; she needed to go to Phoenix for a few days. He tries to stop her but she hurts him by telling him that she feels “stuck there like mom”. Edward drives Bella to the Cullen’s and tells her that James had caught her performance and wasn’t bothered about her dad. There is only one way to kill a vampire and that is to rip it apart and burn the pieces. Laurent was at the house, he warns them about James as he has not seen another like him in 300 years and that’s why he joined his coven. The Cullen’s prepare to hunt James but Rosalie refuses to help at first. Bella switches clothes with Esme and then embraces Edward and kisses him goodbye. She heads off with Jasper and Alice who tells her not to worry as Jasper can feel what Edward is feeling so she doesn’t have to worry about how important she is.

Bella woke in a hotel room they had planned to drive to the airport to confuse James. They had no call from Carlisle and they inform Bella that Edward has been on his own for nearly a century and if he lost Bella they could not bear to look into his eyes for another century as they know what she means to him. Bella gets Alice to tell her how vampires are created, they use venom to incapacitate their victims and if it is allowed to spread the victim will eventually turn as long as the heart keeps beating until the transformation is complete. Alice cannot remember her own human life at all and without warning she jumps up and draws a room full of mirrors; it is a ballet studio that Bella went to when she was younger, the tracker would be lead there, but she hadn’t been there in ten years and it was just around the corner which meant James was coming to them.

Phone Call
Alice has another vision of Bella’s mom’s house. Alice tells Bella that Carlisle, Edward and Emmett are flying out to them from Seattle. The phone rings and it is Bella’s mom’s voice, but it is actually James who tells her to stay quiet and tells her to go alone to her mother’s house or he would hurt her mom. She lies to Alice and writes a letter to Edward telling him goodbye knowing she was going to her death.

Hide and Seek
They travel to the airport and Bella makes an excuse to use the bathroom, she drops the letter in Alice’s bag and fools Jasper using the second exit, she catches a shuttle bus to the Hyatt hotel then a taxi to her mom’s house, a note on the whiteboard directs her to the ballet studio. Once inside she hears her mom’s voice and runs to find her, but it is a trick. James is using a video tape of her when she was younger and this meant her mother was safe in Jacksonville. She turns and he is behind her, he taunts her and gloats about how easy it was to get her and videos the whole thing, a trophy that would spurn Edward toward revenge. He tells her a story of only one girl who escaped his grasp, she lived in an asylum because she had visions and another vampire had saved her as they had turned her, so he gave up the chase, this girl was Alice. He placed his fingers on Bella’s throat and then slunk into a crouch Bella tried to run but her flung her across the room and then stamped onto her leg which crushed the bone. She let out a piercing scream her threw her again into the mirrors and the glass pierced her scalp, the blood gushed out and she immediately felt dizzy and nauseous.

The Angel
Bella was drifting out of conscious and then hears the voice of an angel screaming “no Bella no” then pressure against her head as she came around. She felt burning in her hand which meant James had bitten her. Edward was by her side and Carlisle urges him to suck out the venom or let her change, Edward refuses the second option so the pain gets worse then seems to numb for Bella, the blood begins to taste clean for Edward so he stops after drawing on great strength. Bella manages to tell Alice that James knows who she is and where she came from, then as she smells gasoline, she is scooped up by Edward and she drifts off again.

An Impasse
Bella was I hospital when she woke, Edward was there and blames himself whilst Bella is apologizes for believing James. Renee has flown out to see her and explains that the Cullen’s tried to get Bella to come home but she fell down the stairs in the hotel and through the window. She had a broken leg, ribs and a cracked skull. Renee leaves the room and Edward tells Bella he doesn’t know how he stopped biting her in the studio, he then tells her that Jasper and Emmett took care of James for good. Alice had seen the tape and it has explained some things about her past. Edward kisses her, he pretends to sleep when Renee comes back in, she wants Bella to come back to Jacksonville but Bella wants to stay in Forks and Renee knows the reason is Edward she can see that he is devoted to her already; Bella tries to pass it off as a crush which Edward finds amusing, he is also surprised that she didn’t choose to go with her mom, but that’s not what she wants and tells him that she needs him. She asks Edward why he didn’t let the venom spread as she could be like him by now, but he did not want to take her life and knew how upset she would be if she didn’t get to see Charlie or Renee again. Bella says she will get old and die anyway and that Alice had already seen it so why put it off. He tells her that Alice has many visions and they are subjective, she argues that she would never bet against Alice from her experiences. Edward calls for pain medication to relax Bella and she drifts to sleep.

Epilogue: An Occasion
Edward picks Bella up wearing a silk and chiffon dress with her cast on her leg. She doesn’t realize for a while that he is taking her to prom and apparently Tyler is at her house waiting to pick her up but is going to be very disappointed. Alice, Jasper, Rose and Emmett are already there and already dancing like angels. Bella is not happy with Edward for taking her there at all. He lifts her up onto his toes and they dance. Jacob appears; Bella is surprised as it’s not his prom; he is there to deliver a message from Billy. He has been paid to do it and is not comfortable with the idea, he dances with Bella and sheepishly tells her that his dad wants her to break up with Edward and that “they will be watching”. Edward has heard everything but keeps his cool and cuts back in. Edward tells Bella that she should experience all human things, Bella actually thought he was going to turn her tonight, not that they were going to prom. He asks if she is really that ready and she tells him yes hesitantly, “right now?” he replies and slowly leans down and kisses her under her jaw then smiles, he would not give in that easily tonight but he promises to stay with her forever and that is enough………for now.