Ashley’s Upcoming Projects

MTV Hollywood Crush
has an article talking about Ashley Greene’s upcoming movie projects including her newest role in the film Butter.

Check out the whole article here.

Here is an excerpt:

On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Ashley had been chosen to star in “Butter,” an upcoming film starring and produced by Jennifer Garner, also starring Rob Corddy. It’s starting filming this week in Louisiana, and is directed by “She’s Out of My League’s” Jim Field Smith.

Ashley Greene Interview with Access Hollywood

Ashley Talks seeing Eclipse Scenes

Check out more at MTV.

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Ashley Talks Breaking Dawn Directors

Read the article at MTV.

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Ashley Interview

IESB has an interview with Ashley Greene.

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Here is an excerpt:

Q: For The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, did David Slade give you a syllabus or mission statement, the way that Chris Weitz did for The Twilight Saga: New Moon?

Ashley: No, he definitely didn’t give us that. But, each of the cast did sit down and have hour-long, sit-down conversations with him, probably two or three times, going over the whole script and us highlighting anything that we wanted to talk about. He went about it a different way, but he was also very open about forming some type of collaboration. The directors have their own vision. They don’t want to change our characters, but their vision may be a little different. Obviously, David Slade has a little darker spin on it than Chris Weitz may have had, so we had to find a way to mold them together.


Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene Talk Eclipse

MTV Rought Cut – Ashley Greene

There are 6 videos altogether.
Check them all out here.

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Ashley Greene talks Skateland Movie

Ashley Greene talks her new movie Skateland with MTV.
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Ashley Greene talks Lady Gaga

Check out the article at MTV.
I love Lady Gaga too!!!
That Telephone video with Beyonce is awesome!!! If you love Gaga and Beyonce and haven’t seen the video yet you can check it out here. Yeah it rocks!!! I would be starstruck too Ashley!!!

MTV Shows

Ashley interview with MTV

MTV sits down with Ashley Greene talking roles and nudity in movies, she doesn’t plan on it anytime soon!
Read the entire article here.

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