Ashley Greene photoshoot for Smallz & Raskind

Lion and Lamb Love has a number of pictures of an Ashley Greene photoshoot for Smallz & Raskind. You can check out all the pictures here. Ashley is so gorgeous.

Interview with Ashley

CanMag has an interview with Ashley Greene. She talks New Moon and Eclipse. You can read the interview here.

Here is a little excerpt from the interview:

It might get tougher as she moves into Eclipse but Greene isn’t there yet. “I just got the script, about three days ago, so I haven’t had a lot of time to really dig into it. But I will, I’ll go and work with my coach and bounce ideas off of her. But it’s kind of nice, because we are playing the same characters and we’re just moving on with them and digging through different layers, so I feel like the hard part of it is kind of over and we’re just having fun with it. But I’m excited about a lot of it, but I don’t want to give anything away.”

Twilight Stars Use Fame For Good Causes

MTV has an article talking about how Twilight stars are Using their newfound fame for good causes.

Here are a list of the Twilight stars and the causes they are involved with:

1. Ashley Greene for Do Something
2. Jakson Rathbone for Spencer Bell Memorial
3. Michael Welch for Kids With a Cause
4. Christian Serratos for PETA
5. Kellan Lutz for Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Read the article over at MTV for more details on the actor’s causes.

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Twilight related articles at MTV

MTV has a couple more Twilight articles for you.

O.K., the first story is about the photos leaked online concerning Ashley Greene. A lot of readers have been sending us emails about the situation, and to those of you who have sent me links to see the pictures…PLEASE STOP!! I have no desire to see the pictures and neither should you. Privacy people, how would you feel if it happened to you?

This is what Ashley’s rep told MTV:

The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed,” her rep told MTV News in a statement Monday (August 10). “Our client intends to take legal action.”

You can read the entire article here.

In the next article Catherine Hardwicke talks about her new film Hamlet. Two Twilight stars auditioned for the film, but she wouldn’t say who. You can read the entire article here.

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In the last article Ashley talks about filming in Italy for the movie New Moon. You can read the entire article here.

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E! News segment on the Twilight Girls in Glamour

Thanks Got Sparkles!

Pictures of cast at Teen Choice Awards

Click on the links below to check out pics of the Twilight cast from the Teen choice Awards. They are all looking great!

Just Jared Robert, Jackson, Kellan

Just Jared Kristen

Socialite Life Taylor

Socialite Life Kellan

Socialite Life Nikki

Getty Images

Ashley interview

New Moon Movie and Eclipse Movie News

Radar Online caught up with Ashley Greene last night at the Power of Youth event held at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. In the interview she talks about driving the yellow Porsche in New Moon and all the training she has been doing to prepare for the fighting scenes in Eclipse.

You can see the video interview with Ashley at Radar Online.

Ashley was also on the Ryan Seacrest show. You can hear her interview here.

Ashley Greene Interview On Good Day LA

Ashley Greene was interviewed on the Good Day LA show. Jeanine Mason, winner of the show So You Think You Can Dance, was on the show as a guest co-host where she confessed her love for Twilight also. Below is a video of the interview.

Twilight girls in Glamour

Yesterday we showed you a picture of Nikki Reed, Rachelle Lefevre, Ashley Greene and Noot Seear from Glamour Magazine. Today Bethany sent us the link to the article featuring the girls in the magazine.

The article is called, “Twilight Beauty: How to Take Your Look from Day to Night.” In the article learn make-up tips on how to get the girls looks. The article also featured these 4 pics of the girls. Absolutely gorgeous aren’t they!

Read the article here to get all the details on getting their looks.

Twilight girls in Glamour had this picture they found of Ashley Greene, Rachelle LeFevre, Nikki Reed and Noot Seear in Glamour Magazine.

Wow! The girls look amazing!!

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