The Evolution of Bella, Edward and Jacob

I saw these a while back and really liked them.
Thought they looked pretty cool.
It shows how the trio’s looks have evolved from Twilight to Breaking Dawn 2.

I meant to make a post, but forgot then it took a while for me to find where I saw them again.
I posted Jacob above, well cause’ he is my fav!!!

Head on over to see Edward and Bella!

Bella Eclipse Promo Pic

I love this pic!!

Thanks Courtney Cullen/Black!


Guide to New Moon Style: The Cullens & Jacob

by on November 24, 2009
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MTV Hollywood Crush has up a new article talking about the style of the stars in New Moon.

They got the scoop from the costume designer for New Moon, Tish Monaghan. First up in their New Moon Style Guide they had Bella and Edward. You can view that here in case you missed my earlier post.

Next up in their style guide is The Cullens and Jacob.

Read the entire article at MTV Hollywood Crush to learn how to get their look.

Here is an excerpt:

We know those Cullens are basically perfect, but one modification was made to the family’s closet for “New Moon.” “Chris wanted to stay away from them looking as pastel as they did in the first film,” Tish explained. “He thought they stood out too much. So he wanted them more of the world, but set apart within the color palette — so, just in cool colors.” Here, Alice (Ashley Greene, left) wears a blue dress by Rebecca Taylor and Rosalie (Nikki Reed, right) wears an Eli Tahari design.

New Still

Untitled Sports Movie

The Official Twilight Twitter has posted a new still from New Moon.

Thanks to everyone who sent emails!

New Movie Still in People Magazine

Here is a new still of Edward and Bella featured in People Magazine. Thanks to everyone who sent us an email.

On the set of Eclipse

Lainey Gossip has some more pictures from the set of Eclipse. This time it’s all about Bella, her mom and the Florida Sun!!

Check out all the pictures here.

New Still from New Moon

Lion & Lamb Love has a new still from New Moon. Bella is wearing her birthday dress so I’m assuming it’s from her birthday party. It’s a rather sexy pic I think.

Fan Art

Found these on Twifans and really liked them.

Melissaisatwilightlover on Twifans posted this pic she made of Catalina Sandino Moreno as Maria. What a beautiful vamp she makes!

New picture of Bella

The World of Twilight section is up now on the Official New Moon Site and the had this new pic of Bella in the cast section of New Moon. She looks Great!!