Bella’s Wedding Band plus more Breaking Dawn Merchandise

Hot Topic has some new Breaking Dawn merchandise. There are necklaces, rings, bookmarks, pins, pillowcases, and throws. You can get a ring set that includes Bella’s engagement ring and wedding band, Alice’s necklace, and Rosalie’s necklace. Dog tags are also available that feature either an image or Edward or Jacob and the Twilight Breaking Dawn logo. Other items include pillow cases and throws of Edward and Jacob. You can check everything out here.

Clevver TV Video – Eclipse Engagement Ring Details Revealed


Would you accept a Twilight-inspired engagement ring?

Teen Vogue has a short article up talking about Bella’s Engagement ring.
You can check it out here.
They provide information where you can get one yourself.

Personally the ring is pretty and all, but it’s not something I would wear. I think my engagement ring is prettier! It’s just too big!!


Bella’s engagement ring

The Twilight Examiner
has an article talking about Bella’s engagement, which we got a good view of in the last Eclipse Trailer.

Are you happy with the way Bella’s ring looks?
I like it!!!

Check out the whole article here for the details.

Details from the Eclipse Costume Designer

Tish Monaghan, costume designer for the Twilight movies, talks with MTV about Eclipse.
Learn about the engagement ring and clothes of Jacob, Edward and Bella.

Check out the whole article here.


YES! “This is an engagement ring on Bella’s finger!” Tish confirmed. “This is something that was made for her by the props department.” In other words: she doesn’t have a whole lotta info to share on it. So, until we are able to investigate further, we should point out that the ring (at least what we can see of it from our extreme zoom-in) looks like he could be quite similar to the domed oval one authorized by author Stephenie Meyer after the “Eclipse” book came out, which is for sale by Infinite Jewelry Co. Check out a 2009 article from the Salt Lake Tribune for more information on the story behind that ring.

If you’re wondering what Kristen and Robert Pattinson are wearing in the above pic, Tish says Kristen is in a cashmere sweater from J Crew and J Brand Jeans. Rob is “probably wearing” a Banana Republic shirt.