Billy Burke and the Cast of ‘Zoo’ Chat at Comic-Con

Michael Ausiello of TV Line caught up with Billy Burke and the rest of the cast of the TV show Zoo at Comic-Con this year in San Diego. They chat animal behavior and more.

Anyone caught this show yet?
I’m still liking it 🙂

Billy Burke and J.D. Pardo Talk ‘Revolution

ScreenSlam posted on set video interviews with Billy Burke and J.D. Pardo to talk about the second season of Revolution.

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J.D. Pardo and Billy Burke Talk ‘Revolution’ at Comic-Con

Billy Burke and J.D. Pardo talks Revolution Season 2 at Comic-Con 2013 with TV Equals.

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Twilight Cast Interviews with Movie Web

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Billy Burke Interview With Access Hollywood

Billy Burke reveals his revolution workout with Access Hollywood.

Billy Burke Interviews

Got a couple interviews for you with Billy Burke. He talks about his new show, Revolution, Twilight and more!

First up an interview with Assignment X.
Check it all out here.
Below is an excerpt:

AX: Would you describe Miles as a reluctant mentor?

BURKE: Yeah. He’s going to have a bit of mentor in him, but unwillingly. He would just as soon not care about anything, much less anyone. So what’s he’s really trying to do is avoid the fight, yet he can’t not be compelled byTracy’s character to come back in. I love the idea, whether you label it mercenary or whatever else you want to call it, the idea of that guy has always been romantic to me.

Sioux City Journal also has an interview with Billy Burke talking Revolution and Twilight.
Check it all out here.
Below is an excerpt:

How do you get Twi-hards off your back?

Shave your mustache, says Billy Burke, one of the stars of the “Twilight” films. Because young fans are so enamored with the series’ two leads (Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson), they tend to ignore the film’s older stars when they don’t look exactly like their characters.

“Sans mustache, I’m not very recognizable as Charlie,” Burke says. “So it was a good character choice.”

Initially, Charlie — Bella’s father — didn’t have facial hair. But when Burke got to the set with a mustache, the director, Catherine Hardwicke, saw it, grinned and said, “OK.” “It was completely unplanned.”

Billy Burke Interview With TV Addict

The TV Addict has an interview with Billy Burke and his Revolution co-star Tracy Spiridakos.
They talk about Revolution.
If you haven’t caught the show yet I highly recommend it. It’s a great show 🙂

Check it all out here.
Below is an excerpt:

What’s your pitch for those who have yet to jump on the REVOLUTION bandwagon?

Burke: I don’t know if it’s our job to pitch the show. We’re just f**king actors. It’s why I didn’t become a salesman! I’m horrible and pitching things. But I can tell you this, it’s definitely a show I would watch and I don’t watch a lot of serialized television. And I’m not just saying this because I’m on the show, really.

Spiridakos: Every week the audience gets to jump in and go on this adventure with us and I feel like the viewers are going to have about as much fun as we are making it.

Burke: It’s good, trust us!

Billy Burke Interview with MTV

Billy talks about filming his last scene with Kristen for Breaking Dawn with MTV.

Billy Burke Interview

PHOTO: Christopher Beyer

New Orleans Living Magazine has an interview with Billy Burke.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

Cool. So how did you become the chosen one to play Bella’s father in the “Twilight” movies?

(Laughs). Well, the story goes something like this: Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the first movie, had seen a little quirky independent film called “Dill Scallion” that I did years ago, a fake documentary about the rise and fall of this country singer. I played this crazy country singer, and it had this underground following. She asked my agent to have me come in, and I actually had no clue what “Twilight” even was. I had no idea what the books were about, obviously, I had never heard of it. So I went in and I read the Charlie Swan role and the Carlisle Cullen role, Peter Facinelli’s role, the father of the vampires. And I was so drawn to Charlie’s role, I just wanted to concentrate on it. After we were done, Catherine said, ‘Go Google “Twilight.”’ So I went home and Googled it and saw that there was this vast, enormous world of fanship out there. Couple of days later, we got a call that Catherine was interested in me for the role. And we never looked back. She said, “You want to do this?” and I said, “Absolutely!” (Laughs). So it sort of came about in the normal way, but there was something magical about it from the get-go.

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More MTV Coverage of the cast

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