Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD/Blu-ray with Exclusive Bonus Disc

Target has an exclusive Breaking Dawn Part 2 three-disc DVD and two-disc Blu-ray. The bonus disc has 52 minutes of special features. The set also includes a digital copy for use with UltraViolet.

Bonus Disc:
Tingles & Chills – the cast discusses special vampire powers.
Judge, Jury & Executioner – the Volturi.
Carlisle’s Contacts – the new vampires.
Being Charlie Swan – Bella & Charlie’s relationship.
2012 Comic-Con – cast & fans.
World Premiere – cast & fans.

You can get a free 30″x40″ Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie poster when you pre-order this version. It will be released on 3/02/2013.
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Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 Two-Movie Set DVD/Blu-ray

Walmart has an exclusive Breaking Dawn 2-pack available on DVD and Blu-ray. It includes the Part 1 Extended Edition, Part 2, and digital copies for use with UltraViolet. Two great movies in one package.

It will be released on 03/02/2013 and is available for pre-order. Learn more:

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Clevver TV Video – Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart ‘Breaking Dawn’ Honeymoon Scene

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Breaking Dawn makes EW List of 15 Hot Movies of 2011

The EW has compiled a list of 15 Hot Movies of 2011.
Breaking Dawn was Included. Below is what they had to say.
Check out who else made the list over at EW.


Even if you don’t know each plot twist and turn from the final book in Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling series, every self-respecting Twihard is aware that Breaking Dawn features Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) becoming vampire man and wife and sharing a marital bed for the first time. ”Finally!” laughs director Bill Condon. ”It is one of the most anticipated scenes, and I spent a tremendous amount of time thinking about it. You want to play with what people expect and maybe subvert it a little and surprise them.”

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Breaking Dawn Isle Esme Set Photos

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Details on Breaking Dawn Filming in Brazil

Twilight Lexicon has some information from FoForks, the Brazilian Twilight site, with details about the upcoming shooting in Brazil.

Head on over to Twilight Lexicon for the details.

They have the main points highlighted.

They also have information on how to read the whole article at FoForks.

So exciting to be getting some info on the movie!

Michael Welch will be in Breaking Dawn Part 1

Michael posted this on his Twitter account.

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Pathways the Breaking Dawn Movie Could Explore

The Twilight Examiner has a great article discussing things we could see in the movie that we don’t get to see in the book because we don’t get to see these characters viewpoint.

Check out the article here to see what she lists.

This was one of my favorite she listed. Would love to see some of this in the movie:

‘Alice’ and ‘Jasper’:
When “Alice” and “Jasper” leave Forks, they are on a mission. “Bella” knows this, thanks to the handy clues left behind for her, and this aides her in seeking potential paths of rescue. But what were they doing and who did they speak to while away? This is a question that many fans would love to see answered, and it is one which the film version of Breaking Dawn could easily elucidate.’

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Summit Clears Up Rumors on Breaking Dawn Movie

Summit cleared up some rumors going around about Breaking Dawn:

1. There is NO open casting right now for Breaking Dawn. There are no local or national auditions. The casting director is Deborah Zane, and if you do not see her name attached to any future casting notices, then it is not legitimate. So any ads you are currently seeing, are not real. Deborah has kindly set up an email for Breaking Dawn casting rumors at

2. There was a rumor that Renesmee’s name was going to change for Breaking Dawn, this is completely FALSE.

3. Xavier Samuel’s IMDB page listed him as being a part of the Breaking Dawn cast, this also is FALSE. Riley will not be appearing in Breaking Dawn.

4. There has not been a US release date set for the DVD of Eclipse. Unless you are international and have it confirmed by an international distributor, it is all just rumors.


Clevver TV Video – Breaking Dawn Casting – How many new vampires will we see in Breaking Dawn?

What new Vamps do you think just have to be included?
I’m most interested in seeing Zafrina!!!

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