New Site look and Poll

So, many of you asked if we were re-doing the site like we did for New Moon and I said no, well surprise!!!
Jamey revamped the site, he surprised me. It’s not as drastic a change as New Moon, but all the pics have been changed out to Eclipse pics. Jamey also added those cool clouds to the background, which I love!!

I also made around 400 new Eclipse graphics, I have had a busy couple of days!!!
Jamey made links to all of them in the posts below this one. The new Eclipse Graphic box is on the right above the New Moon graphic box. So check out banners, icons and graphics for Eclipse. There are also links to videos, posters and fun stuff like puzzles, countdowns and more!!

There is also a new site poll so make sure you vote. All polls will be Eclipse centric this month!!
All this month the Quote of the Day will be from Eclipse!!!

So hope you all enjoy the new look!!!!
One more month till Eclipse!!



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Eclipse Graphics, Pictures, Posters, Banners, Icons and Videos

A new category has been added for Eclipse. There are Eclipse graphics, pictures, posters, banners, icons, quote graphics, and videos. There are lots of images of Bella, Edward, Jacob, the Wolf Pack, Volturi, and all the Cullens.