Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse Posters – Clearance Sale

AllPosters has quite a few Twilight posters on clearance. There are posters from Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse as low as $0.98. The posters include images of Edward, Jacob, Bella, the Wolf Pack, and the Volturi. Check out all the sale items here.

Thanks goes to Kelly for letting us know about this sale!

Fan Made Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Posters

Found this on Deviant Art.
The artist name is ~thaisrods.
Check out all her work here.

Fan Made Eclipse Posters

Found these on Deviant Art.
The artist name is ~GABY-MIX.

She has a ton of Twilight artwork.
Check it all out here.

Fan Made Eclipse Poster

Alyssa found this on Deviant Art and I love it!!!!!!
(Yeah I’m bias cause it is wolf centric!!!)
The artist name is ~StrawberryCake01.
Check out all their work here.
She has a lot of great stuff!!!

Fan Made Eclipse Poster

Alyssa found this on Deviant Art.
I think it’s Beautiful!!
The artist name is ~masochisticlove.
Check out all her work here.

Below is another one she made I liked!

Odds and Ends Post

Tons of great stuff in this Post!!!


New Eclipse Posters in Finland and Spain.
The one on the left is from Finland and the bus poster is from Spain.
Cool Posters!

Thanks Alice!

Alison on Twifans went to the grocery store and took a pic of this Eclipse Vitamin Water Promo she found.
“Bella’s got a tough choice (Luckily you don’t)”
Everyone is making money off Twilight!

I saw these and was like, AWESOME!!!

The Vampire one says, Don’t Suck go Vegetarian, “By “Vegetarian” we mean not eating animals”
The Wolf one says, Wear your own fur, “Be comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs”

Aren’t they great!!!!


Check out these awesome looking Eclipse puzzles.
Very Sweet!!!
Don’t know where to get them though.
Thanks Tiffani!


Forbidden Planet (For you UK Fans) has Eclipse Puzzle Balls.
They are very cool looking!!
Thanks Betty!

I found this on Twifans and think it’s gorgeous!!
Who doesn’t want a Eclipse music box!!!

Alison on Twifans posted this pic of the Eclipse Deluxe Soundtrack.
Thanks Lindsay!

Here are pics of Eclipse Posters at Walmart.
Cool right!
Thanks Courtney Cullen/Black!


Simona lives in Slovenia, it’s a small country in Europe (I looked it up because I didn’t know).
She sent in an official Slovenian Eclipse poster. It opens there July 1st (I added it to the list)
So here it is Big shout out to Simona and Slovenia!

Edward and Jacob are together in a new Eclipse Promo image on a box of Mexican Corn Pops and a ticket to Eclipse.
Here is some more info from RobPattzNews:
In each Corn Pops box you will find a free ticket to watch Eclipse in theaters. The ticket is valid Monday through Friday. Check restrictions on the cereal box.
Sweet a free ticket!!!
Thanks Courtney Cullen/Black!

Fan Made Eclipse Poster

Autumn sent me this Fan Made Eclipse Poster she found. Don’t know the artist, but if you do let me know.
I like this one!!!!
What do you think!

New Eclipse Poster – The Wolf Pack

Last One!
I think my fave is the Riley one, but I loved them all!!
I love the fact that Leah is in the wolf pack poster, but hello where is my Seth, Seriously!!!!


New Eclipse Poster Banner – The Cullens


Thanks Aisling!


Eclipse Poster Banner – Bella

I think this is so pretty!!!!

Thanks for the heads up Sam!!


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