Twilight Soundtracks $2.99

Amazon is having a week-long sale on soundtracks and the Twilight movies are included. You can get the Twilight (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version), New Moon, Eclipse (Deluxe + digital booklet), and Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Deluxe) MP3 albums for only $2.99. If you are in need of a Twilight fix, here’s your chance. You can learn more about the soundtracks here.

Twilight Lexicon talks with Eastern Conference Champions, The Bravery and Metric at Eclipse Premiere


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Listen to the Eclipse Soundtrack for 24 Hours

So you want to listen to the Eclipse Soundtrack, well for the next 24 hours you can!

Listen to the whole soundtrack on it’s official site.

I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but I did listen to the song by Metric, Eclipse (All Yours), and I really like it. (Better than the Muse Song)

Which song is your favorite?
How do you think this soundtrack ranks compared to the Twilight and New Moon Soundtracks?

The soundtrack is out June 8th.
Pre-order it at Amazon.

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Eclipse Soundtrack Review

The Twilight Saga Facebook
has a song by song review of the Eclipse Soundtrack.

You can check it all out here.

The soundtrack is out June 8th.
Pre-order it at Amazon.

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The Twilight Guy has a review of the soundtrack also which you can watch below.
He is also giving away a soundtrack. Go to his channel on youtube to leave your comment and enter. (Leave your comment on his KalebNation Youtube channel not in our comments to enter.)
He is such a funny guy. I love his videos!!!
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Interview with Emily Haines from the Band Metric

Emily Haines is the lead singer of the band Metric whose song, Eclipse (All Yours), is on the Eclispe Soundtrack.
Interview Magazine has an interview with her.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

NIKA: You recently announced that Metric wrote the theme song, “Eclipse (All Yours),” for Twilight: Eclipse. How did you get involved with the biggest pop cultural franchise of our time?

HAINES: It was one of the most out of the blue things that could ever happen. I got a call from Howard Shore–who scored Lord of the Rings and David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch–and he invited me to write a song with him for the movie, which is totally different than simply contributing a song to the soundtrack. I immediately said yes. It was an amazing experience. I watched the scenes; I’m not an actress, but I was speaking for Bella, in a way. I didn’t know much about the series going in, but I didn’t need to be a fan. I was writing for a moment, really connected with the character–she

Eclipse Soundtrack Listening Party on June 4th at Hot Topic

Click on the pic for more details.

You plan on Attending?

Listen to Vampire Weekend’s Twilight: Eclipse Song “Jonathan Low”

Vw by c87157

What do you think?
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EW reviews the Eclipse Soundtrack

The EW has a review of the Eclipse Soundtrack.

They give it a B+.

Check out the review here.

From the article:
At this point, even the most entrenched haters of Twilight’s vampire-sparkle voodoo concede the soundtracks’ indie-rock bona fides — though they might wish the music came shrouded in a plain brown wrapper.

The soundtrack is out June 8th.
Pre-order it at Amazon.

Eclipse Countdown Widget

The Eclipse Soundtrack Twitter posted this countdown widget to the Eclipse .

Pre-order the soundtrack at Amazon.

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Eclipse Soundtrack Deluxe Edition with Bonus Tracks

Amazon has the Eclipse Soundtrack Deluxe Edition available for pre-order with two bonus tracks.

The bonus tracks are:
1. The Line / Battles Bonus Track
2. How Can You Swallow so Much Sleep / Bombay Bicycle Club Bonus Track

Pre-order here.

Below is How Can You Swallow so Much Sleep by Bombay Bicycle Club via Twilight Examiner.
What do you think of the song?

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