Entertainment Tonight interviews with Chris and the Cullen Women

ET Online has posted interviews with Chris Weitz, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser.

Chris Weitz

Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser

Elizabeth at the Prada Book Launch

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Elizabeth Reaser was at the Prada Book Launch in Beverly Hills. Celebrity Gossip has pics and an article up about her here. She looks so pretty in this pic, love it!!!

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Cast Interviews


Hollywood Outbreak has an audio interview with Nikki Reed, Kellen Lutz, Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser.

Listen to the Audio Interview here.

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Movies Online has an interview with Kristen Stewart.
You can read it here.

Here is an excerpt:

Q: The scenes with Victoria in this are really harrowing. What has it been like working with Bryce Dallas Howard in that role in Eclipse?

Stewart: Really good. Bryce is scary. She’s really oddly sweet as well. So it’s funny to see her switch back and forth, but Victoria for Bella is like an ever present fear. Even when Victoria is not around, she’s scared that she’s coming back. Bryce is such a good actress and it was easy to be scared of her.

They also have an interview with Robert Pattinson here.
Go here to read an interview with Taylor Lautner.

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Twilight Examiner, Twilight Series Theories, Twilight Facebook, Twilight Moms, His Golden Eyes, Twilighters, Twilighters Anonymous, Twilight Superfan, Twilight Source/Imprint, Twilight Lexicon and Bella and Edward had a phone interview with Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, And Nikki Reed.

You can read a transcript of the interview at Twilight Lexicon.

Here is an excerpt:

Q. What was your favorite scene to film in ‘New Moon’?

I’ve got to say my favorite scene to film was in the trailer and you got to see a glimpse of it. And that wasn’t even quite the entire scene so hopefully you know, people are still going to be surprised by the scene of the birthday party whenever. In my mind it’s kind of the catalyst for the entire idea of ‘New Moon’, and the Cullens kind of getting out of Dodge, if you excuse my tongue there. It’s kind of the idea that you know, finally Bella is really having to face the idea of what it is to be in a relationship with a vampire and the downside of it you know, what happens when you get something as simple as a paper cut and how that can screw everything up. And suddenly the Cullens are gone and we take off in order to protect Bella and it’s one of those things where she doesn’t really feel protected, she feels abandoned, but luckily she’s got her good friend, Jacob Black, who starts to become a little bit more than just a good friend. You see that whole side of things, the wolf boys.

Elizabeth Interview with MTV


MTV has an interview with Elizabeth Reaser. She talks about Twilight and more.

Read the entire interview here.

Here is an excerpt:

MTV: What is your favorite scene in “New Moon”?

Reaser: I love Taylor in “New Moon”; he’s amazing. There are great scenes with Taylor and Kristen [Stewart]. I just think they’re really lovely together. I love those characters together. They’re sort of falling in love, and it’s an interesting love affair, because she’s still in love with Edward, and she’s devastated and heartbroken, and he’s [gone. I also love] the birthday-party scene, because it’s all the Cullens, and it’s Bella’s birthday, and Alice threw together this big party for her. And then she gets a paper cut, and it’s really dangerous for her to get a paper cut at our house.

MTV: Who is your favorite new character that has joined the cast for the sequels?

Reaser: My favorite new character? That’s very tricky. Actually, I like this girl who joined the [“Eclipse”] cast, Jodelle [Ferland]; she’s playing Bree. … In “New Moon,” this guy Michael Sheen has joined our cast, and he is fantastic. He plays one of the Volturi, and those are great scenes in Italy with all the Volturi — they’re just these total badass vampires. He’s just a great actor.

MTV interview with Elizabeth Reaser

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