Poster of Kellan Lutz as Greek God Poseidon in the movie Immortals

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He looks very God-Like!!!

Kellan Lutz Outtakes from Blackbook Magazine

Check out more pics of sexy Kellan at Kellan Lutz Online.

Kellan Lutz at Fashion Week

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Kellan Lutz as Greek God Poseidon in the movie Immortals


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Outtake of Kellan Lutz for People Magazine

I wonder how Much he cost? I want to put in an offer!

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Kellan Lutz Interview with Scene Magazine

Check out the entire interview over at Scene magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

“I’m blessed to be doing the Twilight movies because I know I get to make multiple movies,” Kellan says. “So, let’s go find some independents with meaty parts: let’s find a drama, let’s find a comedy, let’s find a thriller, let’s find a romantic comedy, a love story. I know my strengths and weaknesses. So, I might not take the great paying jobs of playing the frat guy, playing the jock, playing the preppy boy, because that’s what people see me as already. I’d rather do something a little different. It’s very tough for me to be seen as vulnerable or someone who could be beaten up, so its tough to get those roles, but I’m all for it.”

Kellan Lutz on the Cover of Italian Men’s Health Magazine

See another scan over at Kellan Lutz Online.

Kellan Lutz on cover of Scene Magazine

He will be on the cover of the Jan/Feb issue.

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Kellan Lutz and Chaske Spencer share their 2010 highlights with PopSugar

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Who’s Your Favorite Shirtless Guy of the Year?

PopSugar is running the poll and Kellan Lutz and Robert Pattinson are included.
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