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Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning talk Eclipse Trailer

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Kristen talks Eclipse Wig

MTV caught up with Kristen Stewart and she talked about her Eclipse Wig.
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Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning Interview

Kristen and Dakota Interview

HitFix has an interview with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart.
They talk The Runaways.
Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

Q: How hard was it to do the love scenes for you guys? Was it awkward at first? We are seeing something we hadn’t seen from either of you in your earlier roles.

Stewart: We never made out with a chick before? (Laughs.)

Fanning: I mean, it was only one scene. It was one day.

Stewart: It was in the script as a really fleeting thing. It was sort of also written very abstractly and vaguely. ‘Did they? Yeah, they did.’ Y’know what I mean? So, yeah and I feel it’s that way for them too. The fact it’s been called a ‘love scene’ or the fact ‘So, tell us about your romantic involvement?’ is like ‘What?’

Q: Did you improvise a little bit or have fun?

Stewart: Oh, yeah. (Laughs.)

Fanning: I mean, I think it’s just something that happened. I don’t even know if they have talked about it since. Y’know what I mean? It was just a thing and in the script it was just another thing. It’s not that big of a deal.


Kristen and Dakota Interview

IESB has an interview with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning
They talk about their movie The Runaways.
Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

At the film’s press day, co-stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, who also appear in the Twilight Saga films together, talked about tackling these roles, their own experiences with stardom and fans, and how much they loved their wardrobe.

Q: What was it like for you guys to get into playing Joan Jett and Cherie Currie? Kristen, you and Joan seem to have a similar energy, but Dakota, you seem so different from Cherie Currie. How was it to portray these women?

Dakota: I think it’s a huge departure from other roles that I’ve played, and me, in real life. It’s obviously very different from things that I’ve done before, and it will be different for people to see, but I like that. I like surprising people with different things that I can do. That’s what I love to do. And, I hope to do more roles like this, in the future.

Kristen: Me and Joan really do understand each other, and that’s a rare thing. Connection is not something that’s common, or easy to describe. But, I really actually think that we both have a lot of idiosyncracies and ticks that are really different. I don’t have her little things that she does. And, I also think that, especially based on when I did this movie and how much time I had to think about doing the movie before I went to go make it, I’ve done a lot of press within that time and I was sort of wearing her. People projected that onto me, a little bit. I really do feel like it was an easy thing to step into, and it wasn’t a huge departure, but I do feel a little bit like I was just in that head space and projected that a little bit.


Kristen talks Kissing Dakota

Kristen Stewart talked with Access Hollywood about her kissing scene with Dakota Fanning in The Runaways.

Check it all out here.

Here is a sexy little excerpt:

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning share a smooch in their new rock ‘n’ roll movie, “The Runaways,” but Kristen said one thing got in the way – the law.

“She was 15, and I wasn’t allowed to grope her,” Kristen, 19, told Access Hollywood on Wednesday at the press junket for her new rocker film. “I’m actually not kidding, there are major restrictions that I don’t remember [from] when I was younger.

“I don’t want to give anything way. It’s a really passionate, hardcore scene,” she continued. “No, it’s just a kiss. It’s not really a big deal.”

Kristen is so great!!!

Kristen Stewart on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning Music Video for Cherry Bomb

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Kristen looks good too!!!

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