Kristen #7 in MTV’s Women of the Year list

MTV is counting down their women of the year list for 2009 and Kristen Stewart came in at #7.

Read the entire article here.

MTV Shows

Kristen And Dakota in The Runaways


I think Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart look awesome in this pic from their new movie The Runaways!!!

Thanks Courtney!!!

Source: Cinema Blend


Jessica sent us a bigger picture. Thanks!!!

Source: The Contenders

Star Movies VIP Access Interviews with cast

Chris Weitz

Michael Sheen & Dakota Fanning

Taylor Lautner

Kristen Stewart

Ashley Greene

Robert Pattinson

The Runaways Teaser Poster


Just Jared posted a teaser Poster for The Runaways starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.
Thanks Courtney!

Twilight and cast in Magazines

Hey Guys. Got some stuff sent in by readers. These are magazines with the cast from Twilight in them. I just think it is so cool to see magazines from around the world!!!

Jackie sent in scans from Tu Magazine, December issue. Taylor is on the cover!!!
Thanks Jackie!!!




Rasse sent in this article and interview with Robert Pattinson in the Danish magazine Bazar.
Thanks Rasse!!



Alice sent me these magazine covers she found at
Thanks Alice!!!

Atrevida Magazine Covers (Brazil) with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart.


Yes! Teen magazine (Brazil) with Robert on the cover.


One Magazine cover, don’t know where it’s from. Anyone know?


Acii sent in these Candy Magazine New Moon Special scans.
Thanks Acii!!!




Kristen USA Today Photo Outtakes



These are some gorgeous pics of Kristen Stewart! They are photo outtakes from her USA Today Photo Shoot.

You can check out more here.

Thanks Allie!!!

Top 10 Magazine Covers – Kristen on Cover of Interview Magazine


Time Magazine has their list of the top 10 everything lists for 2009. One of their lists were for the top 10 magazine covers and Kristen Stewart’s Interview magazine cover made #9 on the list.

I loved this photo shoot. She looked amazing. You can check out the pictures, again, from the shoot here.

Here is what they said:

This is a hauntingly beautiful rendition of a visual pun — allusion meets illusion. The model for Interview’s 40th anniversary issue is actress Kristen Stewart, who currently stars in the monster hit Twilight series. Using her as the model is a masterstroke of celebrity-cover timing, perfectly executed. The image is two photos — if you pull back, you can see her holding over her own face a same-scale, torn black-and-white photo of her, whose only color is in her blood-red lips. The ghoulish makeup is perfectly in keeping with current fashion photography, and it serves the dual purpose of enhancing the metaphor while making her look drop-dead beautiful. A final touch: the allusion gets heightened by more blood, this time on the fanglike letter I in the logo. That’s why the lady is a vamp!

See all the lists here.

Thanks Steph!!!

Kristen and Anna’s Movies included in list of The Ten Best Films of 2009

The New Yorker has an article up with a list of the Top ten films of 2009.

Kristen Stewart’s film Adventureland and Anna Kendrick’s film Up in the Air were both included in the list.
Below is what they had to say about the films.

See the complete list here.


Greg Mottola’s lovely memory of a misspent summer at a tacky Pittsburgh amusement park in the early eighties. Kristen Stewart turns those eyes on Jesse Eisenberg, a toothless non-vampire, as he struggles toward manhood.


Up in the Air:
The movie’s many ambitions (to be utterly cool and all heart) don’t quite mesh together, and the last third is actually a little boring. But what’s good in Jason Reitman’s adaptation of Walter Kirn’s novel is very good—especially George Clooney and Vera Farmiga as two pros in business and in bed carrying on an affair in blank airport hotels and talking as dirty as Bacall and Bogart in “The Big Sleep.”

Source: Twilight Examiner

New Clip From Kristen Stewarts movie The Yellow Handkerchief

Source: Ace Sowbiz

Kristen Interview


MTV has an interview with Kristen Stewart.

Read the entire interview here.

Here is an excerpt:

With “New Moon” already a box office smash in its first few weeks, Kristen also turned her gaze towards next year’s “Eclipse,” dishing about working with Bryce Dallas Howard, who took over the role of Victoria from Rachelle Lefevre. “It was really good [working with her],” Kristen said. “Bryce is scary. She is really oddly sweet as well, so it’s weird to see her switch back and forth. Victoria, for Bella, is an ever-present fear — even when Victoria isn’t around, she is scared that she is coming back. Bryce is such a good actress, and it was easy to be scared of her.”

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