New Bella Promo Picture

Found this on TwiFans too. It’s a new promo picture from New Moon of Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan. Man this pic is gorgeous!!!

Photo Outtakes

Here are some photo outtakes of Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart from their EW shoot I found on TwiFans.

These are outtakes of Robert Pattinson from an old Vanity Fair photo shoot I found on TwiFans.

Man everyone looks so yummy, I mean nice LOL. I even think Robert looks good in these pictures and we all know I prefer Taylor, but defiantly gotta give Robert his due here. Everybody is looking so good!

Kristen Interview

Starpulse has an interview with Kristen Stewart. In the interview she talks about her movie Adventureland and Twilight and New Moon.

You can read the entire interview here.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Q: Was there anything fun about shooting on the actual theme park?

KS: Yeah, we weren’t allowed to go on the rides until the end, and then they stuck us on the most dangerous rickety wooden old ride that they had at the park. That was the one ride that we got to ride. And we did it like 15 times. It’s especially funny though to see Jesse (Eisenberg) on a ride because his enthusiasm is very restrained. He’s like, ‘Oh yes, that was very fun’ [laughs].

Q: So what’s the worst summer job that you ever had?

KS: I’ve never had one. I’ve done sort of funky movies over summers. And once I didn’t like a production designer, if that counts as a bad job! [laughs]

Source Twilight Examiner.

Kristen Interview has posted a number of pictures from the photo shoot Kristen Stewart did with them for the cover of Dazed and Confused Magazine. They also have part of the interview they did with her up. You can check out the interview and all the pictures here.

She looks great in the pics.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

DD: The paparazzi thing is only since Twilight, right?

Kristen Stewart: Yeah since Twilight. That’s the only reason they’re out there. They find out where I am from the Internet – from Twitter, man! Anyone who wants to know where I am at any given time just has to go on Twitter, it’s so ridiculous!

New 4TNZ Bubble Contest

4TNZ is having another Bubble Contest. This time put words in Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewarts mouth. The best one will be published on 4TNZ’s site. Go to 4TNZ to leave your response.

Kristen Stewart in Dazed and Confused Magazine

Kristen Stewart is on the cover of the September issue of the British magazine Dazed & Confused. We showed you the cover yesterday and now MTV has some details on her interview and pictures from her photo shoot. She talks about the fame that comes with Twilight and more.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

“The fact is, the paparazzi and most interviewers, they want your soul,” she said in the magazine. “It’s so scary because your persona … and I guess I now have one, because people think of me in a certain way … is all based entirely on quick snippets of crazed moments in your life. And that is what people then base their entire opinion of me on!”

You check out the whole article at MTV.

Taylor and Kristen talk American Idol

EW has posted another video from their photo shoot with Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart. This time they joke about auditioning for American Idol where they would sin their song, “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.

You can check out the article and Video at EW. Thanks for the link Gabrielle.

Kristen on cover of Dazed & Confused

Kristen Stewart is on the cover of Dazed and confused magazine.

Got the picture from Just Jared, thanks for the link Marilyn.

The magazine hits stands Thursday.

Another EW Video

One of our readers, Carol, found another EW video from the photo shoot. More Taylor and Kristen and Kristen talking clothes.

Taylor and Kristen Wrestling

One of our readers, Aliceann, sent us a link to this video of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner wrestling around at their EW photo Shoot. These two are awesome.