5 Things Melissa Rosenberg Knows for Sure

Melissa Rosenberg tells O Magazine 5 things she knows for sure.

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Below is an excerpt:

Special effects and stars do not necessarily a good movie make.
The film industry sees the writer as fungible: The thinking goes, As long as we have Brad Pitt and all this money, we have a great film! No, you need a writer with voice and an engaging story, or what you have is a bomb.

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Melissa Rosenberg Interview With EW

Melissa Rosenberg was included in EW‘s Best of 2012 behind the scenes.
In her interview she talks about the Breaking Dawn 2 battle scene from conception to screen.

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Below is an excerpt:

We were filming Eclipse up in Vancouver, and Stephenie and I were having dinner at a steakhouse. At the time, she was debating whether she even wanted to make the fourth book into a movie, and I was debating whether I wanted to continue on with the series. Stephenie knew the book ended with this really tense conversation, and she knew that that wasn’t cinematic. We started talking about the ending, and I don’t know who had the idea [to do the battle scene] first — neither one of us can remember exactly. It felt simultaneous. We just went back and forth and were like, “That’s it! That’s gonna work!”

MTV Rough Cut: Bill Condon And Melissa Rosenberg

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MTV has posted their Rough Cut video interviews with Bill Condon And Melissa Rosenberg talking all about Breaking Dawn 2.
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Melissa Rosenberg Interview

Screen Addict interview with Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg discussing the process of adapting Stephenie Meyer’s books to film.

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Melissa Rosenberg Interview

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Melissa Rosenberg Interview

ScreenRant has an interview with Melissa Rosenberg.

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Here is an excerpt:

We recently spoke with the scribe who described herself as, “the luckiest screenwriter in Hollywood.” Though she does concede that there is a double-edge to the sword of success. “It does raise the expectation level because the next project you do, if you fail, you fail in an internationally public way,” she said.

“That’s the risk you take by putting yourself in front of a movie. I probably could have been a part of this movie and hidden out in a corner so no one would notice. But I chose to embrace it and publicize it, and publicize my part in it, because I’m very proud of it. But the other side of it is that whatever the next project is there are a lot of eyes on that.”

Melissa Rosenberg Interview with Collider

Collider has an interview with Melissa Rosenberg.

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Here is an excerpt:

Collider: The Twilight films haven’t all come out yet, but you’re finished with filming. What’s it like to be able to step back from them a little bit? Is it weird that it’s all finished, as far as the production goes?

MELISSA ROSENBERG: The bulk of my work ended a year ago or more, so I’ve an opportunity to really move on, and am now deep in the middle of other projects. In some ways, it’s fun to come back and relive it, for the opening of this movie and the last one, in another year.

Melissa Rosenberg Interview with MovieWeb

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Melissa Rosenberg’s OMG moments from the Breaking Dawn trailer

Melissa Rosenberg’s told LA Times her OMG moments from the Breaking Dawn trailer.

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Here is an excerpt:

Ever after:
Rosenberg was pleased that the trailer in part indicated that this film is about a marriage. “It teases the fact that this a story about … a marriage going through some unusual stresses …. At one point in the movie there’s a line where Edward says, ‘They say the first year is the hardest.’ It’s very funny.”

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