Michael Sheen Interview With Young Hollywood

Michael Sheen talks Breaking Dawn memories with Young Hollywood.

Cast Interviews With Clevver TV at Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere

Robert Pattinson

Bill Condon

Jackson Rathbone

Peter Facinelli

Michael Sheen

Clevver TV caught up with some of the cast at the Breaking Dawn Premiere.

MTV Interviews With the Cast at the Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere

Kristen Stewart

Movie TrailersMovies Blog

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Hollywood.com Interviews with the Breaking Dawn Cast

Kristen Stewart Interview

Robert Pattinson Interview

Taylor Lautner Interview

Michael Sheen Interview

Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone Interview

Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser Interview

Hollywood.com has posted interviews with the cast of Breaking Dawn 2.
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Celebuzz Interviews With Breaking Dawn cast

Michael Sheen Interview

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Michael Sheen on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

Check out a clip above of Michael Sheen on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.
You can catch the full episode here.

Michael Sheen Interview and Photoshoot with The Times

Go here to read the feature and see some more pics of Michael.

Michael Sheen Interview

Cast Interviews

Got some interviews from various cast members for ya.

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Michael Sheen Talks with Collider about his Movie Beautiful Boy

Collider has an interview with Michael Sheen.

Learn more about the movie at IMDB. (I Think it looks amazing!!!)

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

In taking on a role like this, where you have to bare yourself emotionally, did you spend any time thinking about what kind of effects an event like this has on somebody?

SHEEN: Yeah, you do. It’s a combination of things. I found with this that the more that me and Maria immersed ourselves in the lives of these people previously, and the more we knew about what their experiences had been together and the journey that the relationship had gone on, up to the point where we meet them in the film, the more we could be in their lives then. Then, it’s about allowing yourself to be affected by what happens in the story, and not try to pre-judge what you’re going to do. You just have to allow things to happen. Part of their story is that they have no road map. They don’t know how to be. They don’t know what they’re supposed to do, or even what they’re supposed to feel about this situation.

Having too much foreknowledge, on our part, would have gotten in the way a little bit, so the most important thing was just to know who these people were and know how they worked and what their dynamic was with each other and what the things were that pressed each other’s buttons. And then, we had to go on the journey for real and see what happened. It’s a mixture of doing preparation and research and being appropriate about what that research is, and then allowing things to happen and trusting that the way you will react will be true to these people and this situation, rather than doing too much work and deciding how they will react ahead of time. It’s more about knowing who they are, and then see what happens in the situation.

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